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Matthew John Gerardus (Gerard) Veldkamp
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Gerardus Mattheus Johannes (Gerard) Veldkamp (27 June 1921, in Breda – 15 September 1990, in Paris) was a Dutch politician, and Professor of Study of Social Security at the Leiden University.


Veldkamp had been teacher, officer and board member, before becoming Minister of Economic Affairs at the age of 31.

Veldkamp was a KVP Minister of Social Affairs and Health, who brought important legislation about social matters, such as the General Child, the Health Insurance Act, the Act on social minimum, and the Law on Disability and Unemployment Provision Act. He brought in this function the first Middle Class Notes.

In 1961 after an intervention of Prime-minister Marijnen, he succeeded the weak Van Rooy as minister, and directly guided the Law on Child support through the parliament. Veldkamp had good relations with the unions, but few friends in the cabinets to which he belonged. He was in favor of cooperation with the Labour Party. He was a very skilled legislator, but also a crass hustler in discussions and regularly the focus of government hassles.

After his ministry he was a Professor of Study of Social Security at the Leiden University.


Veldkamp has authored and co-authored several publications.[1] Books, a selection:

  • 1952. De sociale verzekering in de volkshuishouding. With D.B.J. Schouten. Amsterdam : Veen.

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