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Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins

Ultimate Ghosts'n Goblins is a video game in Capcom's Ghosts'n Goblins series, developed by Tose and published by Capcom. It was released for the PlayStation Portable on August 13, 2006 in Japan and August 29, 2006 in North America. Ultimate Ghosts'n Goblins is the first game in the main series to employ 3D graphics, while maintaining much of the 2D gameplay mechanics of the earlier games, it marks the return of the series' project head, Tokuro Fujiwara. The game follows the classic scenario of the heroic knight Arthur battling with demons, but includes a large number of changes. There are three specific game modes available from the start: Novice Mode Standard Mode Ultimate ModeThe main game mode, Standard Mode, is a departure for the series. Arthur's armor can now resist more than one hit; when he loses his armor and is down to his boxer shorts, he can only sustain one more hit. Ultimate Mode plays to older Ghosts'n Goblins titles, he will either be sent back to the start, or if he travelled far enough before dying, to the stage's half-way point.

In this mode, Arthur can only take one hit before losing his armor, no matter what kind he is wearing. This mode is for traditionalists and expert players. Novice Mode is an easier version of Standard Mode. Certain environmental obstacles are excluded from this mode, such as the tornadoes in the Death Castle. In addition, upon death and respawn, Arthur is given the POW power-up, which lasts until Arthur gets hit by an enemy; the levels are varied, ranging from being inside a more traditional haunted forest to volcanic pits and ruined castles. Enemies are varied and tend to be thrown at Arthur in groups, range from zombies, giant oxen, Venus flytraps and string dragons. There is an assortment of boss characters; the game has many weapons with a few new additions. Arthur is now able to gather items that can be stored and used for different levels, ranging from what type of power Arthur can use to standard equipment. Arthur can collect different types of armor, which give him varied abilities too; the magic system is no longer tethered to the weapon combination.

Instead of the linearity of the original versions, the game has now been designed so that players have to obtain a selection of Golden Rings hidden throughout the levels to access the last battle and finish the game. Players are given the option to return to earlier levels and search unreachable areas to find these by the use of power-ups found on in the game; the game is designed in such a way that it is impossible to gather all the important rings and abilities in a single run, without having to return to every stage of the game at least once. On August 2, 2007, the game was re-released in Japan under the name Gokumakaimura Kai, which translates as "Extreme Demon World Village Revised." This re-release contains the original game plus a redesigned version on the same disc. The redesigned version was made to fix balance issues in the original game and to adjust the gameplay to more resemble the arcade style of the previous entries of the series. Notable changes are re-mixed enemy locations and types, a re-worked magic system, limited continues.

The difficulty setting determines the number of lives and continues, is referred to as "lifestock". The flow of the game was altered to remove the RPG aspects of the original game, such as the inventory and fetch quests. Following the series' tradition, Arthur must complete all stages twice in a fixed order in order to face the final boss and complete the game. Furthermore, armor hit points have been removed in favor of the Ultimate Mode setting where one hit knocks off Arthur's armor. Re-spawn checkpoints now are located only at half-way points of levels. ZZZ. "Hardcore Gaming 101:Ghosts'n Goblins". Retrieved January 28, 2014. North American website Japanese website Goku Makaimura Kai Official website interview with Tokurou Fujiwara Ultimate Ghosts'n Goblins at MobyGames

Tye Olson

Tye Olson is an American actor and model. Olson was raised in Northern Minnesota, the son of Rebecca Backman and Allen Olson, his mother worked as his father as an engineer. Olson is one of two children, he was educated at Bemidji High School before going on to American Intercontinental University, Los Angeles, where he studied Fashion Design and Marketing. Olson was involved in the arts from a young age, his first stage appearance was in a production of Alice in Wonderland, in his hometown Crosby, Minnesota. Olson's film debut was in the 2006 film Watercolors. In 2007 he landed a supporting role in Stewart Wade's Tru Loved. In 2008, he won the Best Actor Award at Outfest for his work in Watercolors. A featured role in the film Brother's War directed by Jerry Buyten followed in 2009. In 2010, Olson guest starred on the HBO TV series United States of Tara as Alex. Since he has worked on many short films and starred on Japanese television. Alongside working in film and TV, Olson has appeared in a number of music videos.

Notable projects include videos for Fall Out Boy, Bring Me The Horizon and Blue October. 2007: Cougar Club as Cougar 2007: Out at the Wedding as Wedding Guest 2007: South of Pico as Water Polo Player 2008: Watercolors as Daniel'Danny' Wheeler 2008: Tru Loved as Walter 2009: Brother's War as Emil 2010: United States of Tara as Alex in two episodes "The Truth Hurts" and "Yes" 2010: Gay Baby as Kyle 2016: "Follow You" Music Video by Bring Me The Horizon Tye Olson is of mixed American, French Canadian and Norwegian origins. He is gay and HIV positive. 2008: Best Actor for Watercolors at: Outfest: 2008 L. A. Gay & Lesbian Film Festival Tampa International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival FILMOUT: San Diego Gay & Lesbian Film Festival Tye Olson on IMDb official site


Turbonique was a company founded in 1962 by Clarence Eugene "Gene" Middlebrooks Jr of Orlando, Florida. Middlebrooks, born 3 August 1931, was a native of Jonesboro, had studied mechanical engineering at Georgia Tech and had worked for aerospace contractor Martin-Marietta on the propulsion system for the Pershing missile program; the company specialized in products built around compact low cost gas turbines built for high power output during brief periods. The turbine was fuelled by an isopropyl nitrate monopropellant that they sold under the brand name "Thermolene". In addition to the fuel, the main products sold by the company were: Micro turbine engines, ranging from the 42 hp "S-2" up to the 1,000 hp "S-28", weighing only 120 pounds. "AP", for Auxiliary Power, a piston engine supplemental supercharger driven by its own micro-turbine which could be engaged by a switch. The device was much based on Middlebrook's patent US 2963863 "Drive Control Means For a Turbo-Compressor Unit". Unlike conventional superchargers and turbos, no engine power would be used to supply the extra air, testing on a Chevy 409 engine was reported to give a power gain from 405 hp to 835 hp with the supercharger engaged.

Conventional exhaust driven turbochargers. "TB-28", the "drag axle", a micro-turbine to be mounted directly to the rear axle of a vehicle. It would supplement the power of the conventional engine driving the axle via a Borg Warner sprag clutch, was intended for drag racing; the price for a complete unit was US$4,695. Power output was stated as up to 1,300 hp, it was a on/off device. Rocket thrust engines, in various sizes; the "T-16" had 300 lbf of thrust. One application was for drag racing gokarts, posting times of 7.3 seconds and speeds over 150 mph for the quarter mile using a twin T-16 engine rocket powered kart driven by "Captain" Jack McClure. There were higher powered models, like the T-21, T-22 and T-32, they were used to motorcycles as well as boats and more. The company was based on mail order, was a frequent advertiser in magazines, using gramophone records and 8mm film in addition to a catalog as promotional material. A 1955 VW Beetle named the "Black Widow", clocking 9.36 seconds 168 mph quarter miles equipped with a Turbonique drag axle at the Tampa Dragstrip in 1965, occurred in advertisements.

When it crashed, becoming airborne after reaching 183 mph, this event was advertised, saying "we forgot our strength for a split second". Being based on rocket fuel and technology, there were a number of safety issues with these devices. For instance if the operator let off the throttle reapplied it, the device would become a bomb. In 1967, after a few reported incidents and fatalities, the NHRA banned the use of Turbonique turbines for drag racing. In 1968, Middlebrooks was accused and jailed for mail fraud based on the goods supplied by Turbonique being more difficult and more expensive to finish and install than described in the advertisements. At the trial, Middlebrooks represented himself. An appeal in 1972, was rejected; the company folded shortly after the court case. Middlebrooks died on 4 August 2005. Turbonique gallery and advertisements Early Turbonique catalogue and technical manual

Pups (film)

Pups is a 1999 American independent crime drama film written and directed by Ash, stars Mischa Barton, Burt Reynolds and Cameron Van Hoy. The film centers on two young adolescents; the film premiered at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival on April 18, 1999. The film, although well received critically received a limited release, attributed as sensitivity to the Columbine High School massacre that occurred two days after the premiere. Stevie finds a gun in his mother's closet, on his way to school with his girlfriend, decides to use the gun to rob a bank; the police surround the building. One FBI agent, Daniel Bender, tries to free the hostages, he is calm and cooperative, giving food, beer and an MTV reporter by request. "As the situation furthers, Bender gets frustrated. After several failed attempts at impossible requests, Stevie decides to surrender. Rocky and he leave the guns and hostages in the bank; as the two walk away, Stevie reaches for a flower in his pocket, a sniper shoots him dead.

Bender asks to get that "mother fucker down from that roof" Mischa Barton as Rocky Burt Reynolds as Daniel Bender Cameron Van Hoy as Stevie Ed Metzger as Mr. Edwards Kurt Loder as Himself David Alan Graf as Bank Manager Darling Narita as Joy Susan Horton as Rio James Gordon J. P./TV Preacher Jonathan Coogan as Bank Security Guard Matthew Fairchild as Rocky's Dad Adam Farrar as War Vet paraplegic The film is set in an unnamed American suburb and was shot in Chatsworth, Los Angeles. It was financed by Japan-based Team Okuyama in October 1998, with the condition that filming would be complete by December of the same year; the film was shot in two weeks in December 1998. The director, Ash noted that the film was timely within the context of real-life crimes during this period, alluding to the Jonesboro shootings; as well as the controversy of the Columbine killings, the release of the film was complicated by the arrest of one of its co-stars, Adam Farrar. Farrar had been arrested in March 1999 on suspicion of attempted murder and making terrorist threats against his girlfriend.

The film was well received by critics, it holds a 90%'fresh' rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Robert Koehler of Variety praised the execution of the film "Applying all the assets of seat-of-your-pants indie filmmaking with few of its deficits, Ash has delivered a sinewy, disturbing sophomore work... Pups gives off the energy of a movie shot on the run with few of the rough edges that dog such rapid-fire filmmaking." Koehler continued to single out the picture as a "perceptive spin on the teen pic". Koehler praised the casting "Van Hoy leads the way, with a startling, haunting film debut that matches pic's sense of impulse and humanism. Barton suggests a smart girl who knows she's in trouble but might find a way out. Besieged on all sides, Reynolds works against his character's cliches and indicates that Boogie Nights was no fluke."Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gave the film three out of four stars, congratulating Van Hoy and Barton for "two of the most natural and freed performances I have seen by actors of any age...

Van Hoy and Barton waltz through long takes, working without the net of editing... So much depends on the performances. If instead of Van Hoy and Barton the movie had starred safer or more circumspect actors, the energy would have flagged and the flaws of the quick production would have been more of a problem."Lawrence Van Gelder of the New York Times described the protagonists and Rocky as "Bonnie and Clyde for the MTV generation." He praised Ash for "taking a knowing look at adolescents informed but not educated by television and movies in a less than perfect United States." Van Gelder praised Van Hoy for his portrayal of "a volatile, fast-talking compendium of pop culture, childish rage, adolescent mischief and adult stupidity and remorse." And Barton "in a layered performance, combines loyal girlfriend and voice of reason with deep cynicism toward the world she was born into and now is shaping."Entertainment Weekly gave the film a "B+", praising Ash as "a genuine provocateur-filmmaker."

The review congratulated the "energized performance" of Reynolds and Van Hoy, who "is amazing, like a Game Boy junkie-turned-virtual Jimmy Cagney." The reviewer speculated that the film could have been a sensation at Sundance had it not been for the recent Columbine tragedy. Pups on IMDb Pups at Rotten Tomatoes

Norwich Bus Station

Norwich Bus Station is situated off Surrey Street and Queen's Road, Norfolk, England. It is served by a number of bus operators, such as Konectbus, Simonds, First Norfolk & Suffolk, National Express and City Sightseeing Norwich, it was opened on 30 August 2005 at a cost of £5 million and two months than planned, with its distinctive steel roof it won the 2006 SCALA Civic Building of the Year Award. The roof though has caused problems and in June 2012 the bus station had to be closed for two weeks to allow contractors to replace much of the roof to fix leaks. On average the bus station sees 7,800 bus movements, 200,000 passengers boarding, the information centre helps 21,000 people per week. Most local bus operations in Norwich depart from either Castle Meadow, near Norwich Castle, St. Stephen's Street or from Theatre Street, near Norwich's Theatre Royal, with the bus station reserved for long distance express services, coach services or Park and Ride services, with a few local services operating out of the terminus.

Most notable routes which operate from the bus station, include First Norfolk & Suffolk flagship X1 and excel services. The X1 runs between Norwich and Lowestoft, via Great Yarmouth and the excel between Norwich and Peterborough, via Dereham and King's Lynn. Since 2013, state of the art, double deck buses have been used on the route, offering passengers free WiFi, leather seats and air conditioning. Competing with this, is Konectbus'KonectExpress' service 8, operating between the bus station and Dereham and Toftwood. First Norfolk & Suffolk service X2 departs for Lowestoft, via the A146 road, calling at Loddon and Beccles; the travel centre contains a waiting area that can seat up to thirty people, male and disabled toilets, plus baby changing facilities as well as a café. Norfolk County Council - Norwich Bus Station