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המירוץ למיליון
HaMerotz LaMillion
Season run October 25, 2011[1] – February 11, 2012
Filming dates March 30 – April 26, 2011[2]
January 11, 2012
No. of episodes 27 (30 including recaps)
Presenter Ron Shahar
Winning team Bar Ben-Vakil & Inna Broder
Season statistics
Continents visited 2
Countries visited 10
Cities visited 18
No. of legs 13
Season chronology
← Previous
Season 1
Next →
Season 3

HaMerotz LaMillion (Hebrew: המירוץ למיליון‎, Race to the Million) is an Israeli reality television game show based on the American series, The Amazing Race. The show's second season featured 11 teams of two (in pre-existing relationships) in a race around the world to win 1,000,000.[3]

On February 11, 2011 Ron Shahar was announced as the show's new host, replacing Raz Meirman,[4] its second season premiered on October 25, 2011[1] and ended on February 11, 2012. The second-season finale was filmed on January 11, 2012 in Singapore.[5] Painter and saleswoman Bar Ben-Vakil and Inna Broder were winners of the race.


Development and filming[edit]

Sports stadium with seats in a variety of colors
The starting line of the second season of HaMerotz LaMillion was in Jerusalem's Teddy Stadium.

Channel 2 greenlit the second season on September 20, 2010. Most filming was done in a 28-day period from March 30 to April 26, 2011,[3] with the last leg taped on January 11, 2012, the second season spanned nine countries. Eight were previously unvisited, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland,[6] Singapore, Sri Lanka and Thailand. China had been previously visited.[2]


Applications were accepted in November 2010. Adele, the youngest standard-format contestant (excluding the American version's Family Edition), was 18 years old.[4]


The host recorded blogs during filming, which could be viewed on the show's website.


The following teams, with their relationships at the time of filming, participated in the race, this table is not reflective of all content broadcast on television, due to the inclusion (or exclusion) of data. Listed by finishing order:

Team Relationship[7] Position (by leg) Roadblocks
1 2+ 3+ 4 5+ 6+ 7 8+ 9+ 10 11 12 13
בר ואינה Bar & Inna Painter and Saleswoman 8th 8th 6th 6th 1st 3rd 4th 5th< 5th 1stƒ7 3rd 1st 1st Bar 4, Inna 5
אלון ואורן Alon & Oren Brothers 3rd 1st 2nd< 2nd 2nd 2nd 1st 1st 3rd 2nd 2nd 3rd 2nd Alon 6, Oren 4
עקיבא וענהאל Akiva & Anaelle Married Orthodox Jews 1st 5th 3rd 5th 5th 1st 2nd 2nd> 2nd 3rd8 1st 2nd 3rd Anaelle 5, Akiva 5
טום ואדל Tom & Adele Footballer and Girlfriend9 5th 3rd 5th> 7th 6th 4th 3rd 4th> 1st 4th 4th 4th Tom 6, Adele 4
אסנת וכרמית Osnat & Carmit Friends from Kiryat Ekron 6th 4th3 7th 4th 3rdƒ5 6th 5th6 3rd> 4th 5th Osnat 5, Carmit 5
פונדק ומוטי Pundak & Moti DJ & Security Company CEO 2nd 2nd 1st 3rd 4th 5th 6th Pundak 3, Moti 4
אלון וחן Alon & Hen Newlyweds 4th 6th 4th> 1st 7th Alon 3, Hen 2
פיראס ושירה Firass & Shira Muslim & Jewish Girlfriend 7th 7th 8th>4 Firass 2, Shira 14
ניצן ופיפי Nitzan & Fifi Bakers 9th 9th Nitzan 2, Fifi 0
טל ומור Tal & Mor Mother and Daughter 10th2 Tal 12, Mor 0
גדי ואלונה Gadi & Alona Friends 11th1 Gadi 0, Alona 0
  • A red placement means the team was eliminated.
  • A green ƒ indicates that the team won a Fast Forward.
  • An underlined leg number indicates that there was no mandatory rest period at the Pit Stop; all teams were ordered to continue racing. An underlined team placement indicates that the team came in last on a "continue racing" leg was not eliminated.
  • A blue placement indicates that the team was the last to arrive at a Pit Stop in a non-elimination leg of the race.
    • An underlined blue placement indicates that the team came in last on a non-elimination leg and had to perform a Speed Bump during the next leg of the race.
    • An italicized blue placement indicates that the team was Marked for Elimination; if they did not place first in the next leg, they would receive a one-hour (end of leg 6) or 30-minute (end of leg 9) penalty.
  • An orange + indicates that there was a Double-Battle on this leg of the race; an orange − indicates the team that lost the Double-Battle and received a 15-minute penalty.
  • A brown ⊂ indicates the team received a U-Turn; a brown ⊃ indicates that the team voted for the recipient. A brown ⊂⊃ around a leg number indicates a leg where a U-Turn was available but not used.
  • A yellow < indicates a team who received a Yield, and a yellow > indicates that a team voted for the recipient.
  1. ^ Gadi & Alona were the last team to arrive at Ben Gurion International Airport and were eliminated as per the provisions of Leg 1's rules (see below).
  2. ^ Tal & Mor initially arrived 8th, but were issued a 1-hour penalty as Tal was unable to complete the Roadblock. The last two teams trailing them (Bar & Inna and Nitzan & Fifi) checked in during that period, dropping Tal & Mor to last place and resulting in their elimination.
  3. ^ Osnat & Carmit were issued a 1-hour penalty for unable to complete the ice-hockey task.
  4. ^ Firass & Shira received a 1-hour penalty for not completing the Roadblock (due to Shira's low blood pressure).
  5. ^ Osnat & Carmit were forced to forfeit the Double-Battle due to Ornat's injury.
  6. ^ Osnat & Carmit initially arrived 5th, but were issued a 1-hour penalty for being "marked for elimination" and not arriving 1st. This did not affect their placement.
  7. ^ Because Bar & Inna finished 1st, their 30-minute "marked for elimination" penalty was nullified.
  8. ^ Akiva & Anaelle took a short, unknown penalty for refusing to take part in the Buddhist blessing ceremony.
  9. ^ In the middle of the season, Tom & Adele were no longer dating. Despite the breakup, their on-screen caption remained the same.

Voting history[edit]

For the first time in Amazing Race history, teams could vote for a U-Turn or Yield, the team with the most votes received the U-Turn (or Yield) penalty, depending on the leg.

U-Turn Yield U-Turn U-Turn Yield U-Turn
Leg #: 1 2 3 4 6 7 8 9 10
U-Turned/Yielded: Alon & Hen
(4/10 votes)
Alon & Hen
(4/9 votes)
Alon & Oren
(3/8 votes)
Tom & Adele
(3/7 votes)
Bar & Inna
(4/6 votes)
Alon & Oren
(3/6 votes)
Bar & Inna
(3/5 votes)
Bar & Inna
(3/5 votes)
Voters Team votes
Bar & Inna Alon & Hen Alon & Hen Tom & Adele Tom & Adele Tom & Adele Osnat & Carmit Akiva & Anaelle Akiva & Anaelle Unknown
Alon & Oren Alon & Hen Alon & Hen Alon & Hen Tom & Adele Tom & Adele Tom & Adele Akiva & Anaelle Akiva & Anaelle Unknown
Akiva & Anaelle Tal & Mor Nitzan & Fifi Bar & Inna Alon & Oren Bar & Inna Alon & Oren Bar & Inna Bar & Inna Unknown
Tom & Adele Alon & Hen Alon & Hen Alon & Oren Bar & Inna Bar & Inna Alon & Oren Bar & Inna Bar & Inna Unknown
Osnat & Carmit Firass & Shira Tom & Adele Bar & Inna Tom & Adele Bar & Inna Pundak & Moti Bar & Inna Bar & Inna Unknown
Pundak & Moti Alon & Hen Alon & Hen Alon & Hen Alon & Hen Bar & Inna Alon & Oren
Alon & Hen Pundak & Moti Pundak & Moti Alon & Oren Alon & Oren
Firass & Shira Nitzan & Fifi Osnat & Carmit Alon & Oren
Nitzan & Fifi Firass & Shira Firass & Shira
Tal & Mor Pundak & Moti
Gadi & Alona

Episode titles[edit]

Translated from Hebrew from the official website:[8]

  1. Amazing Race Premiere (Leg 1)
  2. Something Fire! (!משהו אש) (Leg 1)
  3. The Complete Chapter (הפרק המלא) (Leg 1)
  4. The Complete Chapter (הפרק המלא) (Leg 2)
  5. Breaking the Ice (שוברים את הקרח) (Leg 2)
  6. Does is it All End In Peace? (?האם הכל יגמר בשלום) (Leg 3)
  7. For the Best? (?מעז יצא מתוק) (Leg 3)
  8. Tom and Adele Being Left Behind (טום ואדל נשארים מאחור) (Leg 4)
  9. The Opportunity of a Lifetime (הזדמנות של פעם בחיים) (Leg 4)
  10. The Baptism of Fire! (!טבילת אש) (Leg 5)
  11. Deal Breaker (משחק מסוכן) (Leg 5)
  12. Racing Legend! (!מירוץ מהאגדות) (Leg 5)
  13. It's All Magic (זה כל הקסם) (Recap)
  14. The Chinese Language is Difficult (סינית שפה קשה) (Leg 6)
  15. Sweet Pain? (?כאב מתוק) (Leg 6)
  16. The Shawshank Redemption (חומות של תקווה) (Leg 7)
  17. No Limits! (!חסרי מעצורים) (Leg 7)
  18. Who Will Enter the Final Quintet? (?מי יכנס לחמישיית הגמר) (Leg 7)
  19. Occupy Bangkok (כובשים את בנגקוק) (Leg 8)
  20. Non-Stop Race (מירוץ ללא הפסקה) (Leg 8)
  21. The Low Down (יורדים נמוך) (Legs 8 and 9)
  22. Homesick (מתגעגעים הביתה) (Leg 9)
  23. Separate From Thailand (נפרדים מתאילנד) (Leg 9)
  24. The Greatest Moments of the Race (הרגעים הגדולים של המירוץ) (recap)
  25. Dreaming About A Place in the Final (חולמים על מקום בגמר) (Leg 10)
  26. The Couples in the Race of Their Lives! (!הזוגות במירוץ חייהם) (Leg 10)
  27. The Final Battle in the Final (הקרב האחרון בדרך אל הגמר) (Leg 11)
  28. Last Step in a Million! (!צעד אחרון למיליון) (Leg 12)
  29. The Sky's the Limit (השמיים הם הגבול) (Leg 13)
  30. Reunion (recap)


  • Legs 1-7, 9-10: A vacation
  • Leg 11: A prepaid credit card with a large sum of money
  • Leg 13:
    • First place – ₪1,000,000
    • Second place – Two scooters
    • Third place – A holiday abroad

Race summary[edit]

Map of Europe and Asia, with the race marked
Route map
Destinations Legenda lotnisko.svg Air travel   Legenda kolej.svg Rail travel   Legenda prom.svg Water travel   Bus-logo.svg Bus travel
Route Markers Detour icon.svg צומת (Detour)   Roadblock icon.svg מחסום (Roadblock)   Fast Forward icon.svg קיצור דרך (Fast Forward)   Yield icon.svg עצור (Yield)
U-Turn icon.svg סיבוב פרסה (U-Turn)   Speed Bump icon.svg פס האטה (Speed Bump)   TAR-pitstop-icon.png נקודת סיום (Pit Stop)

Leg 1 (Israel → Hungary)[edit]

Pool in front of a large building
Teams ended the first leg of the race at Budapest's Széchenyi thermal bath.

In this leg's Detour, teams had to choose between קרקס (Qerqes - Circus) or ואלס (Vales - Waltz); in Circus, teams had to perform a circus act by walking on a tightrope and then maintain stability on a board balanced on a wheel. After the teammate performed properly, they received the next clue; in Waltz teams had to learn a waltz for judges, who rated their dance accuracy, and needed at least 20 points to receive the next clue. For this leg's Roadblock, one team member had to enter an aquarium with their hands and feet secured by iron chains. When the teammate escaped the flooding aquarium by finding two correct keys in the bottom and opening the locks on the chains, they received their next clue.

Additional tasks
  • At the beginning of the race, each team had to retrieve the key for its vehicle from a pile of ropes and climb rope ladders to enter the car. When the driver from each team sounded the horn, they could receive the next clue. To find the code to the safe in their car, teams had to listen to a series of songs at Wadi Shiqma and recognize three colors, after recognizing the colors (red, white and green), they had to grab three balls with the three colors and the numbers on them, and could use them to could encrypt the code to the safe in their car (which held flight tickets for the first destination). The first five teams received tickets for the first flight from Tel Aviv to Budapest, and the next five teams received tickets for the second flight, the last team to complete the task would not be given a flight to Budapest and was eliminated.
  • At the restaurant at Pilisvörösvár, while sharing one water glass per team, teams had to eat a bowl of spicy goulash. After both teammates finished the goulash, they received the next clue.
  • At Puss Laci Pigsty, teams had to catch the pigs and turn them over to the farmer before receiving the next clue.
  • At Óbuda Square, teammates had to face each other with one holding a soda syphon and the other a glass. When the glass was full, they would receive their next clue.
  • On their way to Astra Filmstudios, the teams (in straitjackets) had to get a cab and direct the driver to the destination. Teams had to solve one side of a Rubik's Cube, with a picture of the Széchenyi thermal bath on it, to learn that the bath was their first Pit Stop.

Leg 2 (Hungary)[edit]

Six-lane auto bridge
At Elisabeth Bridge, teams had to count the bridge's columns.

In the first Double-Battle at Almássy tér, two teams had to wrestle in a tub of chocolate syrup while trying to fill the rival team's chocolate jar. When the rival team's jar was full the winning team received the next clue, and the losing team waited for the next team to challenge them, the last team remaining had to wait 15 minutes after their final loss to receive their next clue. In this leg's Detour, teams had to choose between כוכב קולנוע (Khocheb Qelnoah; Movie Star) and כוכב טלוויזיה (Khocheb Televyziah; TV Star). In Movie Star, team members had to dub a scene from a Hungarian film at Ligetvaros Irodahaz, after dubbing five phrases correctly, they received the next clue. In TV Star, teams traveled to NAP TV, where team members had to read the weather forecast for Hungary from a teleprompter, after reading it accurately, they received the next clue. For the Roadblock, a team member had to crack a block of ice to access the next clue (which was frozen inside).

Additional tasks
  • At the hockey arena, one team member had score two goals while the other held a large, heavy block of ice. The hockey-playing team member could attempt to shoot goals when the ice holder held the block of ice off the floor. When two goals were scored, they would receive the next clue.
  • At the Dohány Street Synagogue, teams had to convince five people to wear a beard like Theodor Herzl's, lean on a fence and say his catchphrase, "Im Tirzu Ein Zo Agada". After each team photographed five people doing this, they received their next clue.
  • At Elisabeth Bridge, teams had to count the number of fence posts on Elisabeth Bridge and then with the number obtained (2,377), use it to open a combination lock on a box containing the next clue.

Leg 3 (Hungary → Bosnia and Herzegovina → Croatia)[edit]

Skiers riding a chairlift
At Jahorina Ski Resort one team member had to wear a swimsuit and ride down the ski hill tied to snowmobile in −8 °C (18 °F) weather.

In this leg's Roadblock, one team member had to wear a swimsuit, put on skis and be towed down a ski hill behind a snowmobile; when they reached the bottom without falling, they would receive the next clue. For the Detour, teams had to choose between כדורגל (Kaduregel; Soccer) and כדורסל (Kadursal; Basketball). In Soccer one team member had to score three goals on three targets while the second member, dressed as a cheerleader, cheered them on. When the first member scored three goals, they would switch roles; once both members scored three goals, the they would receive their next clue. In Basketball, teams played against two Croatian basketball players and had to score twenty baskets (ten apiece), at least one basket had to be scored with a trampoline, ladder, supermarket cart and a chair before they could receive their next clue.

In the double battle at Old Town Square, the teams played musical chairs with each other and local residents. If, after a round, the opposing team member who was out will lose, while the other team would receive their next clue, the losing team had to wait to compete with the next team, and the last team had to wait 15 minutes to continue.

Additional tasks
  • At the Gavrilo Princip Bridge, team members would face each other; one team member will throw live fish at the other, who had to catch them in their mouth and eat them without using their hands. After every five misses the throwing member had to eat a fish, when the second member caught one, teams would receive the next clue.
  • At Stari Most, teams would encounter the Yield board. Afterwards, teams travelled to Gradskavana, where they had to eat 1.5 kilograms (3.3 lb) of cremeschnitte without hands before receiving the next clue.
  • At the Walls of Dubrovnik, one team member had to climb the walls (which are divided into three levels) while the second member collected gold coins from passers-by. After every five coins given to the gatekeeper, the first member could climb one more level, after they finished climbing, the team had to put the coins in a chest to receive the next clue.
  • At the Minčeta Tower, teams had to find the water-fountain sculpture of Lady Pee Pee and drink from it before continuing to the pit stop.

Leg 4 (Croatia → Poland)[edit]

Large hall, lit by chandeliers
Wieliczka Salt Mine, near Kraków, where teams performed the roadblock

In this leg's Detour, teams had to choose between חכמי חלם (Hachmey HaChelm; Men of Chelm) and קניידלעך (Qenyeydel'ek; Matzo Balls). In Men of Chelm, teams had to fill a bucket with a pole of perforated water buckets; after they filled the big bucket, they receive the next clue. In Matzo Balls, teams had to recognize two songs after an accordionist played only one note. To "purchase" another note, team members had to eat two matzo balls; when they recognized the songs, they received the next clue. For the Roadblock, one team member went into the salt mines and pushed a heavy cart of salt blocks from the Chapel of Saint Kinga to a hall, they licked a salt wall until they found a sweet spot, then dug in the salt-block cart for a crystal to unlock the next clue.

Additional tasks
  • At the main market square, teams had to convince passers-by to help them carry a Fiat 126 from one parking space to another. Afterwards, the team and everyone who helped them had to enter the car and close the door before receiving the next clue.
  • At Kazimierz, teams had to communicate through their tablet to three Israeli entertainers (Tzipi Shavit, Hanny Nahmias and Irit Anavi) and tell them five jokes about Polish women after using the tablets for one minute to find jokes on the Internet. When the comedians ruled that all five jokes were funny, they gave the teams the next clue.
  • At Opera Krakowska, teams had to learn a sequence of ballet steps from Swan Lake and perform them to the teacher's satisfaction to receive the next clue.
  • AtKraków Street, one team member had to ask pedestrians to give them a kiss while the other one had to take tablet photos of the kiss. Once they obtained 50, they could receive their next clue.

Leg 5 (Poland → Czech Republic)[edit]

Exterior of an old church
At the Church of Bones, the teams had to count the number of skulls in the main hall.

For this leg's Roadblock, one team member, don in a protective suit, was lit ablaze. While on fire, they ran zigzag around flaming barrels and chose the correct briefcase from a group of three, in which it contained their next clue.

In the race's first Fast Forward, the teams had to model nude for art students for one hour, to win the Fast Forward award. For their Speed Bump, Tom and Adele had to sing a Czech children's song for donations from passers-by; when they collected 100, they could continue racing.

In the Double Battle at the underground tunnels the teams roller-skated dressed as witches, collecting plastic bats and throwing them into a vase, the first team to collect four bats will receive their next clue.

Additional tasks
  • At the Church of Bones, one team member count the number of skulls in the main hall while the read the church's history aloud.
  • At the Kutná Hora underground tunnels, teams entered the witch chamber, deciding if they had to use the witch's broom to sweep the floor (to find their next clue).
  • At Trafika Store, the teams had to find their next clue (directing them to Wenceslas Square) in a local newspaper.
  • At the Old Town Square, teams have to act as tour guides, by taking a random tourist on a carriage ride. Stopping at three monuments, they described each one in only seven words. When they succeeded, teams would get their next clue.
  • Their next task was to find two girls named Jana: teams have to buy them gifts using their they own money, and photograph them with the gifts to receive the next clue.
  • Back at the streets, the teams (don in knight armor) carried a canopy with a crown in it to find a princess. When they found her, she directed them to the next clue.

Leg 6 (Czech Republic → China)[edit]

Large pagoda, with a tree in front
The race's sixth pit stop of the race was in Jingshan Park.

For this leg's Detour, the teams chose between מלצרות (Meltzerot; Waitressing) and גלגל ביש המזל (Gelgel Beysh HaMazel; Wheel of Misfortune). In Waitressing, teams have to wait for the tables in a restaurant, they then had to record eight customer orders, spoken in Mandarin. Then, teams had to take their pad to a chef and pronounce the Mandarin orders correctly to have the chef prepare them. When teams served the plates to the customers, they received their next clue; in Wheel of Misfortune, teams had to spin a wheel with the names of traditional Chinese meals and eat the meal they landed on to receive the next clue.

In the Roadblock, one team member had to get a 20-minute foot massage, which could be painful; when the team member weathered the massage, they received the next clue. In this Double-Battle, at Fire Temple, teams competed in nutcracking, and the first team to crack open enough nuts would win.

Additional note
  • The original Pit Stop was located at Jingshan Park's Top Pavilion. However, due to operating hours, it was relocated to the park's entrance after two of the teams had checked in.
Additional tasks
  • At the Beijing National Training Complex, the teams had to choose one of three gymnastic exercises (balance beam, parallel bars or ribbons) and perform it perfectly to receive the next clue. They then had to walk from the complex to the Fire Shrine in Chinese high heels.
  • In the 798 Art Zone district, the teams heard the Hebrew version of "Drei Chinesen mit dem Kontrabass" and had to find people who illustrated the song (two people with a big violin being chased by a police officer) to receive the next clue.
  • At 798 Space, the teams had to separate stuffed toys with a "Made In China" label from others and count them. When they counted the correct number of toys (which differed for each team), they would get their next clue.

Leg 7 (China)[edit]

The Great Wall of China, surrounded by trees, against a blue sky
The teams visited the Great Wall of China, riding a chairlift and searching for words related to China.

For this leg's Detour, the choice was between שפיץ (Shpeytz; Spitz) and קפיץ (Q'feytz; Spring). In Spitz the teams had to learn to play the local version of Hacky Sack, bouncing a ball to one another 25 times with only their feet and palms. When they accomplish this, they would receive their next clue; in Spring, one team member played a Chinese song on an erhu while the other sang and danced. Once their performance was to the judge's satisfaction, they would get their next clue.

In the Roadblock, one team member had to prove themselves worthy of a Chinese bride; they had to apply red lipstick and write "I love U" on a piece of paper with their lips, and then brush their teeth with wasabi-flavored toothpaste for one minute.

Additional tasks
  • At the Yuan Ming Yuan Maze, the teams had to search for four things invented in China; although there were many inventions hidden in the maze, only five were of Chinese origin. They brought them to a Chinese sage in the center of the maze; if they guessed correctly, they would receive their next clue and a large plush Mushi (Beijing's panda).
  • At the Great Wall of China, teams rode a chairlift to a point on the wall, where they received a rolled-up paper with a word-search game of China-related words. They climbed hundreds of steps to the fifth tower, where they finished the word search, and climbed more steps to the next guard tower (where they exchanged their completed word search and panda for the next clue), the teams then rode a toboggan down a track to the Great Wall entrance.
  • At Zhongguancun, teams have to gather 10 Chinese locals and taught them to dance while singing "Hava Nagila". In the porcelain store at the Shanghai China Market the teams, in elephant costumes, walked through the narrow store aisles while trying not to knock over the porcelain plates lining the store shelves. Teams have to repair some of the broken plates while serving a penalty per the damage during the task.

Leg 8 (China → Thailand)[edit]

Large Buddhist temple, with a statue of a horse outside
Wat Suthat in Bangkok was the pit stop for this leg.

In this leg's Detour, the teams had to choose between לקנות (Leqnot; Buy) or למכור (Lemkhor; Sell). In Buy, the teams had to buy ten items for less than the seller's original price to receive their next clue; in Sell, the teams had to persuade 20 Thai people to eat falafel for their next clue. For the Roadblock, one team member had to learn two Muay Thai exercises and perform them correctly on a Thai boxer to receive their next clue.

In the Double-Battle at Wat Tawarat, one team member had to meditate with a vase on their head while the other tried to make the vase fall with vocal sound, after five minutes, they could tickle with a feather. When the vase fell from the team member's head, the team would lose the Double Battle while the other team member will receive their next clue.

Additional tasks
  • At Siam Ocean World, one team member dove into an aquarium full of sharks and the second picked out words from a board for the diving team member. The diving member had to pick up the words from the bottom of the aquarium, with the team receiving their next clue after the diver picked up all the correct words.
  • The teams found ten Israeli tourists in the street and dressed them in the team's shirt. They took the tourists to Shoshana Restaurant, singing "Shoshan Shoshana" to the cashier for the next clue.
  • At Fahorat Market, the teams had to take a roll of fabric to Bogie the Tailor so he could make them a suit; they receive their next clue after they wore the suit given.

Leg 9 (Thailand)[edit]

Coastal bay city, with boats anchored offshore
The coastal city of Pattaya was visited in the race.

For the Detour, the teams chose between שקשק אותו (Sheqsheq Aotov; Slosh It) and פוצץ אותו (Potzetz Aotov; Pop It). In Slosh It, the teams tasted a fresh-fruit smoothie and had to identify the fruits from which it was made by taste, they then had to collect the fruits (scattered along the beach) while hopping in a sack. In Pop It, the teams participated in a traditional activity meant to scare off evil spirits. One team member put on a blindfold and entered a pool filled with balloons, their partner picked a color of balloon on the blindfolded member, who would have to pop with their mouths or buttocks.

In this Roadblock, the participating contestant had to wear a white T-shirt and lie on the ground while an elephant put his leg on their body and hit them with its trunk, the team member then had to put a flat wooden pallet under the T-shirt and let the elephant paint on the T-shirt before the elephant gave them the next clue. In the Double-Battle at Ban Amphur, teams had to attach coconut shells to their feet and race around a course collecting coconuts; if they dropped any coconuts along the way, they had to start over.

Additional tasks
  • Teams arrived at Wat Arun by water buses and the Karaoke Taxis Station by a long-tail boat. At Wat Arun, the teams had to eat popsicles until they found a popsicle stick with the next clue on it; in the karaoke taxis, the teams had to sing a karaoke version of Izhar Cohen's "Olé, Olé" as long as they could; when they stopped singing, the taxi stopped. When they arrived in Pattaya they received the next clue.
  • At Pattaya Beach, teams did the limbo to determine their departure time. For after each successful attempt the pole was lowered, each time both team members passed under the pole without falling or touching it, they received an earlier departure time the next day.
  • After the limbo tasks, teams make their way to the hotel, where they watched videos of their loved ones at home.
  • At the beach, one team member walked around with exotic fruits and attempt to obtain the phone numbers of three people of the opposite gender. The second team member used a radio to tell the first member what to say to the people. When three phone numbers were obtained, the team receive their next clue.
  • At Pattaya Park Tower, the teams rode a zip-line from the tower's roof. From the zip-line, they had to recognize the name of the next pit stop (written in large letters on a parking lot near the race flag) before continuing to it.

Leg 10 (Thailand → Sri Lanka)[edit]

Long stone building with columns and a red roof
Colombo's Independence Memorial Hall was the pit stop for this leg of the race.

For the Detour, teams had to choose between סבלי תבלינים (Sebley Tebleyneym; Spice Porters) and כובסים (Khobsyem; Laundrymen). In Spice Porters, teams had to pack 25 kilograms (55 lb) of chili peppers in sacks at a market. They have carry them to the mashing stand and mash them to receive the next clue; in Laundrymen, teams had to (traditionally) wash 50 sheets, three of which contained words. When the teams discovered the words, teams have to tell the words to receive their next clue, each Detour choice had only rooms for three teams, for three workstations.

In the race's second Fast Forward, each team member received a permanent half-heart tattoo, for the leg's Roadblock, one team member have to search for a team letter from among 7,000 letters. After finding it, teams have to show the letter to the judge to receive the next clue and a special item sent from home.

Additional tasks
  • At the Susu Darame Temple the teams had to find a needle in a haystack, using it to sew Buddhist emblems on white robes. They then have to wear the robes and travel by taxi to the Gangaramaya Temple for a blessing from a monk to receive the next clue.
  • At the Sri Lanka Masks Festival, each team member spun a large wheel containing pictures of masks. When the wheel stopped at one of the masks, the team member would have to find the mask in the crowd, each team then tried retrieving the next clue from under a cobra in a basket, with one member charming the snake and the second using large wooden pincers to retrieve their next clue.
  • At the Sunil Cowshed, the teams had to put cow dung into baskets and carry them on their heads to a drying area. They have to mix the dung with water and sawdust and stuck 100 of the cow-dung mixtures to a wall to receive their next clue.
  • At Viharamahadevi Park, one team member would be presented with a Sri Lankan flag, who would then have to verbally describe the flag to their partner. That team member would then have to draw the flag based on the description given. Once the flag was drawn correctly, teams would receive their next clue, this task was not aired.

Leg 11 (Sri Lanka)[edit]

Water buffalo near a pond
The Detour had teams getting involved in water buffalos.

For the Detour, teams chose between זכר (Zechar; Male) and נקבה (Neqebah; Female). For both tasks, the team members could only use their right hand; in Male, the teams had to load a water buffalo-drawn cart with coconuts and guide it along a marked path; one team led the buffalo, and the other will have to ensure that no coconuts fell out of the cart. When they delivered the coconuts, they could receive their next clue; in Female, teams had to milk a female buffalo to fill a milk bucket. When the bucket was filled completely, they could receive their next clue.

Additional tasks
  • At Gangula Devalaya, one team member had to walk barefoot over hot coals and perform a traditional dance before judges; the other team member then had to lie on a bed of nails for three minutes.

Leg 12 (Sri Lanka → Singapore)[edit]

Teams visited Marina Bay Sands for the last two legs of the race.

For their Speed Bump, Tom and Adele attended flight school and had to perform a flight simulation of a Boeing 737: takeoff, regular and emergency announcements and landing, after succeeding in at least three of the four tasks, they could continue racing.

Additional tasks
  • After arriving in Singapore, the teams had to travel to Orchard Road in sport cars with suitcases holding ₪1,000,000 in cash. When they arrived at Orchard Road, they had to bring the suitcase to receive the next clue, the teams then had to cross the road in high heels, carrying the ₪1,000,000 from the suitcase. When they arrived to the Fountain of Wealth with the money, teams have to circle the fountain three times and touch the water to receive their next clue.
  • At Marina Bay Sands, teams had to perform a magic show, with one member perform as a role of a magician and the other as the apprentice, to perform three tricks. For the first trick, the magician have to handcuff the apprentice, for the second trick, the apprentice have to climb into a sack in a box while the magician have to make it disappear. For the third trick, the magician have to reappear the apprentice, by escaping from the box and sack. When all three performances were done correctly, they could receive their next clue.
  • At ArtScience Museum, one team member had to drop, blindfolded by a helmet with a small video camera and a bluetooth headset, from the museum roof on a wire. Their partner will directed them to collect merlions suspended from the museum roof. When teams collected 15 merlions and put them in a suitcase, they would receive their next clue.
  • At Skypark in Marina Bay Sands, the teams had to swim across the infinity pool before they could check in at the nearby Pit Stop.

Leg 13 (Singapore)[edit]

The skyline of the Downtown in Singapore, including the Singapore Flyer visited during the final leg, was the backdrop of the Race's Finish Line.
Additional tasks
  • At the Singapore River Pier, teams had to sail across the river in bum-boats.
  • At Hong San See Temple, one team member had to extinguish a burning pole in their mouth and the second member burned a paper covering by blowing fire on it. When both tasks were completed, teams would get the next clue.
  • At the Singapore Flyer teams had to search for their next destination with objects in the booth, including an ultraviolet flashlight, a megaphone and a chair with a QR code.
  • At the Marina Bay Sands Shopping Mall, the teams had to use the megaphone to convince 58 people to sit on the chair to receive the next clue.
  • On the 55th floor of Marina Bay Sands, the teams had to walk on a tightrope between two of the towers; halfway across, they had to take an orchidaceae. When the team walked the tightrope back and forth without falling and collected the flower, they would receive their final clue.


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