Goliath II

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Goliath II
Directed by Wolfgang Reitherman
Produced by Walt Disney
Story by Bill Peet
Narrated by Sterling Holloway
Voices by
Music by George Bruns
Animation by
Studio Walt Disney Productions
Distributed by Buena Vista Distribution Co, Inc.
Release date(s)
  • January 21, 1960 (1960-01-21) (with Toby Tyler)
Color process
Running time 15 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Followed by Thief and the Swamps of England

Goliath II is a 1960 American short animated comedy film produced by Walt Disney Productions. Directed by Wolfgang Reitherman and written by Bill Peet, it is narrated by Sterling Holloway and stars Kevin Corcoran. It was released to theatrically in the United States on January 21, 1960 alongside the live-action Toby Tyler (also starring Corcoran).

The short was the first Disney short cartoon to make full use of xerography, a process of using Xerox technology to transfer animation drawings to cels as part of the traditional animation process instead of utilizing hand-inking.[1] Goliath II received an Academy Award nomination for Best Animated Short, but lost to Gene Deitch's Munro. The cartoon is also called "Slonić Ćiro" or "Slonić Ćira" in Serbo-Croatian and was very popular there during the late 1970s-early 80s.


Goliath II is a miniature 8-year old indian elephant (about 3 to 4 in. tall, although the consistency of this is variable) who tries everything to impress his father, the biggest elephant of them all. Because of his size, his father doesn't care about him; only his mother does. A nasty tiger named Raja is curious of tasting an elephant or any animal he sees in his path and tries to attack Goliath, but Raja is stopped by his mother. Afterwards, Eloise (member of the herd) almost accidentally steps on Goliath II. Later, he's nearly eaten by a crocodile (which appears to be the same one from Peter Pan), but his mother saves him.

One day, the elephants are marching through the jungle, Goliath follows two snails but gets lost and his mother panics, causing the other elephants to crash (similar to the elephant crash in The Jungle Book, which was released seven years later). Goliath II's Mother and the Tiger, Raja, search for Goliath and manage to find him in a snail hole. After a short tug of war between Goliath's Mother and Raja, Goliath is rescued. Shortly afterwards, Goliath is scolded for dishonoring his Mother's warnings on not wandering off and is put into a bird's nest as punishment. It is at this point that Goliath is now fed up with being treated like a baby and feels confident that he can take care of himself.

That night, while the herd is sleeping, Goliath runs away and vows never to return. Afterwards he is startled by various jungle noises and is again attacked by Raja after mistakenly waking him up with a cattail, and he walked on and crying for his Mother. After his mother hears his cries she goes to his aid and finds that he is being taken away by Raja. After saving Goliath from Raja's grasp, she grabs the tiger by his tail and throws him straight into the crocodile's mouth; he escapes from its belly and runs away, scared out of his wits, and he was never seen again. Afterwards, Goliath gets a spanking from his mother for trying to desert the herd, because a deserter from the herd is branded a "scoundrel, a rogue elephant, a traitor to that high and imperial order of pompous pachyderms", and to make it worse, he has disgraced his father.

The next day, while the elephants are marching through the jungle again, Goliath I screams because of a 6 inch mouse, stopping, and causing the elephants to crash again. The mouse scares away and panics the herd, which flee and jump into a river, scaring the crocodile out of his wits. While the mouse is laughing hysterically at the elephants' misfortune, he finds Goliath II, staring at him. Shocked, he asks Goliath if he is afraid, but Goliath replies that he is not as they are the same size. Enraged, the mouse points out that Goliath is an elephant, and adds that elephants are afraid of mice as he deliberately pulls on his Trunk, flaps his ears, and kicks his "Baggy Pants" and threatens Goliath by telling him that if he doesn't run away until he counts 3, he will hurt him.

After the mouse counts 3, a tussle starts between the two as Goliath I and Mother watch. The fight ends with Goliath holding the mouse over a cliff, where below is the waiting hungry crocodile. Not wanting to become the crocodile's next meal, the mouse cowardly begs Goliath not to drop him and tells him that he (Goliath) is the champ. Goliath agrees and spares the mouse. After this, Goliath is respected by his father and is named the top elephant of the herd.

Cast and Characters[edit]

Character Voice actor Profile
Narrator Sterling Holloway
Goliath II Kevin Corcoran A tiny elephant who wishes to prove that he can be as good as his father, though all his efforts and curiosities get him into trouble. At first considered a "disgrace" after leaving the herd, he is branded a hero after saving the other elephants from a mouse.
Goliath II's Mother Barbara Jo Allen Proud of Goliath II's efforts, but upset at the mischief he causes.
Goliath I Paul Frees Goliath II's father. Due to Goliath II's size, he doesn't like his son at all.
Raja A tiger who wishes to eat Goliath II
The Mouse Paul Frees An arrogant, bullying rodent who enjoys scaring elephants and bullies Goliath II.
Eloise Another female elephant that almost steps on Goliath II.
The Mugger Crocodile None Just behaves like a normal croc. Based on Tick-Tock from Peter Pan.
The Mother Hornbill Gets irritated whenever she gets disturbed from watching her eggs. Animation is based on the bird from Alice in Wonderland.

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