Grand Prismatic Spring

The Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park is the largest hot spring in the United States, the third largest in the world, after Frying Pan Lake in New Zealand and Boiling Lake in Dominica. It is located in the Midway Geyser Basin. Grand Prismatic Spring was noted by geologists working in the Hayden Geological Survey of 1871, named by them for its striking coloration, its colors match most of those seen in the rainbow dispersion of white light by an optical prism: red, yellow and blue. The first records of the spring are from surveyors. In 1839, a group of fur trappers from the American Fur Company crossed the Midway Geyser Basin and made note of a "boiling lake", most the Grand Prismatic Spring, with a diameter of 300 feet. In 1870 the Washburn -- Langford -- Doane Expedition visited the spring; the vivid colors in the spring are the result of microbial mats around the edges of the mineral-rich water. The mats produce colors ranging from green to red. In the summer, the mats tend to be orange and red, whereas in the winter the mats are dark green.

The center of the pool is sterile due to extreme heat. The deep blue color of the water in the center of the pool results from the intrinsic blue color of water; the effect is strongest in the center because of its sterility and depth. The spring is 370 feet in diameter and is 160 feet deep; the spring discharges an estimated 560 US gallons of 160 °F water per minute. Media related to Grand Prismatic Spring at Wikimedia Commons

One Piece Film: Z

One Piece Film: Z is a 2012 Japanese anime fantasy action adventure film directed by Tatsuya Nagamine. It is the twelfth feature film based on the shōnen manga series One Piece by Eiichiro Oda; the film stars the regular television cast of Mayumi Tanaka, Kazuya Nakai, Akemi Okamura, Kappei Yamaguchi, Hiroaki Hirata, Ikue Otani, Yuriko Yamaguchi, Kazuki Yao, Chō. It features Hōchū Ōtsuka as Zephyr, an ex-naval Admiral, with Ryoko Shinohara and Teruyuki Kagawa as Zephyr's henchmen; as the events of the film take place during the fifteenth season of One Piece as before the last 4 episodes of the 21st story arcs, "Z's Ambition", The film revolves around the Straw Hat Pirates battling against Zephyr, considered to be the most powerful enemy they've faced yet. "Black Arm" Zephyr, a former naval admiral and leader of the Neo Marines which includes his henchmen Ain and Binz, commences an assault on the navy on Firs Island, a volcanic island and one of the End Points. While there, Zephyr steals the Dyna Stones and fights Kizaru before he starts an eruption to defeat the Admiral only to be sent flying into the ocean.

While having a cherry blossom party, the Straw Hat Pirates heals Zephyr. When Zephyr learns that Monkey D. Luffy is a pirate, he fights Roronoa Zoro and Sanji. Having discovered Zephyr's location with a Vivre Card and Binz join the ex-Admiral to fight them. Ain uses her Devil Fruit powers to de-age Nami, Tony Tony Chopper and Nico Robin, while Binz uses his Devil Fruit powers to trap Franky and Brook with vines. Realizing that Luffy is the grandson of Monkey D. Garp, Zephyr attempts to kill them, but the Straw Hats are forced to flee. At Marine Headquarters, the navy discovers Zephyr's whereabouts and decide to recover the Dyna Stones. Landing on Dock Island, Franky repairs the Thousand Sunny, damaged by Zephyr, they meet Mobston, whose granddaughter reveals that pirates who come to this island say that they have been attacked by Zephyr. Mobston, angered by Zephyr destroying their pirates' dreams, decides to give the Straw Hats his strongest equipment. While there, the Straw Hats gather information on Zephyr's location from the navy and meet up with Kuzan, who reveals that has left the navy after being defeated by Akainu on Punk Hazard.

Using the Sea Train, the Straw Hats enter Secon Island. They confront Zephyr and Binz, only to be defeated once again. Meanwhile, Garp reveals to Coby and Helmeppo that Zephyr once believed in the navy's justice and became an Admiral after serving as a soldier in the navy; when Zephyr's wife and son were killed by a pirate who resented him, Zephyr became an instructor. One day, most of Zephyr's recruits were killed and Zephyr lost his arm after being attacked by a pirate with Devil Fruit powers. Zephyr acquired a weapon developed by the navy's scientist to defeat Devil Fruit users and organized a strike unit. However, when the pirate who attacked him was chosen to serve as a Warlord, Zephyr left the Navy, organizing the Neo Marines as a result. Back on Dock Island, Kuzan reveals that Zephyr is targeting the three volcanic islands known as End Points. If all three islands erupt in a short period of time of each other, it would result in a giant eruption covering the world's oceans and killing everyone in them.

The Straw Hats are victorious. Kizaru and the navy confront Zephyr and the Straw Hats but the ex-Admiral allows the Neo Marines and the Straw Hats to escape the island; as Zephyr fights to his death and Ain and Binz mourn their loss, the Straw Hats return to Dock Island, giving their gear and weapons back to Mobston, before going their separate ways. In November 2011, Fuji Television announced that production on One Piece Film: Z has begun. One month Viz Media's Shonen Jump and Hisashi Suzuki, deputy director of Shueisha's Shonen manga group announced through their Twitter accounts that Eiichiro Oda would be the executive producer for the film. On January 30, 2012, Toei issued a press release announcing the film's plot and announced the film's director Tatsuya Nagamine and the film's release in December; the April 23, 2012 issue of Weekly Shonen Jump revealed character designs for Zephyr and revealed minor information, including staff information as well as the premiere date, December 15. The screenplay was written by Osamu Suzuki, who serves as one of the writers of the television program SMAP x SMAP, the film's character designer and animation supervisor is Masayuki Sato, involved as an animation supervisor and character designer of One Piece Film: Strong World.

On April 21, 2012, Toei's official website for the One Piece films was updated with a teaser trailer. A special pre-sale collaboration ticket with the Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods movie was made to commemorate the release of the two films; the dual-ticket good for both films has a special new illustration by both Akira Toriyama and Eiichirō Oda. Limited to 8,989 across Japan, the tickets went on sale on November 2012 for ¥ 2,600 apiece; the film's theme songs are covers of Nickelback's "How You Remind Me" and Joan Jett's "Bad Reputation", both performed by Canadian singer Avril Lavigne. Oda sent a personal thank you letter to Lavigne after hearing her cover of "How You Remind Me". "Bad Reputation" is one of Oda's favorite songs. Lavigne agreed to contribute the songs for the film; the film's soundtrack, containing 30 tracks, was released on December 12, 2012 by Sony Music Entertainment Japan. One Piece Film: Z opened at number one in the Japanese box office, earning ¥1.37 billion during its opening weekend

Chuck Brymer

Charles E. "Chuck" Brymer is an American businessman, marketing strategist and former President and CEO of DDB Worldwide, an advertising agency. Chuck Brymer was born in Louisville, Kentucky the third of four children of Natalie and Robert L. Brymer a senior advertising executive at McCann Erikson, he graduated from the University of Kentucky's College of Communications & Information with a Bachelor of Arts in communications in 1981. Brymer worked at various television stations and ad agencies during college. In 1982, he opened and ran BBDO's Houston office at age 24. During his tenure at BBDO, Brymer worked on the company's Chrysler account, he left BBDO for Interbrand, a global branding consulting firm in 1985. In 1986, while at Interbrand, Chuck Brymer was named one of Fortune Magazine's People to Watch at age 27. At Interbrand, Brymer served as founding president of the British company's U. S. Division, he worked with Interbrand founder and CEO John Murphy. Interbrand was purchased by Omnicom Group in 1993.

In 1994, Omnicom appointed Brymer CEO of Interbrand. During Brymer's tenure as CEO, Interbrand added multiple international offices. In 2006, at age 46, Brymer became president and CEO of Omnicom-owned DDB Worldwide, overseeing the company's 200 offices worldwide, he was replaced by Wendy Clark in 2018. Brymer helped create Businessweek's "World's Most Valuable Brands" feature, he has advised the U. S. State Department on the United States' international image. Brymer is active in corporate governance, he was appointed to the boards of Regal Entertainment Group and the Ad Council in 2007. Brymer serves on the board of Chamber of Commerce of the United States. Brymer is the author of The Nature of Marketing: Marketing to the Swarm as Well as the Herd, he is a co-author of The Economist's Brands and Branding. He is married to Tracy Brymer, he has four children. DDB Interbrand Brand Channel