Gotarzes I

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Gotarzes I
"King of kings of Iran"
Coin of Gotarzes I.
Reign91–87 BC
PredecessorMithridates II of Parthia
SuccessorOrodes I of Parthia
Died87 BC
DynastyArsacid dynasty

Gotarzes I (Parthian: 𐭂𐭅𐭕𐭓𐭆 Gōtarz, Ancient Greek: Γωτάρζης Gōtarzēs) was the ruler of parts of the Parthian Empire from ca. 91 BC to 87 BC.[1] He was the grandson of Phriapatius and came to power during the troubled times around the end of the reign of Mithridates II. Numismatic evidence suggests that he began his reign in control of the northern and eastern lands of the Parthian Empire. He seems to have regained the southern lands from the usurper, Sanatruces, by 88/87 BC and forced him to flee to the Central Asian steppe, after which he soon died.[2]


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Gotarzes I
Born: Unknown Died: 87 BC
Preceded by
Mithridates II
Great King (Shah) of Parthia
91–87 BC
Succeeded by
Orodes I