Gorillaz are a British virtual band created in 1998 by Damon Albarn and artist Jamie Hewlett. Producer and A&R executive Remi Kabaka Jr. began collaborating with the band in 2016 after several years providing the voice of Russel Hobbs and was listed as an official member alongside Albarn and Hewlett in the 2019 Gorillaz documentary Gorillaz: Reject False Icons. The band consists of four animated members: Stuart "2-D" Pot, Murdoc Niccals and Russel Hobbs, their fictional universe is presented in music videos and short cartoons. In reality, Albarn is the only permanent musical contributor, collaborates with other musicians. With Gorillaz, Albarn departed from the distinct Britpop of his band Blur through hip hop, electronic music, world music through an "eccentrically postmodern" approach; the band's 2001 debut album Gorillaz went triple platinum in the UK and double platinum in Europe and earned the group an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records as the Most Successful Virtual Band. It was nominated for the Mercury Prize.

Their second studio album, Demon Days, went six times platinum in the UK and double platinum in the US. The third Gorillaz studio album, Plastic Beach, was released on 3 March 2010; the fourth, The Fall, was released on 25 December 2010 as a surprise gift for paying fan club members on 18 April 2011 as an official release. The fifth, was released after a six-year hiatus on 28 April 2017, their sixth studio album, The Now Now, was released on 29 June 2018. Gorillaz are working on a project named Song Machine which releases new songs every month. Gorillaz have won one Grammy Award, two MTV Video Music Awards, an NME Award and three MTV Europe Music Awards, they have been nominated for ten Brit Awards, won Best British Group at the 2018 Brit Awards. By 2010, Gorillaz had sold over 20 million records worldwide. Musician Damon Albarn and comic creator Jamie Hewlett met in 1990 when guitarist Graham Coxon, a fan of Hewlett's work, asked him to interview Blur, a band Albarn and Coxon had formed; the interview was published in Deadline magazine, home of Hewlett's comic strip Tank Girl.

Hewlett thought Albarn was "arsey, a wanker". Despite this and Hewlett started sharing a flat on Westbourne Grove in London in 1997. Hewlett had broken up with Olliver and Albarn was at the end of his publicised relationship with Justine Frischmann of Elastica; the idea to create Gorillaz came about when Albarn and Hewlett were watching MTV. Hewlett said, "If you watch MTV for too long, it's a bit like hell – there's nothing of substance there. So we got this idea for a virtual band, something that would be a comment on that." The band identified themselves as "Gorilla" and the first song they recorded was "Ghost Train", released as a B-side on their single "Rock the House" and the B-side compilation G Sides. The musicians behind Gorillaz' first incarnation included Albarn, Del the Funky Homosapien, Dan the Automator and Kid Koala, who had worked together on the track "Time Keeps on Slipping" for Deltron 3030's eponymous debut album. Although not released under the Gorillaz name, Albarn has said that "one of the first Gorillaz tunes" was Blur's 1997 single "On Your Own", released for their fifth studio album Blur.

The band's first release was the EP Tomorrow Comes Today, released on 27 November 2000. The band's first single was "Clint Eastwood" and was released on 5 March 2001, it was produced by hip hop producer Dan the Automator and featured UK rap group Phi Life Cypher, but the version that appears on the album features American rapper Del the Funky Homosapien, known on the album as Del tha' Ghost Rapper, a spirit in the band's drummer Russel Hobbs. The Phi Life Cypher version of "Clint Eastwood" appears on the B-side album G Sides. On 26 March 2001, their first full-length album, the self-titled Gorillaz, was released, producing four singles: "Clint Eastwood", "19-2000", "Rock the House", "Tomorrow Comes Today". In June 2001, "19–2000" a remix of the song was used as the title theme for EA Sports FIFA video game FIFA Football 2002. On 7 December, the song "911" was released, a collaboration between Gorillaz and hip hop group D12 and Terry Hall about the September 11 attacks. Meanwhile, G Sides, a compilation of the B-sides from the Tomorrow Comes Today EP and first three singles, was released in Japan on 12 December.

Gorillaz performed at the 2002 Brit Awards in London on 22 February, appearing in 3D animation on four large screens along with rap accompaniment by Phi Life Cypher. The band were nominated for four Brit Awards, including Best British Group, Best British Album and British Breakthrough Act, but did not win any awards. On 1 July 2002, a remix album titled Laika Come Home by Gorillaz was released, it contains most of the songs from Gorillaz' first album, but remixed in dub and reggae style. On 18 November, a DVD titled Phase One: Celebrity Take Down was released; the DVD contains four promotional videos, the abandoned video for "5/4", the Charts of Darkness documentary, the five Gorilla Bitez, a tour of the website by the MEL 9000 server and more. The DVD's menu depicts an abandoned Kong Studios. Rumours were circulating at this time that the Gorillaz team were busy preparing a film, but Hewlett said that the film project had been abandoned: "We lost all interest in doing it as soon as we started meeting with studios and talking to these Hollywood executive typ

Souls in Metal

Souls in Metal: an Anthology of Robot Futures is an anthology of robot-themed science fiction short stories edited by Mike Ashley. It was first published in hardcover by Robert Hale in February 1977 in the United Kingdom, with an American hardcover edition following from St. Martin's Press in June of the same year, a paperback edition from Jove/HBJ in June 1978; the book collects nine short novelettes. The stories were published in the magazines Astounding, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Fantastic Universe, Galaxy; the book afterword by the editor. "Preface" "Helen O'Loy" "—That Thou Art Mindful of Him!" "The Twonky" "A Logic Named Joe" "Impostor" "Who Can Replace a Man?" "The Velvet Glove" "I Am Crying All Inside" "Internal Combustion" "Afterword" John Clute considered the collection a "jalopy of a book," an "atrocious little money-spinner," whose contents could not have "required more than a modicum of research to uncover." Of the editor, he wrote "In general his editorial comments are among the most illiterate printed, with high-school syntax howlers and unintended neologisms breeding together...

Like fruit flies in Hiroshima, nor on decipherment is what he says about his assemblage of stories interestingly false." Clute was kinder in regard to the stories themselves. He singled out for particular praise del Rey's "Helen O'Loy," "that famous crazy comedy romp." The other tales he lumped together as "warhorses," with the exception of the Aldiss piece, which he neglected to mention

UC Davis Aggies football

The UC Davis Aggies football team represents the University of California, Davis in the second-tier NCAA Division I Football Championship Subdivision intercollegiate competition. The UC Davis football program began competing in 1915, has fielded a team each year since with the exception of 1918 during World War I and from 1943 to 1945 during World War II, when the campus known as the University Farm, was shut down. UC Davis competed as a member of the NCAA College Division through 1972. From 1973 to 2006, the Aggies competed within the NCAA Division II. In 2007, UC Davis promoted its football program to the Division I FCS level, joined the Great West Conference. UC Davis has secured a total of 30 conference championships. Between 1929 and 1992, the Aggies captured 27 outright or shared Northern California Athletic Conference championships, including 20 in a row from 1971 to 1990. In 1993, UC Davis shared the American West Conference title, in 2005 and 2009 the Aggies won the Great West Conference.

UC Davis has been both affiliated with multiple conferences. Independent Northern California Athletic Conference Far Western Conference Northern California Athletic Conference American West Conference NCAA Division II Independent NCAA Division I-AA Independent Great West Football Conference Big Sky Conference UC Davis Aggies football program has won or shared a total of 31 conference championships since 1915, including 27 from the Northern California Athletic Conference where they won 20 straight conference champions from 1971–1990. † Co-champion The Aggies appeared in the FCS Playoffs in 2018 as the sixth seed. Their FCS playoff record is 1–1; the Sacramento State Hornets are the natural cross-town rival who battles UC Davis annually for the Causeway Carriage. This rivalry is known as the Causeway Classic. UC Davis leads the all-time series 40 to 18 with no ties. Cal Poly Mustangs are another rival of the Aggies. UC Davis and Cal Poly play yearly in the Battle for the Golden Horseshoe, where the winner receives a trophy of a large golden horseshoe.

Both Sacramento State and Cal Poly are the Aggies' designated rivals for Big Sky Conference scheduling purposes, which means UC Davis plays both teams every year as part of its conference schedule. Nick Aliotti, college coach Scott Barry, NFL quarterback Rolf Benirschke, NFL placekicker and TV host Bob Biggs, CFL quarterback and college coach Mike Bellotti, college coach and analyst Chris Carter, UC Davis career reception leader Kevin Daft, NFL quarterback and college coach Keelan Doss, NFL wide receiver Bo Eason, NFL defensive back and actor Daniel Fells, NFL tight end Bakari Grant, CFL wide receiver Mark Grieb, AFL quarterback and college coach Paul Hackett, college and NFL coach Dan Hawkins, college coach, current UC Davis head coach Khari Jones, CFL player Tim Lajcik, mixed martial artist Bryan Lee-Lauduski, Arena Football League player Chris Mandeville, NFL defensive back Rich Martini, NFL wide receiver Casey Merrill, NFL defensive end Mike Moroski, first NFL player from UC Davis, playing as quarterback.

A college coach Ken O'Brien, NFL quarterback J. T. O'Sullivan, NFL quarterback Michael Oliva, NFL wide receiver Chris Petersen, college coach Colton Schmidt, NFL punter John Shoemaker, NFL wide receiver Forest Vance, NFL offensive tackle and personal trainer Mike Wise, NFL defensive end Official website