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Houses in Grange Road
Selwyn College Grange Road Gate
Newnham College on Grange Road
Tyndale House, a theological library, in Selwyn Gardens off the southern end of Grange Road

Grange Road is a street in Cambridge, England. It stretches north–south, meeting Madingley Road (A1303) at a T-junction to the north and Barton Road (A603) to the south, it runs approximately parallel with the River Cam to the east. Grange Road is almost one mile long and its earliest origins date from the seventeenth century, it is home to several colleges belonging to the University of Cambridge and is closely associated with student life.


Grange Road is home to a number of historic colleges of the University of Cambridge; the earliest form of Grange Road dates from the seventeenth century when it was built to allow horse-drawn carriages to navigate the western side of Cambridge. The road has been rebuilt many times since and parts of it are paved with cobbles or paving stones.[1][2] Grange Road is located near to The Backs and the city centre of Cambridge is a short walk or cycle ride away.

The area has experienced increased growth and urbanisation in recent years as Selwyn and Newnham Colleges have continued to expand their main sites.

University of Cambridge colleges[edit]

Several of the colleges of the University of Cambridge are located beside Grange Road; some other colleges have expanded and built student accommodation, study centres, or gardens along Grange Road.

The Sidgwick Site nearby is home to several of the university's arts and humanities faculties.

Theological colleges[edit]

The Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology at 12 Grange Road is a Roman Catholic theological college.[3]

Tyndale House at 26 Selwyn Gardens, off Grange Road, is a biblical research institute and library.[4]

King's College School[edit]

King's College School, associated with King's College, is also located on West Road, just off Grange Road. St John's College School, associated with St John's College, is located on Grange Road. Both schools provide top quality education and their students commonly achieve several Oxbridge offers after their examinations; as such, competition to gain admission to both schools remains close.

Sports clubs[edit]

The Cambridge University Rugby Union Football Club is located on Grange Road across from Selwyn and boasts one of the best fields and training facilities in Cambridge; the field and centre have undergone redevelopment in recent years to expand and modernise the site so that it can be used by all members of Cambridge University. In addition to serving as a training facility, it has hosted a number of national and international tournaments;[5] the Cambridge University Real Tennis Club is also located here near Burrell's Walk.[6]

Cambridge University Library[edit]

The Cambridge University Library is one of the largest legal deposit libraries in the world and was designed by architect Giles Gilbert Scott; the main building, archives, and iconic tower of the Cambridge University Library are all located on Grange Road. The Library is south of Burrell's Walk and north of King's College School.


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