Greatest hits album

A greatest hits album, sometimes called a "best of" album or a catalog album, is a compilation of songs by a particular artist or band. Most the track list contains released recordings with a high degree of notability. However, to increase the appeal to people who own the original releases, it is common to include remixes or alternate takes of popular songs. At times, a greatest hits compilation is the original album release for songs that have been released as singles and charted successfully. Many of these albums surface despite the unwillingness of original artists to support them; the songwriters being embroiled in fighting record company decisions. For instance, despite The Rolling Stones' conflicts over the control of their tracks, the band-opposed Hot Rocks 1964–1971 surfaced in December 1971, the contentious legal issues failed to clip the wings of the record's commercial success. Nonetheless, many other of these albums receive detailed co-operation from the musicians involved, which can mean trying to present a specific'goal' in the work, by means of the sonic or thematic arrangement of tracks, which in this case does not reflect the chronology of original releases.

The Eagles' Their Greatest Hits is the best selling greatest hits compilation by a group and one of the ten best selling albums in history. Madonna's The Immaculate Collection is the best selling. Greatest hits albums are produced after an artist has had enough successful songs to fill out an album release; some artists, such as Selena, David Bowie, Cliff Richard, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Kenny Rogers, Scorpions, Kiss, TLC, Dolly Parton, Los Tigres del Norte, Take That, Kylie Minogue and Billy Joel, have had multiple greatest hits albums released through their long careers. Some greatest hits albums are released only at the end of group's career. For example, My Chemical Romance released a greatest hits album May Death Never Stop You: The Greatest Hits 2001–2013 in 2014 after they disbanded. Other artists have released hits albums in the middle of their careers, sometimes concluding a particular cycle, or a decade, or following the departure of a band's member, or following a change of record company.

Carrie Underwood released her greatest hits album, Decade #1, in 2014 after ten years of recording music since winning American Idol, which proceeded her RIAA-certified platinum album Storyteller in 2015, her 2018 album Cry Pretty. Some bands refuse to release a greatest hits album, notably Tool and Metallica. Manic Street Preachers refused to do a greatest hits, but in 2002 they released the aptly named Forever Delayed. Radiohead refused to do such a compilation, but upon their departure from Parlophone Records, Radiohead: The Best Of was released in 2008 without their cooperation; this was to be the case with Oasis, but realizing that the release was inevitable, the band took direct involvement with the album, titled Stop the Clocks, selected the track listing, track order and title. Oasis endorsed a second collection, Time Flies... 1994–2009, although, as a singles collection, they had less control over its contents. The country music star Garth Brooks long opposed the release of a greatest hits collection.

Canadian singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell, known for her eclectic interest in different musical styles resisted releasing a greatest hits album for many years fearing that the availability of a greatest hits compilation would lead her record label to take her actual studio albums out of print. In 1996 she agreed to release Hits along with a second album titled Misses, which came out that same year. Mitchell's assumptions proved correct. One of the most notorious examples of a greatest hits compilation released against the artists' intentions is U. K. rock group The Rolling Stones' compilation Hot Rocks 1964–1971. The music magazine Rolling Stone remarked that the album served as a "beautifully packaged... purely mercenary item put together by the Stones' former record company to cash in on the Christmas season and wring some more bucks out in the name of the Mod Princes they once owned." After their manager tricked the band into signing over the copyrights to their 1963-1970 song catalog, the band did succeed in changing management and record labels.

However, they could neither prevent the release of Hot Rocks nor its successor, titled More Hot Rocks. A testament to the selling power of greatest hits albums, Hot Rocks remains the best selling album of the Rolling Stones' career. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards continue to collect significant songwriting royalties from the Hot Rocks sales, but not the ownership royalties. Greatest hits collections can boost a flailing music career; the Beautiful South's firs

Wall of Fame (game show)

Wall of Fame is a British comedy panel game, first broadcast on Sky1 in 2011. It is hosted by Little Britain star David Walliams and features Jack Dee, Kate Garraway, with Tamara Ecclestone for the first two episodes Sara Pascoe took over from episode three, Andrew Maxwell as regular panellists, alongside two weekly guests; the premise of the show is the two teams of panellists discuss the week's top 25 most talked about celebrities in the UK. The coloured backgrounds denote the result of each of the shows: – indicates Kate and Andrew's team won – indicates Jack and Tamara's/Sara's team won – indicates the game ended in a draw Official website Wall of Fame at Wall of Fame at British Comedy Guide

French Fort Cove

The French Fort Cove is a nature park located in Miramichi, New Brunswick, between Newcastle and Nordin-Miramichi, which contains regular and advanced walking trails, kayaking, paddle-boats, a children's playground, ice-cream shop and holds many events and activities during the summer. It is the location of a former rock quarry, used to build many buildings and the Langevin Block of Parliament Hill, among others; the Miramichi Rotary Pond Hockey Tournament is an annual event that began in 2005 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Rotary International. Profit from the tournament goes back into the community and helps to found projects that are supported by the Rotary Club of Newcastle; the tournament consists of teams of four competing in a number of different divisions including open competitive, over 35, women's, family. Located on Cove Road, the Eco-Center contains a 6-surface curling rink and is open year-round to provide information about Miramichi's history and culture to tourists and to current residents looking to learn more about their city.

There are plans to develop educational programs that will allow school children will be able to collect species in the nearby cove, bring them back to study them under microscopes, for use in science projects. The Headless Nun Tour is a one-hour guided tour of the French Fort Cove, it takes place after dark and involves costumed tour guides reciting the tale of the supposed headless nun that haunts the cove. The tour was featured on the nationally televised show Creepy Canada; the Cove is home to many advanced mountain biking trails, which are located off of the advanced hiking trails. They are looked after by the Miramichi Mountain Bike Club