Henk Zeevalking

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Henk Zeevalking

Hendrik Jan (Henk) Zeevalking (born 7 June 1922 in Laag-Keppel – died 23 February 2005 in Delft) was a Dutch politician.

He was co-founder of the social-liberal political party Democrats 66 (D66) in 1966. He served as vicechair of the party from 1968 to 1969 and as chair from 1979 to 1981. He served as an alderman of traffic and public works in Utrecht (1970–1974). He was State Secretary for Justice in the Den Uyl cabinet (1975–1977), mayor of Rijswijk (1979–1981), and Minister of Transport, Public Works and Water Management (1981–1982).

Zeevalking was a member of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands. He was also an active Freemason and published several books on freemasonry.[1][2]


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