Grace and Gratitude

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Grace and Gratitude
Studio album by Olivia Newton-John
Released 25 August 2006
Recorded Echo Beach Studio (Jupiter, Florida)
Genre New-age
Label EMI, Green Hill
Producer Amy Sky
Tracy Young (Pink edition bonus)
Olivia Newton-John chronology
Stronger Than Before
(2005)Stronger Than Before2005
Grace and Gratitude
Christmas Wish
(2007)Christmas Wish2007
Alternative covers
Grace and Gratitude Renewed
Grace and Gratitude Renewed
Pink edition
Pink edition
Singles from Grace and Gratitude
  1. "Instrument of Peace"
    Released: 2006 (promo)
  2. "Help Me to Heal"
    Released: 2010

Grace and Gratitude is the twenty-second studio album by Australian singer Olivia Newton-John. The album was released 25 August 2006[1] through EMI exclusively by Walgreens to benefit various charities of cancer and re-released on 14 September 2010[2] through Green Hill Records as Grace and Gratitude Renewed. A "pink" edition of the original album also was released in certain territories, with a two-track remix bonus CD.[3]



  • The album closing track, "Instrument of Peace", was released to radio as a promo single, peaking at No. 30 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart.
  • "Help Me to Heal", was released as single in 2010, promoting the Renewed re-release.[4]


Newton-john embarked on two tours to promote the album: a North American tour of 39 concerts, Grace and Gratitude Tour, and an Asian tour of 5 concerts, Body Heart & Spirit Tour. Her 2010 World Tour supported the re-release, Renewed.

Critical reception[edit]

Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic3/5 stars[5]

Stephen Thomas Erlewine from AllMusic gave the album a positive review, although he said: "It's easy to knock this for not exactly being compelling—it glides, it doesn't grab—but that's the whole point: this is meditative mood music and it's gauzily effective in that regard in either of its incarnations".

Track listing[edit]

1."Shekhinah (interlude)"Amy Sky2:59
2."Pearls on a Chain"Newton-John, Sky3:53
3."Yesod (interlude)"Marc Jordan, Sky1:49
4."To Be Wanted"Sky4:14
5."Hod (interlude)"Greg Johnston1:38
6."Learn to Love Yourself"Newton-John, Sky4:21
7."Nezah (interlude)"Johnston1:07
8."Grace and Gratitude"Newton-John, Sky3:23
9."Tiferet (interlude)"Steven MacKinnon1:28
10."Love is Letting Go of Fear"Newton-John, Sky, MacKinnon4:11
11."Hesed-Gevurah (interlude)"Johnston1:28
12."Gaté Gaté"Johnston, Sky4:04
13."Tala' al Badru 'Alayna (interlude)"Traditional1:15
14."Let Go Let God"Newton-John, Sky, Kim Bullard5:05
15."Binah (interlude)"Johnston0:45
16."I Will Lift Up My Eyes"Sky5:08
17."Hochmah (interlude)"Sky, Traditional2:12
18."The Power of Now"Newton-John, Sky4:44
19."Keter (interlude)"Stephan Moccio2:36
20."Instrument of Peace"Jordan, Sky, Moccio4:12


The album was re-released as Grace and Gratitude Renewed on 14 September 2010, four years after the release of the original version, the new edition features new versions of tracks "To Be Wanted", "I Will Lift Up My Eyes" and "Instrument of Peace" with special guests, and also features two new tracks: "Todah" and the single "Help Me to Heal". The Japan edition also includes the two remixes from "pink" edition.

1."Shekhinah" (interlude)2:59
2."Pearls on a Chain"3:53
3."Yesod" (interlude)1:49
4."To Be Wanted" (featuring Mark Masri)4:14
5."Hod" (interlude)1:38
6."Learn to Love Yourself"4:21
7."Nezah" (interlude)1:07
8."Grace and Gratitude"3:23
9."Tiferet" (interlude)1:28
10."Love is Letting Go of Fear"4:11
11."Hesed-Gevurah" (interlude)1:28
12."Gaté Gaté"4:04
13."Ta'la al Badru 'Alayna" (interlude)1:15
14."Let Go Let God"5:05
15."Binah" (interlude)0:45
16."I Will Lift Up My Eyes" (featuring Amy Sky)5:08
17."Todah" (interlude; featuring David Darling)3:38
18."Help Me to Heal"4:03
19."Hochmah" (interlude)2:12
20."The Power of Now"4:44
21."Keter" (interlude)2:36
22."Instrument of Peace" (featuring Marc Jordan)4:12