Have Love, Will Travel

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"Have Love, Will Travel"
Richard Berry Flip 349 Label Scan.jpg
Single by Richard Berry
B-side "No Room"
Released November 1959
Format Vinyl single
Length 2:35
Label Flip 349
Songwriter(s) Richard Berry
Richard Berry singles chronology
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"Have Love, Will Travel"
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"Besame Mucho" "Have Love, Will Travel" "I'll Never Ever Love Again"

"Have Love, Will Travel" is a 1959 song written and recorded by Richard Berry.[1] Berry also wrote and originally performed the classic hit "Louie Louie". The title is a based on a popular television/radio western serial Have Gun, Will Travel.

The Sonics version[edit]

In its best known incarnation, garage-rock protopunkers, The Sonics, covered the song on their 1965 album, Here Are The Sonics. Driven by haphazardly recorded fuzz guitar, a big driving drum sound, screaming vocals and a dirty saxophone break, it epitomized their sound at that time. The Sonics changed the chord progression from the original G-Am-Bb-Am, a 1-2m-m3-2m progression, to a basic 1-4-5-4 progression, which in G would be simply G-C-D-C. This is the version that virtually all other artists copied.

Other versions[edit]

Television and movies[edit]

  • The Sonics version appears in the movies RocknRolla (2008), How To Be (2008), and Tournée (2010), in the trailer for John Wick (2014), and in the television series Misfits (2011).
  • Since 2007, a recording of the song has been used by LV=, the UK financial services group, in its television advertising for car insurance.
  • The Basics from Melbourne, Australia covered the song on their 2007 album Stand Out/Fit In and their 2010 live album, and this version was used in an episode of the David Duchovny series Californication.
  • The song was used in the BBC series Three Men in More Than One Boat.
  • September 2014 in a promo for season four of the CNN series Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown
  • October 2014 by ESPN for their tennis broadcast ads.
  • A version by Hard Livings is on the soundtrack of the 2015 film Man Up.