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Harcourt Butler Technical University

Harcourt Butler Technical University is a state technical university in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. The HBTU was named after Sir Spencer Harcourt Butler, governor of the United Provinces in British India, its programs have been conferred in autonomous status under the university. It is one of the oldest engineering institutes in the country and holds the ISO 9001:2000 certification, it offers Bachelors and Doctoral programs in engineering, as well as Masters program in Computer Applications. HBTU is the mother institute of the National Sugar Institute, the Government Central Textile Institute, now known as the Uttar Pradesh Textile Technology Institute, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur in 1960, the Glass Institute and Rajkiya Engineering College Mainpuri in 2015, it was one of the 127 technical institutions in India which were the recipients of funding from World Bank's International Development Association in the phase one of the Technical Engineering Educational Quality Improvement Project – the first World Bank project in Higher education in India.

The history of Harcourt Butler Technical University dates back to the 1920s when there was a growing realization of the need for advancement in science and technology among the people of what was called the United Provinces. The Indian Industrial Commission, 1916–18, at its Nainital meeting proposed two institutions for engineering — one at Roorkee and the other at Kanpur. To boost entrepreneurship, accelerate industrial development, create a sound environment for contemporary applied research, inculcate scientific temper, an institute called Government Research Institute, Cawnpore was started in 1920, it was housed in the two rooms of. The old majestic building is still intact at the northwest corner of the Company Bagh crossing, near Nawabganj. Dr. H. E. Annett, the Principal of the Opium Research Laboratory, Cawnpore, of which the new institute was an adjunct, was appointed as the head. On 25 November 1921, the governor of the United Provinces, Sir Spencer Harcourt Butler, K. C. S. I. C. I. E. Formally laid the foundation of the present main building.

It was rechristened Government Technological Institute in 1921. In 1928, it got the name Harcourt Butler Technological Institute, its first principal of Indian nationality was Shri Dattatreya Yashwant Athawale. As of 1 September 2016, it was granted a university status and renamed Harcourt Butler Technical University under the HBTU Act, 2016 passed by the Government of Uttar Pradesh. HBTU offers its students a vide variety of UG and PG courses, awarding Bachelor of Technology, Master of Computer Applications, Master of Technology, Doctor of Philosophy B. Tech. Courses are offered in 13 fields of technology; the university is in the northern part of the city, near the Kanpur Zoo, less than five kilometres away from the Ganga barrage. It is spread across two campuses – the east campus, the west campus – 3 km apart; the academic campus shares a border with the Chandra Shekhar Azad University of Agriculture and Technology's premises. It comprises: The main building, inaugurated in 1921, it houses the administrative offices, departments of Chemical Engineering, Chemical Technology, Biochemical Engineering, Chemistry and Humanities Five buildings which house the departments of Computer Science & IT, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Civil Engineering, Leather Technology Central Library, Cafeteria, GIIEC Building, Parking Lot Oil Technologist's Association of India's headquarters, Council of Leather Exports' central regional office and Coating Technologist's Association's headquarters, Institution of Engineers's Kanpur Local Centre Garden of Bliss, BE/FT Lawn & Lawn Tennis Court Lawn Guest House Medical Centre Electronics Department Central Bank of India branch, its ATM Central Workshop Four girls' hostels Two boys' hostels: Lake View Old, Lake View New Badminton and Lawn tennis courts Football and Cricket ground Old Gymnasium The West Campus features: Three boys hostels: WCH-1, WCH-2, WCH-3 DBRA hostels New hostels Gymnasium Community centre Residential quarters for faculty members, other staff State Bank of India ATM Postal facilities Playgrounds for cricket and volleyball.

HBTU is a government residential university and has the following six authorities overlooking its complete administration: Board of Governors Finance Committee Administrative Committee Building & Works Committee Purchase Committee Academic CommitteeThe university is headed by the Vice Chancellor, Professor Narendra Bahadur Singh. HBTU alumni are popularly known as Harcourtians. Notable alumni include: Ramkumar Verma and Writer, Anil Khandelwal, Ex. Chairman and Managing Director, Bank of Baroda Dinesh Agarwal, Founder & CEO, IndiaMART Yashvir Singh, MP from Nagina Lok Sabha Constituency Anu Garg, Onkar Singh, Founder Vice Chancellor of Madan Mohan Malaviya University

HD 45350 b

HD 45350 b is an extrasolar planet located 160 light-years away in the constellation of Auriga. It has a minimum mass about 1.79 times that of Jupiter. The mean distance of the planet from the star is more than the distance between Mars and the Sun, but the eccentricity of the orbit is nothing short of remarkable. No doubt seasons on the planet would be extreme; the planet HD 45350 b is named Peitruss. The name was selected in the NameExoWorlds campaign by Luxembourg, during the 100th anniversary of the IAU. Peitruss is derived from the name of the Luxembourg river Pétrusse. Dynamical simulations covering a period of 107 years show that a second, low-mass, planet could only orbit stably if it were no more than 0.2 AU away from the star. Radial velocity observations rule out any such planet. "HD 45350". Exoplanets. Archived from the original on 2008-05-18. Retrieved 2008-08-20. HD 45350b Simulation Michael Endl. "Determination Of The Orbit Of The Planetary Companion To The Metal Rich Star HD 45350". The Astronomical Journal.

131: 3131–3134. ArXiv:astro-ph/0603007. Bibcode:2006AJ....131.3131E. Doi:10.1086/503746

1961 Santos FC season

The 1961 season was Santos Futebol Clube's forty-ninth in existence and the club's first consecutive season in the top flight of Brazilian football. After finishing the 1959 Campeonato Paulista as runners-up, Santos failed to qualify for the 1960 Taça Brasil; the club would win the state league in 1960, which granted his qualification to the 1961's national championship. Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality. Source: Acervo Santos FC Source: Match reports in Competitive matches Source: Match reports in Competitive matches 06/01/1961 – Santos 1 x 2 Nacional-SP – Amistoso – Vila Belmiro American tour 02/02/1961 – Santos 3 x 4 Necaxa/MEX – Pentagonal do México – Universitário 09/02/1961 – Santos 0 x 0 Chivas Guadalajara/MEX – Pentagonal do México – Universitário 12/02/1961 – Santos 2 x 2 Oro /MEX – Pentagonal do México – Universitário 16/02/1961 – Santos 4 x 1 Independiente/ARG – Pentagonal do México – Universitário 19/02/1961 – Santos 6 x 2 Guadalajara/MEX – Pentagonal de GuadalajaraJalisco 22/02/1961 – Santos 6 x 2 América/MEX – Pentagonal de Guadalajara – Jalisco 24/02/1961 – Santos 2 x 0 Atlas/MEX – Pentagonal de Guadalajara – Jalisco 26/02/1961 – Santos 3 x 3 América-RJ – Pentagonal de Guadalajara – Jalisco 25/03/1961 – Santos 1 x 2 Boca Juniors/ARG – Amistoso – Bombonera 26/03/1961 – Santos 2 x 2 Racing Club/ARG – Amistoso – Presidente Perón 05/04/1961 – Santos 3 x 1 Atlético-MG – Amistoso – Independência 21/04/1961 – Santos 4 x 0 Seleção de Brasília – Amistoso – Vila Planalto 17/05/1961 – Santos 3 x 2 Bayern Munchen/ALE – Amistoso – Grunewalls 18/05/1961 – Santos 1 x 2 La Gantoise/BEL – Amistoso – Gentbrugge 24/05/1961 – Santos 2 x 2 Anderlecht/BEL – Amistoso – Astrisd Park 26/05/1961 – Santos 4 x 4 Royal Standard Liege/BEL – Amistoso – Eclessin 01/06/1961 – Santos 8 x 2 Basel/SUI – Amistoso – Jakob 03/06/1961 – Santos 6 x 3 Wolfsburg/ALE – Amistoso – Vfl Stadion 04/06/1961 – Santos 4 x 4 Seleção da Antuerpia/BEL – Amistoso – Bosuil Stadion 07/06/1961 – Santos 6 x 1 Racing/FRA – Amistoso – Stade Vélodrome 09/06/1961 – Santos 6 x 2 Lyon/FRA – Amistoso – Stade de Gerland 11/06/1961 – Santos 3 x 1 Seleção de Israel – Amistoso – Bloomfield Stadium 13/06/1961 – Santos 5 x 4 Racing/FRA – Torneio Cidade de ParisParc des Princes 15/06/1961 – Santos 6 x 3 Benfica/POR – Torneio Cidade de Paris – Parc des Princes 18/06/1961 – Santos 2 x 0 Juventus/ITA – Torneio da Itália – Comunalle 21/06/1961 – Santos 5 x 0 Roma/ITA – Torneio da Itália – Olímpico de Roma 24/06/1961 – Santos 4 x 1 Internazionale/ITA – Torneio da Itália – San Siro 26/06/1961 – Santos 8 x 6 Karlsruhe/ALE – Amistoso – Widparkstadion 28/06/1961 – Santos 3 x 0 Aek/GRE – Amistoso – Nikos Goumas 30/06/1961 – Santos 3 x 2 Panathinaikos/GRE – Amistoso – Apostolos Nikolaidis 04/07/1961 – Santos 1 x 2 Olimpiacos/GRE – Amistoso – Apostolos Nikolaidis 25/08/1961 – Santos 0 x 1 Nacional – Uruguai – Amistoso – Centenário 30/08/1961 – Santos 8 x 0 Olímpico-SC – Amistoso – Aderbal Ramos 20/09/1961 – Santos 2 x 1 Londrina – Amistoso – VGD 28/09/1961 – Santos 4 x 2 Racing Club/ARG – Amistoso – Tomás Ducó 01/10/1961 – Santos 1 x 1 Newell’s Old Boys/ARG – Amistoso – Parque Independência 04/10/1961 – Santos 3 x 2 Colo Colo/CHI – Amistoso – Nacional de Santiago 08/10/1961 – Santos 3 x 1 Colo Colo/CHI – Amistoso – Nacional de Santiago 15/11/1961 – Santos 1 x 1 Flamengo – Amistoso – Maracanã 1961 season at Acervo Santos FC


KTIS, known on-air as "Faith 900 KTIS", is a radio station in Minneapolis, owned and operated by University of Northwestern - St Paul and is a non-profit, listener-supported radio station relying on donations from the local community throughout the year. It broadcasts on 900 AM, covering Minneapolis-St. Paul and surrounding areas in Minnesota. KTIS' studios are located on Snelling Avenue in St. Paul, while its transmitter is located in the Hazel Park neighborhood of Oakdale. KTIS was founded in 1949 by Rev. Billy Graham when he was president of Northwestern. KTIS is the flagship station of Faith Radio, a network whose programming features Christian talk and teaching, with programs such as Turning Point with David Jeremiah. Programming is nearly 100 percent satellite produced by Northwestern Media. On February 6, 2015, KTIS began simulcasting on FM translator K214DF, better received in the western suburbs, via the HD2 channel of sister station KTIS-FM; the station added a second translator on W248CU, better received in the eastern suburbs, in June 2017, though there is significant overlap with 90.7.

The second translator, licensed to Minneapolis but transmitting from St. Paul, forced a low-powered FM KPPS-LP to apply for an emergency increase in power from 50 watts to 100 watts due to interference. KPPS-LP had an application to move to 88.9 FM however, so the request to increase power was denied by the FCC. In addition, the translator on 97.5 FM is on the same frequency as KNXR licensed to Rochester, causing some complaints from listeners in the south metro who could no longer hear the station. This is not the first time. Official website University of Northwestern - St Paul | Northwestern Media Query the FCC's AM station database for KTIS Radio-Locator Information on KTIS Query Nielsen Audio's AM station database for KTISFCC History Cards for KTIS Query the FCC's FM station database for K214DF Radio-Locator information on K214DF Query the FCC's FM station database for W248CU Radio-Locator information on W248CU

Gregory N. Todd

Chaplain Gregory N. Todd is a United States Navy Chaplain Corps officer serving as the 20th Chaplain of the Marine Corps, he served for four years as the tenth Chaplain of the Coast Guard. Over a thirty-two year career, he has served in a variety of Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard assignments, including deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan and chaplaincy work at Ground Zero in the wake of the September 11 attacks, he is a Lutheran. A Seattle, Washington native, Todd received a bachelor of arts degree in theology and education from Concordia College in Portland and received a Master of Divinity degree from Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri, he has received a Doctor of Ministry degree in Christian Leadership from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Charlotte, North Carolina. Chaplain Todd was ordained as a minister in the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod in 1988. Todd was commissioned as an Ensign in the United States Navy Reserve in 1986, providing ministry to Marine Corps Reserve units while concurrently serving as pastor for civilian churches in Illinois.

He transferred to active duty in 1994 and served as Protestant chaplain at Naval Amphibious Base Coronado, California. From 1996 to 1998, Todd was chaplain aboard the Ticonderoga-class guided missile cruiser USS Chancellorsville. Todd served his first tour with the Coast Guard from 1998 to 2002, serving as chaplain at Coast Guard Activities New York. While there, he was the first Navy chaplain to arrive at the World Trade Center site after the September 11 attacks, hosted a Coast Guard Chaplain Emergency Response Team of thirty Navy chaplains working with the Coast Guard, that ministered to civilians and emergency crews at various locations, including Ground Zero, the family center, One Police Plaza, he was part of response teams that responded after the crashes of EgyptAir Flight 990 and American Airlines Flight 587. Todd returned to ministry within the Marine Corps in 2002, reporting to the Second Force Service Support Group based at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, he deployed to Kuwait with the group's Forward Battalion at a part of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

In 2004, he deployed to Afghanistan with the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Setting up the ministry at Forward Operating Base Ripley in Afghanistan's Oruzgan Province. In May 2005, he assumed the duties as officer in charge of Marine Corps Chaplain and RP Expeditionary Skills Training at Camp Johnson, a post he held until October 2008, he attended the Senior Supervisory Chaplain Course, after which he reported aboard USS Kearsarge as command chaplain. Todd returned to the Marine Corps again in July 2010, as chaplain for the 2nd Marine Logistics Group. In February 2013, he departed 2nd MLG and reported aboard as force chaplain for II Marine Expeditionary Force, leading II MEF's religious program for 50,000-plus Marines and family members. Todd returned for his second tour with the Coast Guard in June 2014, relieving Captain Gary Weeden as Chaplain of the Coast Guard, he was relieved by Captain Thomas Walcott in April 2018. Todd's awards include: He is qualified as a Master Training Specialist.

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Lisa Wilson-Foley

Lisa Wilson-Foley is an entrepreneur, former political candidate, white collar criminal from the American state of Connecticut. A serial entrepreneur she formed her first company at 29 and now owns rehabilitation company Allstar Therapy, family entertainment business Blue Fox Enterprises, medical testing company Swallowing Diagnostics. Wilson-Foley graduated from Farmington High School in 1977. Wilson-Foley received a B. S. from Ithaca College in 1981, a masters in Public Health from Yale University 1988, a degree in Executive Managed Care Division from the University of Connecticut in 1997. She received her doctorate from University of Montana in 2013, she met her husband Brian Foley while in grad school. Together they have a blended family with seven children. A serial entrepreneur she formed her first company at 29. In 1997 she sold her original healthcare businesses and as a result of an agreement she was prohibited from re-entering the healthcare field for several years; this forced her to pursue investments in the entertainment field.

She is involved in her husband's businesses. At the time of her conviction her personal net worth was estimated to be US$23 million, this is separate from her husband's nine figure net worth. Many of her businesses are owned through her holding company LWF Holdings, her friend Janet Peckinpaugh served as the marketing director of LWF Holdings. In 2010 her campaign claimed that she directly employed 500 people and had hosted a group of 15 Kenyan entrepreneurs on a tour of Connecticut. Allstar Therapy provides occupational and physical rehabilitation in health care facilities throughout Connecticut and Rhode Island. Allstar Therapy was sold in 2016. In 1998 she acquired the Simsbury Bowling Center and renamed it Blue Fox Rock'N Bowl and renovated it emphasize a family friendly atmosphere. In 1999 she acquired the Copper Hill Golf Club for $1.3m renaming it Fox Run at Copper Hill. The club was sold in 2010; the company sold three Victorian Bed and Breakfasts in Newport, RI. Blue Fox Run is a 27-hole golf course owned by Wilson-Foley notable for being the first in the country to offer onsite childcare.

In 1996 she purchased the property known as the Bel Compo Golf Course and having only 18 holes, for US$3.5m with her husband purchasing 55 adjoining acres. In 1997 Wilson-Foley applied to rezone 15 of their acres to office park, the parcel was subsequently developed with three office buildings having been built as of 2012. In 1999 Wilson-Foley and her husband franchised the World TeamTennis team Hartford FoxForce in Hartford, Connecticut. FoxForce's first drafted player was Monica Seles. In 2001 the team fielded brothers Luke Jensen. Over the years the team fielded other well known players such as Bethanie Mattek-Sands, Boris Becker, James Blake; the team played first at Hartford's 3,000 seat State Arsenal and Armory and at a 2,500 seat outdoor stadium Wilson-Foley had built at her Blue Fox Run golf course. The Foley's shut the team down in 2007 due to a lack of corporate sponsorships. Mark Foley's Connecticut Pride used the State Arsenal and Armory as a venue from 1993-2000. Before her conviction Wilson-Foley served as the vice-chair of the board at The Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts.

She served on the board of the Renbrook School and the American School for the Deaf. She is a political protege of former Governor of Connecticut John G. Rowland who called her “grasshopper” during his political tutelage. Rowland has been the subject of a number of political scandals and successful criminal prosecutions throughout his life. In 2010 Lisa Wilson-Foley announced that she was running for Lieutenant Governor of Connecticut as a Republican. Wilson-Foley's campaign platform was unique, she said she would refuse the salary and driver that traditionally came with the position. In addition she proposed evaluating after two years on the job whether the position of Lieutenant Governor should be abolished entirely, she was the only candidate in the 2010 Connecticut gubernatorial election who ran for Lieutenant Governor without a gubernatorial running mate. She lost the election to Nancy Wyman. Lisa Wilson-Foley ran for the 2012 Congressional Election in Connecticut's 5th congressional district.

Her run was considered competitive. She declined public funding for her campaign and instead loaned her campaign just under a million dollars. In the Republican Primary she competed against Mark Greenberg, Justin Bernier and Andrew Roraback, she was defeated by Roraback but waged a hard-fought campaign in which she and Roraback battled fiercely while ignoring the other two candidates. Roraback went on to be narrowly defeated by Democrat Elizabeth Esty. Soon after her loss her campaign became the subject of state and federal investigations. At the core of the investigations was her relationship with John Rowland, she had hired him to adviser her campaign but because he was a convicted felon and notoriously corrupt she chose to pay him more than US$35,000 through her husband's legitimate businesses in the hopes of avoiding negative publicity. By law all paid campaign staff must be reported, but the Foley-Wilson campaign neglected to report him. Rowland provided fraudulent invoices for services on behalf of the couple's nursing home company as cover for the payments.

Prosecutors alleged that Wilson-Foley and Rowland engaged in a conspiracy to steal the election along with a number of unindicted co-conspirators. In 2015 Wilson-Foley was sentenced to five months of home confinement. Federal Prosecutors had requested that she spend at least ten months in prison for her role in leading a “prolonged and