Bear Tavern, New Jersey

Bear Tavern is an unincorporated community located within Hopewell Township in Mercer County, New Jersey, United States. The settlement is named for a historic tavern once located there. During the American Revolutionary War, troops led by George Washington crossed the Delaware River at a location west of the settlement "trekked inland to the Bear Tavern and turned right, heading southeast toward Trenton"; the settlement is today located at the corner of Washington Crossing Pennington Road and Bear Tavern Road. Washington Crossing State Park is located to the northwest. Bear Tavern Elementary School is located south of the settlement

Ahmed Kathrada Foundation

The Ahmed Kathrada Foundation is a South African based foundation the seeks to promote non-racialism and the principles within both the Freedom Charter and the South African Constitution. It is named after anti-apartheid activist, political prisoner, politician Ahmed Kathrada; the foundation was founded by Ahmed Kathrada in 2008. The foundation has released a number of statements critical of South African politicians who have engaged in alleged acts of corruption and state capture and calling for action to be taken against them; the foundation has made statements and taken action against individual instances of racism in South Africa as part of its overall focus to prevent racism in society. This includes calling the South African Human Rights Commission to take action against people who make overtly racist remarks in addition to setting up the Anti-Racism Network South Africa. Memorials to remember anti-apartheid activist and trade unionist, Neil Aggett, have been organised by the Kathrada Foundation