HGTV is an American pay television channel, owned by Discovery, Inc. The network broadcasts reality programming related to home improvement and real estate; as of February 2015 95,628,000 American households receive HGTV. In 2016, HGTV overtook CNN as the third most-watched cable channel in the United States, behind Fox News and ESPN. Kenneth W. Lowe envisioned the concept of HGTV in 1992. With modest financial support from the E. W. Scripps corporate board, he purchased Cinetel, a small video production company in Knoxville, as the base and production hub of the new network. Lowe cofounded the channel with Susan Packard. Cinetel became Scripps Productions, but it found producing more than 30 programs daunting; the organization brought in former CBS television executive Ed Spray, who implemented a system of producing programming through independent production houses around the United States. Burton Jablin, as Vice President of Programming, set the tone and oversaw the production of the early series.

About 90 percent of the channel's programming consisted of original productions at launch, with ten percent licensed and rerun from Canadian channels, PBS, other sources. Using local Scripps cable franchises, the Federal Communications Commission "must carry" provisions of Scripps medium-market television stations, other small television operators to gain cable carriage, the channel launched on December 1, 1994; the major programming themes, unchanged since the beginning, were home building and remodeling and gardening, decorating and design, crafts and hobbies. During its development, the channel was named the Home and Garden Channel; the name was shortened and a logo was developed. The logo was amended in 2010, with this version debuting on March 1 of that year; the square with the "G" in it was removed, the roof was increased in size and the "HGTV" letters are now set in Gotham Black, with the other Gotham fonts being used around the network. The network debuted with a skeletal staff, but with gradual acceptance by other cable operators, it now reaches 94 million households in the United States and has either partner networks, or network interests, in Canada and elsewhere.

It is now referred to as "HGTV". In July 2008, the E. W. Scripps Company spun off the channel and the other Scripps cable channels and web-based properties into a separate company, Scripps Networks Interactive. W. Scripps broadcast newspaper properties remain as part of the original company. In December 2011, the channel began broadcasting all of its programming in 16:9 aspect ratio format on its primary standard definition channel; this results in the appearance of black bars on the top and bottom of the screen on 4:3 aspect ratio televisions. On March 6, 2018, Discovery Communications completed its merger with Scripps Networks Interactive and assumed control of HGTV, Food Network and Travel Channel. HGTV's current programming focuses on home-buying and reality shows following the business of house flipping. SNI CEO Ken Lowe stated of the programming strategy. We're not going to throw you a curve ball. It's not easy to create content that people are passionate about and somewhat addicted to, somewhat repetitive."

As of 2016, HGTV has invested at least $400 million annually on original programming. An annual promotion held by the network is the HGTV Dream Home, a sweepstakes which awards a custom-built house as its grand prize; the 1080i high definition simulcast feed of HGTV launched on March 31, 2008. The HD channel did not simulcast the standard definition feed of HGTV. Instead, the HD channel featured programming separate from the standard channel; the standard definition feed of the channel began to carry the full 16:9 aspect ratio downgraded from the HD feed in a letterboxed format in early 2013. On December 31, 2009, Scripps Networks Interactive removed the Food Network and HGTV from New York City-area cable provider Cablevision, on the day that its carriage contract was set to expire. After months of negotiations, an agreement between Scripps and Cablevision was not reached, prompting the removal of the two channels. On January 21, 2010, Cablevision and Scripps reached a deal and the channels were restored to Cablevision's systems in the New York City area on the same day and by the next day in other areas.

On November 5, 2010, AT&T U-verse dropped the DIY Network, Cooking Channel, Food Network, Great American Country and HGTV, due to a carriage dispute with Scripps Networks. The carriage dispute was resolved two days on November 7, 2010, through a new carriage agreement. On June 13, 2012, representatives for HGTV admitted that scenes featured in the original series House Hunters are re-creations of prior events. In many cases, the final decision and purchase were made prior to filming. In some cases, homes visited were not on the market. In May 2014, HGTV decided not to premiere the Benham Brothers' series Flip It Forward, due to a controversy regarding the Brothers' beliefs concerning homosexuality and pro-life beliefs. In 1997, Atlantis Communications and Scripps Networks launched a Canadian version of HGTV as a Category B specialty channel. Through a series of acquisitions over the years, Corus Entertainment became Scrip

Listed buildings in Poynton with Worth

Poynton with Worth is a civil parish in Cheshire East, England. It contains 19 buildings that are recorded in the National Heritage List for England as designated listed buildings, all of which are at Grade II; this grade is the lowest of the three gradings given to listed buildings and is applied to "buildings of national importance and special interest". The parish contains the town of surrounding countryside; the listed buildings include houses, two milestones, a guide post, a former generator house, a bridge over the Macclesfield Canal, an ice house, a boundary stone. Listed buildings in Hazel Grove and Bramhall Listed buildings in Marple, Greater Manchester Listed buildings in Pott Shrigley Listed buildings in Adlington Citations Sources

Phoenix Firebirds

The Phoenix Firebirds the Phoenix Giants, were a Minor League Baseball team that played in Phoenix, Arizona, USA from 1958–1959, 1966 until 1997. The franchise was a member of the Triple-A Pacific Coast League, were the top minor league affiliate of the San Francisco Giants; the Firebirds were forced to leave Phoenix following the 1997 season, as the new National League expansion team, the Arizona Diamondbacks would begin play in Phoenix the following year. In a complicated series of events, the owners of the Firebirds moved their team to Tucson and became the Tucson Sidewinders, dropping their affiliation with the Giants in favor of the expansion Diamondbacks; the owners of the existing Tucson Toros moved their franchise to Fresno, thus ending a 92-year hiatus of PCL baseball in Fresno. The transplanted Toros, renamed the Fresno Grizzlies, became the Giants' new PCL affiliate; the Firebirds were known as the Phoenix Giants until the 1986 season. They were affiliated with the San Francisco Giants for their entire existence, now a rarity in the minor leagues.

The Giants' still have spring training facility in the Phoenix area, but in Scottsdale where the Firebirds played from 1992 to 1997. The Giants first moved to Tacoma, Washington after the 1959 season. In 1966 the franchise returned to the Phoenix area until their move to Fresno; the Firebirds played their home games at Phoenix Municipal Stadium until moving to Scottsdale Stadium upon its reopening in 1992. Their final regular season game in August 1997 was played at their original ball park and featured ceremonies including "passing the torch" to the Arizona Diamondbacks, the major league team which became Phoenix's baseball team; the team made the 1997 PCL playoffs their final year, which extended their existence by a couple weeks. The Firebirds defeated the Colorado Springs Sky Sox 3-0 in the first round but lost the championship series 3 games to 1 to the Edmonton Trappers; the Phoenix Giants won two PCL championships in 1959 and 1977. The franchise never won a championship title under the Firebirds name.

The franchise's final game was September 11, 1997, a 7-1 loss handing the Edmonton Trappers the 1997 PCL Championship played at Scottsdale Stadium. 1977 Championship: Defeated Salt Lake City 3 games to 2 1985 Division Series: Defeated Hawaii Islanders 3 games to 0 Championship: Lost to Vancouver Canadians 3 games to 0 1986 Division Series: Lost to Las Vegas Stars 3 games to 2 1996 Division Series: Defeated Las Vegas Stars 3 games to 0 Championship: Lost to Edmonton Trappers 3 games to 1 1997 Division Series: Defeated Colorado Springs Sky Sox 3 games to 0 Championship: Lost to Edmonton Trappers 3 games to 1 Several Giants alumni like Willie McCovey, Bobby Bonds, Matt Williams, Steve Stone, Kirt Manwaring played in Phoenix. Some of the Phoenix alumni went on to San Francisco, to take part in two of the Giants' National League titles