HBO is an American premium television network owned by Home Box Office, Inc. a subsidiary of WarnerMedia Entertainment. The programming featured on the network consists of theatrically released motion pictures and original television shows, along with made-for-cable movies and occasional comedy and concert specials. HBO is the oldest and longest continuously operating pay television service in the United States, having been in operation since November 8, 1972. In 2016, HBO had an adjusted operating income of US$1.93 billion, compared to the US$1.88 billion it accrued in 2015. HBO has 140 million subscribers worldwide as of 2018; the network provides seven 24-hour multiplex channels, including HBO Comedy, HBO Latino, HBO Signature, HBO Family. It launched the streaming service HBO Now in April 2015 and has over 5 million subscribers in the United States as of February 2018; as of July 2015, HBO's programming is available to 36,493,000 households with at least one television set in the United States, making it the second largest premium channel in the United States.

In addition to its U. S. subscriber base, HBO distributes content in at least 151 countries, with 140 million subscribers worldwide. HBO subscribers pay for an extra tier of service that includes other cable- and satellite-exclusive channels before paying for the channel itself. However, a regulation imposed by the Federal Communications Commission requires that cable providers allow subscribers to get just "limited" basic cable and premium services such as HBO, without subscribing to expanded service. Cable providers can require the use of a converter box—usually digital—in order to receive HBO. HBO provides its content through digital media. HBO maintains near-ubiquitous distribution in hotels across the United States through agreements with DirecTV, Echostar, SONIFI Solutions, Satellite Management Services, Inc. Telerent Leasing Corporation, Total Media Concepts and World Cinema as well as cable providers that maintain hospitality service arrangements with individual hotels and local franchises of national hotel/motel chains.

Since June 2018, through a content partnership with Enseo, HBO Go is distributed to some Marriott International hotels around the U. S.. Many HBO programs have been syndicated to other networks and broadcast television stations, a number of HBO-produced series and films have been released on DVD. Since HBO's more successful series air on over-the-air broadcasters in other countries, HBO's programming has the potential of being exposed to a higher percentage of the population of those countries compared to the United States; because of the cost of HBO, many Americans only view HBO programs through DVDs or in basic cable or broadcast syndication—months or years after these programs have first aired on the network—and with editing for both content and to allow advertising, although several series have filmed alternate "clean" scenes intended for syndication runs. In 1965, Charles Dolan—who had done pioneering work in the commercial use of cables and had developed Teleguide, a closed-circuit tourist information television system distributed to hotels in the New York metropolitan area—won a franchise to build a cable television system in the Lower Manhattan section of New York City.

The new system, which Dolan named "Sterling Information Services", became the first urban underground cable television system in the United States. Rather than st


Perumanna is a village in the Kozhikode district in the state of Kerala, India. As of 2001 India census, Perumanna had a population of 28027 with 14063 females. Perumanna has 18 Wards. There is one High School. Perumanna means "great land", it stretches between Mampuzha River. Olavanna and Peruvayal are adjacent villages. Edakkottupadam is a small paddy field near the Perumanna market; the market place was known as Edakkottupadam Angadi. Peumanna lies 13 kilometres to the east of the city of Calicut. There are many accesses to Perumanna: Mananchira - Francis Road Junction - Chalappuram - Mooriad - Azhchavattom - Mankav - Kinasseri - Pokkunnu - Kunnathupalam - Pantheerankav - Puthurmadom - Perumanna. Mananchira - Mavoor Road - Arayidathupalam - Pottammal - Thondayad - Chevayur - Kovur - Medical College - Velliparamba - Kuttikkattoor - Poovattuparamba - - Perumanpura - Pulikkal Thazham - Kottayi Thazham - - Arathil - Palathumkuzhi - Puthiyedathu temple stop - Perumanna. Mananchira - Mavoor Road - Arayidathupalam - Pottammal - Thondayad Junction - - Pantheerankave Junction - - Puthurmadom - Perumanna.

Perumanna is locally administered by Peumanna Grama Panchayath. It is part of Kozhikode revenue Kozhikode taluk. Perumanna was well known for lush coconut tree groves; the paddy fields have become a thing of the past. They have been filled up with soil excavated from nearby hillocks to build houses and commercial buildings. Few farmers cultivate paddy. Non-availability of laborers and escalating labor costs are aggravating the situation; the fast diminishing of paddy fields has affected the Eco-system adversely. Puthiyedath Krishna Temple, Perumanna perumanna-vellayikode Road Shiva Krishna Temple, Perumanna. Perumanna bus terminal panchayath office village office salafi masjid p vijayan ips Hareesh Perumanna, Malayalam actor and Comedian K. E. N Kunjahammed, Writer thejus perumanna, Malayalam film director kp ramanunni writer

Cycling at the 2004 Summer Olympics – Men's team sprint

The men's team sprint event in cycling at the 2004 Summer Olympics was contested by twelve teams. The competition took place on August 21 at the Olympic Velodrome at the Athens Olympic Sports Complex; the twelve teams of three riders raced the course without competition in the qualifying round. The top eight qualified for the first round, while the bottom four received final rankings based on their times in the qualifying round. In the first round of match competition, teams raced head-to-head; the two fastest winners advanced to the finals, the other two winners competed for the bronze medal and fourth place, losers received final rankings based on their times in the round. In this round, Great Britain had the second fastest time overall, but lost their match to Germany and therefore did not advance to the medal round; the final classification was Germany Japan France Australia Great Britain Netherlands Spain Greece Poland Cuba United States Slovakia General Specific