Ernest T. Eaton

Ernest T. Eaton was politician. Ernest T. Eaton was born in Atkinson, Maine into a family of English descent, as one of four children to Thomas O. Eaton and Delia Bolster. In 1886, the family moved to Iowa, where Ernest attended the University of Iowa, he began teaching at Oak Park High School in Des Moines serving the school system as high school principal and superintendent. Eaton left for Montana in 1902 to become superintendent of Deer Lodge, Montana schools and founding principal of Powell County High School. In 1904, his brother Lewis, two merchants, John Losekamp and Christian Yegen founded a private high school. Eaton left Powell County on January 1, 1906 and was named financial director of the College of Montana. There, he worked alongside the institution's president; the Eaton brothers left the College of Montana in 1908, devoting more funding to the reorganization of the high school they had established with the help of Losekamp and Yegen. The school was reopened as Billings Polytechnic Institute in July 1908.

Ernest Eaton first served in the Montana House of Representatives between 1915 and 1919. He won a third term in 1923, was elected to the Montana Senate in 1925, he stepped down from the state senate in 1933. The next year, Eaton became lieutenant governor of Montana under Frank Henry Cooney, he was succeeded by Elmer Holt, served in the same position between 1941 and 1949, alongside governor Sam C. Ford. Eaton died at the age of 79, on August 23, 1957, he was survived by his wife, Augusta Valiton, whom he had married in 1911, two children. Ernest T. Eaton at Find a Grave

Yuu Kashii

Yūko Odagiri, known by her stage name Yuu Kashii, is a Japanese actress and model. She studied at Mejiro University, she married actor Joe Odagiri, 11 years her senior, on February 16, 2008, the birthday the couple share. She gave birth to two sons in both February 2011 and April 2014; the youngest son died a year due to an intestinal obstruction. Kashii's maternal grandfather is a European-American newspaper reporter, thus her ethnic background is ¼ European. Kashii attended elementary school there, she has been said to have the same dimensions for her right and left side of the face which led to a German doctor wanting to use her face as a specimen for research uses. Kashii got her start in the entertainment business as an in-house model for the Japanese teen magazine mc Sister in 2001, her first acting role was in the movie adaptation of Lorelei: The Witch of the Pacific Ocean in which she played the title character. Yû Kashii on IMDb HORIPRO Official site: 香椎由宇 Wikipedia:ja:香椎由宇| Japanese Wikipedia