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Walter G. Roman

Walter Guy Roman, was born in Aspen and died in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Walter was a son of Selma Coles. Roman graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1928 with a B. S. degree in Electrical Engineering. He had two daughters. 1928–29 - Roman worked for Westinghouse Electric Corporation as a tester. 1929–31 - Roman was an electrical engineer at Westinghouse in East Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 1931–34 - Roman was in charge of the high voltage lab at Westinghouse. 1934–40 - Roman did impulse design engineering at Westinghouse. 1940–41 - Roman was manager of switch and fuse design at Westinghouse. 1942–45 - Roman was manager of calutron uranium isotope separator design for the Manhattan Project under a contract with Westinghouse Electric.. 1945–51 - Roman left Westinghouse and worked for the Mototrol Engineering division in Buffalo, New York. 1951–59 - Roman returned to Westinghouse and was an advisory engineer at Westinghouse's Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory in suburban Pittsburgh. 1959–70 - Roman was manager of nuclear reactor engineering for the Nerva Project at the nearby Westinghouse Astronuclear Laboratory.

After September 1942 when General Leslie Groves was appointed as the military director of the Manhattan Project, Groves funded design and construction of a gigantic array of calutrons for separation of uranium isotopes. The US Army Corps of Engineers contracted with several manufacturing companies including Westinghouse Electric in East Pittsburgh, PA. Westinghouse assigned Walter Roman to be Manager of separator design. Roman, along with the people in his design department and drafting unit were relocated to Berkeley, California near the Radiation Lab at the University of California, Berkeley where Walter Roman worked with physicists Ernest Lawrence, Robert Lyster Thornton, Westinghouse physicist Edward Condon. After preliminary calutron designs were tested at Berkeley using Lawrence's cyclotron, Westinghouse began manufacturing calutrons for installation at Oak Ridge, where the Y-12 plant containing hundreds of calutrons was being constructed. In 1943, Walter Roman's design department was relocated to the Oak Ridge plant because numerous redesigns of calutron parts were necessary.

In 1963 Walter Roman received a Special Patent Award from Westinghouse. Roman was a member of the American Nuclear Society, a member of the IEEE, a member of the American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics. Roman designed nuclear engine rockets for space capsules, control rods for nuclear reactors, electronic control circuits, nuclear reactors. American Men & Women of Science. Physical and biological sciences. 12th edition, Bowker, 1971-1973, vol. 5, page 5330, listed under "Roman, Walter Guy". US Patent 1,923,748 — 1932, Electrical Discharge Device US Patent 2,246,926 — 1938, Surge Protection for Electrical Apparatus US Patent 2,279,249 — 1939, Spark Gap Device US Patent 2,365,595 — 1939, Spark Gap Device US Patent 2,376,815 — 1942, Molded Lightning Arrester US Patent 2,519,289 — 1944, Protective Device US Patent 2,504,155 — 1948, Electronic System for Operating DC Motors US Patent 2,530,993 — 1948, Electronic Control System for DC Motors US Patent 2,530,994 — 1949, Electronic Control System for DynamoElectric Machinery US Patent 3,820,325 — 1970, Space Vehicle US Patent 4,071,403 — 1974, Apparatus for Protecting the Core of a Nuclear Reactor US Patent 4,147,589 — 1976, Control Rod for a Nuclear Reactor US Patent 4,412,785 — 1981, Pumping Apparatus

Ann Lee (singer)

Ann Lee is a British, Italy-based Eurodance singer and songwriter who rose to fame in the late 1990s. She is known for her 1999 hit singles "2 Times" and "Voices". Having moved to live in Italy in the late 1980s, Lee was talent-scouted, was used as the lead singer on a series of Eurodance singles, issued under various aliases; these have included Anne, one of the singers of Ally & Jo, DJ Space'C, Lolita, A Kay BJ, Wienna and TH Express. She released a few Eurobeat solo singles on the Italian label A. Beat-C. Under the names Annerley Gordon and Annalise. Gordon is credited with contributing to the composition of "The Rhythm of the Night", released in Italy in December 1993 on the DWA record label, by Eurodance project Corona, her first solo single under the name "Ann Lee" was "2 Times" released in 1998. It was re-released in early 1999 and became a Top 10 hit in Austria, Germany, Italy and Norway, as well as in Australia and New Zealand, it hit number 2 in her native United Kingdom, reached number one in Flanders and Denmark.

In Canada it reached number 14 on the singles chart. "2 Times" was featured in the 2001 film Head Over Heels as the movie's theme song. Her second single, "Voices", fared less well, although it was a Top 10 hit in the Czech Republic and Spain, Top 30 in the United Kingdom.2007 saw the return of Lee with a new album, So Alive, with the single "Catches Your Love". In 2009, Lee released a new single, "2 People", on the Off Limits label. In December of that year, Lee provided the vocals for Favretto's single "I Get The Feeling" released by Off Limits. Annerley Gordon bought a house in Italy in 2005, has a son born in the same year. 1999: Dreams 2007: So Alive Official MySpace Profile

Votive ship

A votive ship, sometimes called a church ship, is a ship model displayed in a church. As a rule, votive ships are constructed and given as gifts to the church by seamen and ship builders. Votive ships are common in churches in the Scandinavian countries Denmark, Sweden and Finland, as well as on Åland and Faroe islands, but are known to exist in Germany, the United Kingdom and Spain; the practice of displaying model ships in churches stems from the Middle Ages and appears to have been known throughout Christian Europe, in both Catholic and Lutheran countries. The oldest known remaining votive ship is a Spanish ship model from the 15th century. A model ship displayed in Stockholm Cathedral but today in the Stockholm Maritime Museum dating from circa 1590 is the oldest surviving example in the Nordic countries. Votive ships are quite common in France, in coastal towns either as model ships or as paintings they are known under the Latin term of Ex-Voto; the church of Sainte Anne d'Auray in Brittany has the biggest French collection of marine ex-votos, but the practice extends to the Mediterranean French shores, including Corsica.

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WOLI is a regional Mexican/brokered programming radio station located in Spartanburg, South Carolina. The station is licensed by the Federal Communications Commission to broadcast with power of 3,600 watts in the daytime and 890 watts at night under separate directional signal patterns. WSPA 950 AM signed on the air on February 17, 1930 as South Carolina's first radio station, beating out WCSC/Charleston and WIS/Columbia by several months; the station was owned by Virgil Evans during its first 10 years on the air. WSPA was sold on June 1, 1940 to the Spartanburg Advertising Company, a group, formed with the intention on starting a second radio station in Spartanburg, WORD 910 AM, which signed on in September of that year utilizing studio and tower space from WSPA. In 1944 the FCC ordered the WSPA-WORD combo to be broken up due to ownership regulations which forbid an owner from having no more than one AM station per market; this was completed on March 17, 1947 when WSPA and WSPA-FM was sold to Liberty Life Insurance and WORD was sold to Spartan Radiocasting.

In 1952, a dispute erupted between both Spartan Radiocasting and Liberty Life over a proposed allocation for VHF TV channel 7 in Spartanburg. It was settled in 1958 when Spartan Radiocasting bought back WSPA and WSPA-FM from Liberty Life Insurance and spinning off WORD and their FM sister WDXY 100.5 to different ownership. In 2002, Entercom swapped WORD's programming and call letters from 910 AM over to its newly acquired sister, WSPA's signal at 950 AM to gain better coverage. In 2005, WSPA as well as the FMs WOLI/WOLT were spun off to Davidson Media Group; the WSPA call letters were dropped per an agreement with WSPA-TV to surrender the WSPA calls if the radio station changed hands. New calls of WOLI took to the air and simulcasted parts of WOLI-FM programming with brokered programming. In 2007, the simulcasting with the FM ended and the station switched to Spanish Religious programming, but retained the brokered programming, which switched to black gospel January, 2011 through August 2011, a few months of which were simulcast from Davidson-owned WRJD.

September 1, 2011, WOLI relaunched as Yahoo! Sports Radio 910 until January 2012. In August 2012, WOLI once again became Spartanburg's home to Wofford Terrier sports. After the Terriers left WOLI after the 2004 season, they returned to 910 AM as well as 105.7 FM. On January 7, 2013, WOLI was relaunched as Earth 105.7 FM with an Oldies format. On March 1, 2013, the Earth FM oldies format moved to WOLT. WOLI was relaunched as The Source @ 105.7/AM 910 with an adult standards and brokered programming format. The station airs local sports. On July 13, 2015, Davidson Media sold WOLI and eleven other stations to TBLC Holdings, with the sale to be completed on September 30, 2015; the sale was consummated on November 2015, at a purchase price of $3.5 million. On November 5, 2015, WOLI changed their format to regional Mexican, branded as "Activa 103.9". Query the FCC's AM station database for WOLI Radio-Locator Information on WOLI Query Nielsen Audio's AM station database for WOLIQuery the FCC's FM station database for W289BS Radio-Locator information on W289BS

Masaki (given name)

Masaki is a unisex Japanese given name. Notable people with the name include: Masaki Aiba, Japanese actor and musician Masaki Chugo, Japanese footballer Masaki Doi, Japanese politician Masaki Ejima, Japanese pole vaulter Masaki Eto, Japanese sport wrestler Masaki Fujihata, Japanese artist Masaki Fukai, Japanese footballer Masaki Hemmi, Japanese footballer Masaki Hoshino, Japanese Go player Masaki Iida, Japanese footballer Masaki Inoue, Japanese Olympic cyclist Masaki Ito, Japanese trampolinist Masaki Iwai, Japanese curler Masaki Izumi, Japanese shogi player Masaki Kaji, Japanese actor and singer Masaki Kajishima, Japanese anime artist Masaki Kaneko, Japanese Olympic swimmer Masaki Kano, Japanese racing driver Masaki Kashiwara, Japanese mathematician Masaki Kinoshita, Japanese footballer Masaki Kito, Japanese attorney Masaki Kobayashi, Japanese film director Masaki Kyomoto, Japanese singer-songwriter and actor Masaki Liu, American music producer Masaki Minami, Japanese baseball player Masaki Miyasaka, Japanese footballer Masaki Morinaga, Japanese athlete Masaki Nakao, Japanese entertainer Masaki Nashimoto, Japanese sprinter Masaki Nishizawa, Japanese mixed martial artist Masaki Ogata, Japanese Go player Masaki Ogawa, Japanese footballer and manager Masaki Okada, Japanese actor Masaki Okimoto, Japanese professional wrestler Masaki Okino, Japanese footballer Masaki Saito, Japanese baseball player Masaki Saito, Japanese footballer Masaki Sakamoto, Japanese footballer Masaki Sato, Japanese singer Masaki Shiba, Japanese snowboarder Masaki Shibata, Japanese Olympic handball player Masaki Suda, Japanese actor Masaki Sumitani, Japanese comedian and professional wrestler Masaki Suzuki, Japanese speed skater Masaki Takemiya, Japanese Go player Masaki Tamura, Japanese cinematographer Masaki Tanaka, Japanese footballer Masaki Terasoma, Japanese voice actor Masaki Tokudome, Japanese motorcycle racer Masaki Toshimitsu Dannoshin, Japanese swordsman Masaki Toshiro, Japanese Olympic luger Masaki Tsuchihashi, Japanese footballer Masaki Tsuji, Japanese scenario writer Masaki Tsukano, Japanese footballer Masaki Watai, Japanese footballer Masaki Watanabe, Japanese surgeon Masaki Watanabe, Japanese footballer Masaki Yamada, Japanese science fiction author Masaki Yamada, Japanese singer-songwriter Masaki Yamamoto, Japanese footballer Masaki Yamamoto, Japanese cyclist Masaki Yanagawa, Japanese footballer Masaki Yokotani, Japanese footballer Masaki Yoshida, Japanese footballer Yoshinohana Masaki, Japanese sumo wrestler Masaki Michishita, a character in the manga Kuso Miso Technique Sasami Masaki Jurai, a character in the anime and manga series Tenchi Muyo!

Masaki Takigawa, a character in the light novel series and anime Tsurune Masaki Masaki Masaaki