Hanuman temple, Salangpur

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Shri Kashtbhanjan Dev Hanumanji Mandir
Shri Kashtbhanjan Dev Hanumanji Mandir, Sarangpur
Shri Kashtbhanjan Dev Hanumanji Mandir, Sarangpur
Hanuman temple, Salangpur is located in Gujarat
Hanuman temple, Salangpur
Location in Gujarat
Coordinates 22°9′23″N 71°46′19″E / 22.15639°N 71.77194°E / 22.15639; 71.77194
Country India
State Gujarat
District Botad district
Location Salangpur
Sanctum Hanuman in the form of Kastbhanjan
Creator Gopalanand Swami
Sarangpur Hanumanji Mandir

Bhagvan Shree Swaminarayan[edit]

Bhagavan Shree Swaminarayan the all mighty and creator of millions and millions of galaxies, the one who is praised and worshipped by all living beings, the one who is praised by ancient Vedas, and who is glorified in our scriptures and one who is reversed by great sagas and saints of incredible India.

Is Bhagavan Shree Swaminarayan. More than 236 years ago on 2nd April 1781, Bhagavan Swaminarayan Purn Purshottam Narayan put his footsteps on our Holy land Bharatvarsha, at the very young age of 11 years, he does sadhana. And Shreeji traveled throughout India barefooted, for seven years, at age of 17 years settled in Gujarat. After seven years he re-established Vedic Sampradaya many beliefs and decay under minded the morality of the people, he vowed to get rid of all those and give a new direction to the society. He initiated and trained five hundred disciple saints under him to spread the message of religious upliftment. Peace and happiness to the society, these pious Satsang practices have now spread all over the world.

Millions and millions of naman pranam to our heartiest dear such a Great....... Great....... beyond limit Shree Purna Purshottam Bhagavan Shree Swaminarayan.

The day of renunciation arrived and as usual, eleven years' old Ghanshyam (Bhagavan Swaminarayan) leave the material home.

After seven years of Ghanshyam's journey from North to East. East to South and South to West, the soil of Gujarat-Saurashtra touched by the holy footsteps of Shri Nilkanth Varni (Shreeji). Then he decided for the establishment and spread of Bhagavat-Dharma Vedic-Dharma.

At that time India was ruptured and divided. People had abandoned every ethical code to indulge in the voluptuous pleasures arising from wine, woman, and wealth under this background Lord Swaminarayan pulled out the whole society and gifted them the eternal peace by Vedic-Dharma. Then after Lord Swaminarayan Shree Gopalanand Swamiji was the spiritual Guru (Master) of whole Swaminarayan sampradaya.

Sadguru Shree Gopalanand Swami[edit]

Born as a great yogi, Gopalanand swami displayed amazing yogic powers which known as Astanga yoga, his deep devotion, service and achieved amazing healing abilities that he attained by worshipping Bhagavan Shree Swaminarayan. He showered his blessing on all over the world and on all human being and living elements also, for the welfare of all living beings on the planet earth and whole Bhramand's. Shree Gopalanand Swamiji built a temple in Sarangpur, for Lord Shree Hanumanji name as Shree Kashtbanjandev and do pran-pratistha, he showered whole his divine power in this Murti.

Positive vibes and effects of a divine blessed saint work through this Divine Deva. If Shree Gopalanand Swamiji had wound not feel the amazing and encompassing effect of Shree Kashtbanjandev Hanumanji Maharaj.

If Shree Gopalanand Swamiji had wound not feel the amazing and encompassing effect of Shree Kashtbanjandev Hanumanji Maharaj.

Shree Kashtbhanjan Dev[edit]

" Bhut pesach nikat nahi aaveh, Mahavir jab naam sunaveh"- " Nase rog hare sab peera, Japat nirantar hanumat bal bira;"

II Aum namo Hanumate bhay bhanjanay sukham kuru fat swaha II

When you hear the divine name of Kashtbanjandev any illness, diseases, or any difficulties on black magic, ghost effect also not affect to the worshiper On the Holly day of_____________ Sadguru Shree Gopalanand Swamiji established the template of Shree Kashtbanjandev to prevent the misery and sufferings of the people of the world since that day. Everyone who came to seek help and relief to Shree Kashtbanjandev has always found a solution to their desolation there is not a single person in this world who had come to find solace in the laps of Shree Kashtbanjandev and have not found it.

Miseries arising from superstitions, physical or mental decease, problems related to ghosts etc. which are considered to be beyond science are treated here under the auspices of merciful Hanumanji Maharaj.

Due to the precious and invaluable blessings of DADA thousands and lakhs of people from the entire world are happy.

Every Saturday and every full moon (Purnima) devotee from the whole world to came from darshan and blessings Shree Kashtbanjandev Maharaj (Shree Hanumanji Maharaj) they also get deep divine satisfaction in life.

In worldly court the sinner or criminal, guilty man get punishment but in Dada's Darbar (court) everyone gets justice, this is only compassion on devotees from Dada Shree Kashtbanjandev.

The holy mystic divine stick[edit]

Sadguru Shree Gopalanand Swami used to keep a walking stick with him, this pious stick, filled with many great mystical and healing powers merely by being in custody of Shree Swamiji, is still preserved in the temple, this stick is showered with holy water every day, thereafter the same sacred water is offered to Panchmukhi Hanumanji and then the water is distributed to the devotees as a Prasad. This showered water is capable to treat deeply rooted incurable deceases and destroy dark forces residing in the human body. There are many incidents confirming this fact.

"It is not just stick, this is the blessing of Shri Gopalanand Swami Ji"

Poojan & Archan – Offering respects[edit]

As per the Vedic tradition, one can offer with great respects (Pooja) to Shree Kashtbhanjandev Hanumanji Maharaj in the following manner.

  1. Maruti Yagna
  2. Shree Kashtbhanjandev Thaal (Offering delicious meal for a day)
  3. Shree Kashtbhanjandev Annakut (Offering a feast of sweets and variety of dishes)
  4. Shree Kashtbhanjandev Shrifal (as per your wish)
  5. (Offering oil to Shree Kashtbhanjandev Hanumanji Maharaj)
  6. Shree Kashtbhanjandev Vastra Paridhan (Offering cloths)
  7. Shree Kashtbhanjandev Dhvaja ascent (Mounting the flag to Hanumanji Maharaj on the temple dome)

Besides the above opportunities, the devotees also participate and contribute generously during the celebrations of Hanuman Jayanti (birthday of Shree Hanumanji Maharaj) and on the anniversary of the temple's inception (Patotsav).

Mainly the devotees perform offerings to gratify Shree Hanumanji Maharaj in an effort to seek his aid in getting rid of their troubles and miseries.

Bullock Cart[edit]

There is a bullock cart preserved in the temple that was used while traveling by Sadguru Shree Gopalanand Swami and Bhagavān Shree Swaminarayan himself many times, this fact alone increases its piousness many folds.

If you sit under the cart with a calm and focused mind and meditate, all negative energy leave your body and you experience eternal blissfulness, this cart has such power.

Shri Narayan Kund[edit]

The Narayan Kund located in the temple premises has a special significance. Whenever Bhagavān Shree Swaminarayan visited Sarangpur, he always immersed himself in this Kund to have a bath, the devotees or visitors who sit for shloka-chanting (path) are given the opportunity to have a bath in Narayan Kund even today.

Jeeva Khachar's royal fort[edit]

Whenever Bhagavan Shree Swaminarayan visited Sarangpur, he used to stay in the royal fort home of Jeeva Khachar, this fort is well-preserved because of its historical importance. Bhagavan Shree Swaminarayan had addressed all 18 "Vachanamruts" of Sarangpur chapter from this royal fort.

Chaura (The Cross-road intersection)[edit]

The Chaura, fortunate to be walked upon by the lotus feet of Shree Hari Bhagavan Shree Swaminarayan is yet another place of prominence in Sarangpur. Shree Hari used to often conduct Satsang Sabha (assemblies) here.

The Holy Well[edit]

A well, constructed along with the temple in the same premises, remains covered with a protective brass net. Morning bath water is offered to Shree Hanumanji Maharaj from this well every day.

Cow Shed[edit]

Sarangpur Temple Sansthan is also maintaining a cowshed. All cows are of original Gir breed, the milk obtained from these cows is offered to Shree Kashtbhanjandev regularly. Here we care for cows like our family members. Nowadays this Gau-Shala becomes the best opportunity for the devotees to do Seva.

Facilities for divine prasadam (free)[edit]

Since its inception, healthy meals are prepared and served (lunch and dinner) to all the visitors and devotees visiting Sarangpur temple every day, for free.

And there are so many bhaktas (devotees) who also helps for the bhaktaganas and other needy people to fulfill them by the seva of Prasad, by helping their God Vishvambhar (God of hunger) and get blessings of all mighty Lord Swaminarayan.

Guest House[edit]

Modest accommodation is available at Sarangpur temple for the devotees of Hanumanji Maharaj visiting from all over the world.

Ayurvedic Clinic[edit]

The Sarangpur Hanumanji Maharaj Sansthan also runs an Ayurvedic Clinic where all Ayurvedic treatments are provided to the visitors.

Multitude Marriages[edit]

To support and nurture our Indian traditions and custom, and for the welfare of the society, Sarangpur Hanumanji temple also conducts Multitude marriages as per the Indian Hindu tradition.

President (Adhyaksh) :[edit]

P.P.D.D 1008 Acharya Shree Rakeshprasadji Maharaj shree In the present times is the pitadhishwar of the Laxmi Narayan peethasthal at Vadtal, which was proposed by Bhagwan Swaminarayan himself.

The entire society experiences absolute divinity and positivity by Maharajshri’s completely simple living an extremely complex and strenuous traveling.

To make the values of Shiksha Patri (Extensively selective teachings of Bhagwan Swaminarayan) available to the masses, Maharaj Shri not only extensively travels in all the parts of India but also in various parts of the world like USA, Africa, Australia, England and many other parts of the world. Maharaj Shri's undying efforts and incomparable wisdom have always impressed almost every satsangi who gets the chance of being in his divine presence.

More than 1200 temples are smoothly and successfully operating upon the Shiksha patri and the religious society under his vigilant guidance and keen supervision; in such a short span of 14 years, Maharaj Shri’s entire existence and undying efforts for the betterment of the humankind has granted complete sublimity and honor not only to the Vadtal peethasthan but also to the entire society.

‘’ Dear bhaktagan this is only the introduction but the experience is different. This is what not possible to explain in words. ’’


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