Haskell Indian Nations Fighting Indians football

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Haskell Indian Nations Fighting Indians football
Football team on the field, Haskell Institute, Lawrence, Kansas, 1914 - NARA - 519149.jpg
1914 Haskell team
First season 1896
Stadium Haskell Memorial Stadium
Field surface Grass
Location Lawrence, Kansas
Colors Purple and Gold

The Haskell Fighting Indians football team represented the Haskell Institute, later known as Haskell Indian Nations University, in college football.[1] They fielded their first football team in 1896.[2] From the 1900s to the 1930s, Haskell’s football program was referred to as the “Powerhouse of the West,” playing teams from Harvard, Yale, Brown, Missouri, Nebraska, Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Oklahoma A&M, Wisconsin and Minnesota.[3] But in 1931, a new superintendent (R. D. Baldwin) made the decision to shift the college football team to high school status following the 1931 season. With fewer teams available to play, Haskell dropped football after the 1938 season.[2] Football at Haskell was not resumed again until 1990.[citation needed]

Due to funding shortfalls, Haskell suspended football for the 2015 season.[4]