The Great Cyndi Lauper

The Great Cyndi Lauper is a 2003 greatest hits compilation, released by American singer Cyndi Lauper. It contains all of other noteworthy tracks, it is the second compilation that contains her soundtrack contribution "Hole in My Heart" from her 1988 film Vibes. The album was certified Gold in Australia for sales of 35,000. Disc 1"Girls Just Want to Have Fun" "Maybe He'll Know" "Calm Inside the Storm" "What's Going On" "The Goonies'R' Good Enough" + "That's What I Think" "Broken Glass" "Unhook the Stars" "Money Changes Everything" "True Colors" "Time After Time" "She Bop" "When You Were Mine" "I'm Gonna Be Strong" "All Through the Night"Disc 2"Change of Heart" "I Drove All Night" "Sally's Pigeons" "Come on Home" "Iko Iko" "Hat Full of Stars" "A Night to Remember" "The World Is Stone" + "Insecurious" "You Don't Know" "Cold" ++ "Hole in My Heart" + "Unconditional Love" "Who Let in the Rain"Disc 3"Fall into Your Dreams" "Fearless" "Hot Gets a Little Cold" "Witness" "I'll Kiss You" "911" "The Ballad of Cleo and Joe" "Sisters of Avalon" "Unabbreviated Love" ++ "What a Thrill" + "One Track Mind" "I Don't Want to Be Your Friend" "Yeah Yeah" "Hey Now"+ = Non-album / Soundtrack song ++ = Single / EP only track


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