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noble family
Praenobilis Familia GOVBAV.jpg

Bandera cruz de Borgoña 2.svg Spanish Netherlands

Austrian Low Countries Flag.svg Austrian Netherlands
Titles Lord of Mespelaere
Lord of Triest
Lord of Saint-Fontaine
Lord of Ghysegem
Estate(s) Cortewalle Castle
Cadet branches Goubau d'Hovorst
Cortewalle Castle, Beveren.
Alexander IV Goubau, and John V Cornelis Goubau as Children, painted by Justus van Egmont in 1663.

The Goubau family was an important noble family of Antwerp, many of its members are related to other important families.

In 1633 king Felipe IV of Spain granted nobility. In 1866 the last member of the family died.

The family had many important residences amongst them den Wolsack (1593) in Antwerpen and Cortewalle Castle in Beveren. In Mespelare and Dendermonde they did important gift to the local church and founded the so-called Spaans hof in 1643 to Honour Aldegondis van Maubeuge. In Mortsel they resided in Ten Dorpe Castle[1]


  1. Henri Goubau, knight of Calatrava.[2]
    1. Joannes I Goubau, Lord of Saint-Fontaine, (1503-1581):[3] marr. Joanne Cossiers[4] in 1534, daughter of Joannes Cossiers or Cosserie and Barbe Schetz.
      1. Joannes II Goubau, marr. Joanna Stayaerts.
      2. Henricus Goubau
      3. Jacobus Goubau, marr. Catharine Maynaert.
      4. Joanna Goubau, died 1575.
      5. Gaspar Goubau
      6. Antonius Goubau
      7. Alexander I Goubau, (1540-1614): Grand Aumonier of Antwerpen, buried in the cathedral.
        1. Anna Goubau, (1568-)
        2. Alexander II Goubau (1571-)
        3. Maria Goubau, (1573-)
        4. Joannes III Goubau, Lord of Ghysegem, (1575-1645): Grand Aumonier of Antwerpen, Knighted in 1633. Marr. Magd. Vecquemans.
          1. Alexander III Goubau, Lord of Ghysegem, (1598-1668), knighted 1648, Mayor of Antwerpen, Grand Aumonier of Antwerpen, 1629. marr. Anna Doncker.
            1. Joannes IV Goubau, Lord of Ghysegem, (1630-) : knighted 1655, marr Marie Cornelie crook.
              1. Alexander IV Goubau, Lord of Mespelaere, (1658-1712): Grand Aumonier of Antwerpen, Marr. in 1690 Maria Catharina Rubens, granddaughter of Nicolaas Rubens, Lord of Rameyen.
                1. Georges Alexander Goubau, Lord of Mespelaere (1697-1760) : marr. Maria Bosschaert.
              2. Joannes V Cornelis Goubau, (1660-1702), Grand Aumonier of Antwerpen in 1689: marr. Susanne van Colen.
          2. François Goubau, Lord of Triest, (1611-1647) : marr. Isabella vanden Broecke.
            1. Joannes VI Frans Goubau, Lord of Triest, (1646-1683), Lord of Beveren, knighted on 10 April 1679 by Charles II: Marr. Margaretha-Catharina Gerardi.
              1. Peter Frans Goubau, (1680-1749): marr. Maria Lucretia Bernaerts.
                1. Charles Henri Goubau, (1708-1776): councillor of the Great Council of Mechelen, marr. Regina de Villegas (1722-1794 .
                  1. Melchior Joseph François Ghislain Goubau, (1757-1836): councillor of the Great Council of Mechelen, marr. Marie-Jeanne de Villegas de Pellenberg.
                  2. Emmanuel Goubau, (1760-1828), marr. Maria Isabella de Brouchoven de Bergeyck (1773-1819).
                  3. Eugène Joseph Goubau, (1761-1831): Lord maoyor of the Brugse Vrije.

Family tree[edit]

Henri Goubau
Joannes I Goubau
Joanna Cossiers
Joannes II Goubau
Henricus Goubau
Jacobus Goubau
Joanna Goubau
Gaspar Goubau
Antonius Goubau
Alexander I Goubau
Anna Goubau
Alexander II Goubau
Maria Goubau
Joannes III Goubau
Magdalene Vecquemans
Alexander III Goubau
Anna Doncker
Isabella vanden Broecke
François Goubau
Joannes IV Goubau
Marie Cornelie
Margaretha-Catharina Gerardi
Joannes VI Frans Goubau
Maria Catharina Rubens
Alexander IV Goubau
Joannes V Cornelis Goubau
Maria Lucretia Bernaerts
Peter Frans Goubau
Georges Alexander Goubau
Regina de Villegas
Charles Henri Goubau
Maria Isabella de Brouchoven de Bergeyck
Emmanuel Goubau


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