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Ghencea on the map of Bucharest

Ghencea is a district of the Romanian capital city Bucharest, which is home to the famous football team FC Steaua Bucureşti. It is also home to the rugby team Steaua Bucureşti Rugby. Nearby districts are Drumul Taberei and Rahova.


Construction of apartment blocks started in the area in 1950. The textile factory Tricodava and the plastic factory Munplast were built by the communist regime in the neighborhood. Tricodava was demolished in 2007 and an apartment complex was built on the former location.[1]


The infrastructure of the neighborhood is not very good. There are no subway stations in the area and the only way to get around fast is by using lightrail line 41. Getting around by car, bus or trolleybus can be very time consuming especially during rush hours.


There are no markets in the area but in the morning people come from the nearby village of Domnești and sell fruits and vegetables on the street. There is a Billa supermarket that serves the area. The district also hosts the famous football team FC Steaua Bucureşti. When the team plays at home ground, the neighborhood tends to become extremely crowded as supporters come from all over Bucharest.

Notable landmarks[edit]


Coordinates: 44°24′N 26°00′E / 44.400°N 26.000°E / 44.400; 26.000