Greater Buenos Aires

Greater Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area or Buenos Aires Metropolitan Region refers to the urban agglomeration comprising the autonomous city of Buenos Aires and the adjacent 24 partidos in the Province of Buenos Aires. Thus, it does not constitute a single administrative unit; the conurbation spreads south and north of Buenos Aires city. To the east, the River Plate serves as a natural boundary. Urban sprawl between 1945 and 1980, created a vast conurbation of 9,910,282 inhabitants in the 24 conurbated partidos, as of 2010, a total of 12,801,365 including the City of Buenos Aires, a third of the total population of Argentina and generating more than half of the country's GDP; the term Gran Buenos Aires was first used in 1948, when Governor of Buenos Aires Province Domingo Mercante signed a bill delineating as such an area covering 14 municipalities surrounding the City of Buenos Aires. The term is related to other expressions that are not well-defined: the "Buenos Aires' conurbation", the "Greater Buenos Aires Agglomeration", the "Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires".

The National Institute of Statistics and Censuses has defined Greater Buenos Aires. There are three main groups within the Buenos Aires' Conurbation; the first two groups comprise the traditional conurbation, or the "conurbation proper". The third group of six partidos is in process of becoming integrated with the rest. Fourteen urbanized partidos Ten partidos urbanized Six partidos not yet conurbatedAs urbanization continues and the conurbation grows, six additional urbanized partidos now are connected with the conurbation: Buzai, G. D. and Marcos, M.. "The social map of Greater Buenos Aires as empirical evidence of urban models". Journal of Latin American Geography. Volume 11 Number 1, pp. 67–78, DOI 10.1353/lag.2012.0012 Keeling, D.. Buenos Aires: Global Dreams, Local Crisis. Chichester: John Wiley & Sons

Late Night Tales: Four Tet

Late Night Tales: Four Tet is a DJ mix album compiled by Kieran Hebden, who goes by the pseudonym Four Tet. It is part of the Late Night Tales/Another Late Night compilation series. "Haunted Feelings" – 2:21 – Rahsaan Roland Kirk "Battle Rhymes For Battle Times" – 2:37 – Koushik "Wiggy" – 0:32 – Hal Blaine "One Way Glass" – 3:37 – Manfred Mann Chapter Three "Music For The Gift" – 1:52 – Terry Riley "January V" – 3:18 – Max Roach "Why We Fight" – 4:08 – Tortoise "2 Cups Of Blood" – 1:24 – Gravediggaz "Earth" – 13:16 – Joe Henderson "Parallelograms" – 4:31 – Linda Perhacs "Castles Made of Sand" – 3:35 – Four Tet "Valiha Del" – 4:47 – Jef Gilson + Malagasy "Strange Ways" – 2:13 – Madvillain "Griffo" – 0:49 – Smoke "Tale In Hard Time" – 3:27 – Fairport Convention "Tinkle" – 0:36 – J Saunders "Benevolent Incubator" – 10:11 – Icarus "218 Beverley" – 7:27 – Manitoba "Don'ts" – 3:31 – David Shrigley

George Rainsford (actor)

George Rainsford is a British actor, best known for his portrayal of Jimmy Wilson in the medical drama Call the Midwife and Ethan Hardy in Casualty, for which he has been nominated for a Best Actor award in the 2017 TV Choice Awards. Rainsford was born in West Yorkshire, he attended Repton School in Repton, where he became interested in drama. Whilst reading for a Bachelor of Arts in drama at the University of Manchester, he was involved with the student theatre, he joined the National Youth Theatre in June 2003 and won a Goldman Sachs scholarship to the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. After graduating in 2006, he appeared in The Three Musketeers as D'Artagnan at Bristol Old Vic, he was In BBC Drama Call The Midwife as Jimmy, his storylines were with Jessica Raine, as a love interest of her character, Jenny Lee, of which the series is based on from the memoirs of a real life midwife in the 1950s and 1960s. In September 2013, it was announced that Rainsford would join the main cast of Casualty as Dr Ethan Hardy.

He took part in a screen test in Cardiff with Richard Winsor. In November 2009, Rainsford was treated at Salisbury District Hospital for a gashed fist and damaged tendon after accidentally punching Luke Norris during a stage fight in the Royal Shakespeare Company production Days of Significance. In the summer of 2014, Rainsford took three episodes of Casualty off due to paternity leave, his last episode of 2014 was aired on 29 November, he returned at the start of 2015. He married actress Jaimi Barbakoff in 2012 and they have two boys, they met at the National Theatre. Barbakoff emerged to fame for her performance in the sci-fi TV series Black Mirror as Anna, but she became more familiar because of her contribution to several video games. George Rainsford on IMDb George Rainsford on Bertram