Going Backwards

"Going Backwards" is a song by English electronic band Depeche Mode from their fourteenth studio album Spirit. It was released as the album's second single on 23 June 2017; the cover art was designed by Anton Corbijn. A physical CD and vinyl release was released on 15 September 2017. Digital single"Going Backwards" – 5:43 "Going Backwards" – 5:27CD single / digital download"Going Backwards" – 3:51 "Going Backwards" – 9:07 "Going Backwards" – 8:25 "Going Backwards" – 6:44 "Going Backwards" – 4:32 "Going Backwards" – 7:08 "Going Backwards" – 5:57 "Poison Heart" – 3:45Double LP Vinyl single"Going Backwards" – 9:07 "Going Backwards" – 7:53 "Going Backwards" – 5:58 "Going Backwards" – 7:08 "Going Backwards" – 4:32 "You Move" – 4:17 "Poison Heart" – 3:45Digital Download"Going Backwards" – 5:35 David Gahan - lead vocals Martin Gore - guitar, synthesizers, backing vocals Andrew Fletcher - keyboards, backing vocals James Ford - drums Kurt Uenala, Matrixxman - programming Single information from the official Depeche Mode web site Chart performance in France Chart Performance in Germany

Butter salt

Butter salt is a seasoning developed in the late twentieth century for the purpose of combining the flavours found in salt and butter. It is a fine, golden powder salt, enriched with butter flavouring, it is used as a seasoning for popcorn. It is said to impart a "rich, buttery flavour"; the contents are salt, artificial butter flavoring, yellow food colouring. Butter salt refers to salt, used in the preparation of butter and other dairy products; some manufacturers produce salt for the use in butter, such as "No. 2 butter salt". Salt serves as a preservative for butter. Molly McButter Popcorn seasoning Nagel, C. M.. A.. H.. H.. H.. G.. Bacteriology of Butter: Salt distribution in butter and its effect on bacterial growth. VIII. Bacteriology of Butter: Salt Distribution in Butter and Its Effect on Bacterial Growth. VIII. Agricultural Experiment Station, Iowa State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts

Cascade Boy Scout Camp

Cascade Boy Scout Camp is a camp near Durango in San Juan County, United States, associated with Scouting in Colorado. The lodge building known as Cascade Lodge or Boy Scout Lodge, was built in 1928 and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1988, it is listed on the Colorado Register of Historic Places. The two-story lodge building is built in the shape of a cross. Constructed by local residents adjacent to the Million Dollar Highway, it was intended for use by various community organizations, including the Boy Scouts, but including other youth groups. Located in the San Juan National Forest, the site is not now operated as a summer camp. Sold into private hands in the 1930s, it is now a Christian retreat center