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Henry Fox, 1st Baron Holland

Henry Fox, 1st Baron Holland, PC, of Holland House in Kensington and of Holland House in Kingsgate, was a leading British politician. He identified with the Whig faction, he held the posts of Secretary at War, Southern Secretary and Paymaster of the Forces, from which latter post he enriched himself. Whilst tipped as a future Prime Minister, he never held that office, his third son was the Whig statesman Charles James Fox. He was the second son of Sir Stephen Fox and his second wife the former Christiana Hope, inherited a large share of his father's wealth, he squandered most of it soon after attaining his majority, went to Continental Europe to escape from his creditors. There he made the acquaintance of a woman of fortune, who became his patroness and was so generous to him that, after several years’ absence, he was in a position to return home. In 1744 he eloped with and married the much younger Lady Caroline Lennox, the eldest daughter of Charles Lennox, 2nd Duke of Richmond, an illegitimate grandson of King Charles II.

The marriage caused a great scandal in high society. She was created Baroness Holland, "of Holland in the County of Lincoln". To his wife he bequeathed £2,000 per annum, with Holland House, his plate, etc. but charged with various other legacies. As his residuary legatee it was estimated that she would be worth £120,000 in government securities, besides her jointure. However, she did not long survive him. By his wife he had children including: Stephen Fox, 2nd Baron Holland, eldest son and heir, of delicate health in his early childhood. Like his younger brother he was a notorious gambler, his father bequeathed him £ 5,000 per annum and £ 20,000 cash. Henry Charles Fox, second son, died in infancy. Charles James Fox, third but second surviving son, the noted Whig statesman and notorious gambler, he was born in Conduit Street, Mayfair, as his father's new home of Holland House in Kensington, leased in 1746, was being redecorated. His father bequeathed him his Sheppy and Thanet estates in Kent, including Kingsgate, £900 per annum, £20,000 cash.

General Henry Edward Fox, youngest son, to whom his father bequeathed an estate in the North, £500 per annum, £10,000 cash. In 1735 he entered Parliament as Member for Hindon in Wiltshire, he became a protégé and devoted supporter of Sir Robert Walpole, the long-standing Prime Minister, achieving unequalled and unenviable proficiency in the worst political arts of his master and model. He earned particular notice with a speech in parliament calling on Britain to support its European allies, principally Austria, he aligned with the government Whigs rather than the Patriot Whig faction that opposed them. Until 1742 this afterward, it was the government of Henry Pelham. A skilled speaker, he was able to hold his own against Pitt himself; this helped him progress in the House of Commons, becoming an indispensable member of several administrations. He served as Surveyor-General of Works from 1737 to 1742, as Member for Windsor from 1741 to 1761 and as a Lord of the Treasury in 1743, he had eloped with and married the much younger Lady Caroline Lennox, daughter of the Duke of Richmond, in 1744.

She was created Baroness Holland, of Holland in the County of Lincoln. The noted Whig politicians Charles James Fox and the 3rd Baron Holland were his son and grandson, respectively. Another son was the general Henry Edward Fox, he was known for his tendency to spoil his children, whom he allowed to mingle with the numerous public figures who came to dine at the Fox household. Charles would grow up to be a politician of equal note to his father, many of whose policies and friendships he subsequently adopted although he tended more toward radicalism than the elder Fox. Fox was appointed Secretary at War and member of the Privy Council in 1746, at a time when Britain was engaged in the War of the Austrian Succession. At the time much of the nation's foreign policy was dominated by the Duke of Newcastle, who served as a de facto Defence Minister, with Fox acting as a deputy and being called upon to defend the government's defence policy in the House of Commons. During these years he became a close friend and confidante of the Duke of Cumberland, the King's third and youngest son, who had become notorious in Britain for his suppression of the Jacobite rebellion of 1745 after the Battle of Culloden.

He had gained fame on the Continent as military commander of Britain's forces there. He had built himself a notable political following in London and most to Fox, offered a channel of communication to King George II of Great Britain. Fox soon grew to be a favourite of George II as well, who would in the future support his inclusion in governments in much the same way he would oppose Pitt's membership. By the early 1750s, Fox and Pitt were both viewed as future leaders of the country; this pushed their rivalry to yet further lengths. Fox through his office as War Secretary was closer to the top office while Pitt languished in opposition. In 1754, the sudden death of Pelham brought their rivalry to a head; the new Prime Minister, Pelham's brother, the Duke of Newcastle, needed a strong figure to represent him in the House of Commons. This job would command immense prestige and influence, Pitt and Fox were considered the outstanding favourites to attain it. Newcastle, fearing the relentless ambitions of both men chose neither and instead selected Sir Thomas Robinson.

To try to assuage Fox, Newcastle had first offered the post to him but with unacceptable conditions attached so that Fox would refuse the post, allowing


WFMS is a commercial country music FM radio station. It is owned by Cumulus Media and is licensed to Fishers, while serving the Indianapolis metropolitan area, its studios and offices are located on North Shadeland Avenue east of Indianapolis, its transmitter is off Burk Road. The station has won several awards from the Country Music Association as large market station of the year. WFMS is licensed to broadcast in the hybrid HD Radio format. WFMS first signed on the air on March 15, 1957, it was licensed to Indianapolis, it became a country music station in the 1970s, has stayed in the same format since then. Official website Query the FCC's FM station database for WFMS Radio-Locator information on WFMS Query Nielsen Audio's FM station database for WFMS

Johan Olin

Johan Fredrik "John" Olin was a Finnish wrestler who competed in the 1912 Summer Olympics. He won the silver medal in the heavyweight class. In 1916, Olin captured a claim to the World Heavyweight championship after a controversial bout with Joe Stecher in Springfield, Massachusetts. On December 12, 1916, In one of the great forgotten matches and upsets in wrestling history, he defeated Stecher. After 2 hrs and 40 min. both wrestlers ended up outside the ring brawling. Olin wanted to continue but Stecher declined to return to the ring. Olin was awarded the bout by the referee. Stecher was out of the ring for over 1 1/2 months. In newspaper reports no mention of the title is made. Why the public continued to support Stecher is unclear. John Olin's promoters claimed the World Title but Olin was mild mannered and didn't make much noise about being the champion, it may be that the press refused to accept Olin as champion because his win was fluke due to injury and no one believe Olin could defeat Stecher.

Frank Gotch was still alive at the time and many still saw him as the "real" world champion. As Stecher didn't consider himself defeated, the idea of Olin as champ had much going against it; this claim to the title, called the Olin Line by historians, did continue. Olin lost his claim "world title" to Ed "Strangler" Lewis in Chicago on May 2, 1917. After 2 hours and 37 minutes, John Olin concedes match due to a shoulder injury. Referee was Frank Gotch and he praised Lewis as the best; the Strangler would not be as mild manner as Olin, claimed the title. Olin resided in Worcester, Massachusetts during his stay in the United States, wrestled as a professional for several years, he died in Finland. "John Olin at". Archived from the original on February 14, 2007. Retrieved April 25, 2007. CS1 maint: BOT: original-url status unknown The World Title and Contenders of 1915 to 1920 by Steve Yohe "STECHER DEFEATS OLIN.. New York Times. 1920-11-26. Retrieved 2008-08-09. "LEADERS TO MEET ON MAT..

New York Times. 1918-01-27. Retrieved 2008-08-09. "ZBYSZKO DOWNS OLIN.. New York Times. 1918-01-30. Retrieved 2008-08-11

Rocket Watts

Mark "Rocket" Watts Jr. is an American college basketball player for the Michigan State Spartans of the Big Ten Conference. Watts spent his first year of high school with Allen Academy in Michigan; as a freshman, he led his team to a 19 -- 3 record. After Allen Academy closed, Watts transferred to Old Redford Academy in Detroit for his next two years. While at the school, he played with The Family Detroit on the Amateur Athletic Union circuit. In his sophomore season, Watts averaged 25.6 points, 6.2 assists, 2.8 steals per game and earned Detroit News second-team All-Area honors. As a junior, Watts averaged 26.8 points, 5.6 rebounds, 5.4 assists, 3.1 steals per game, helping Old Redford Academy to a 19–6 record. He was a Detroit News first-team All-Area pick. Watts was named first-team All-State in each of his first three seasons. For his senior season, Watts transferred to a prep school in Geneva, Ohio. On January 26, 2019, he scored a career-high 64 points, with 15 three-pointers, in a win over St. Edward High School.

Watts, on April 29, played in the Jordan Brand Classic all-star game. By the end of his high school career, Watts was a consensus four-star recruit and top-40 player in the 2019 class. On September 22, 2018, he verbally committed to play college basketball for Michigan State. Watts had been recruited by Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo since eighth grade. Watts was forced to miss some time. At the time, he was averaging 6.5 points per game. On February 11, 2020, Watts scored a career-high 21 points in a 70-69 win against Illinois, he would tie that career high 21 as he led the team in points on February 25, 2020 as the Spartans won against the higher ranked Iowa Hawkeyes, 78-70. Watts played for the United States under-18 basketball team at the 2018 FIBA Under-18 Americas Championship, he helped his team win the gold medal, averaging 2.5 assists per game. Watts was given the nickname "Rocket" while playing football at age five, his father Mark Sr. owned the nickname for the speed he displayed while playing high school football


Joseph Edward "Joe" Mulherin, better known by his stage name Nothing,Nowhere, is an American musician, rapper and producer. While the music composed by Mulherin is written and produced by Mulherin, he maintains a group of musicians which consist of friends that perform with him for live shows under the nothing, nowhere. Name; the band has toured as a supporting act for Real Friends, Tiny Moving Parts, Thrice and La Dispute on multiple tours. Mulherin was raised in Foxborough and spent summers in Hyde Park, Vermont, he attended Ahern Middle School. Afterwards, Mulherin spent his freshman year of high school at Xaverian Brothers High School, before transferring to Foxborough High School his sophomore year, where he studied computer-based design. In 2015, Mulherin began uploading songs on SoundCloud under the name nothing,nowhere. In June of that year, he released. LP onto Bandcamp. After releasing two EPs, Who Are You, featuring Austrian producer Oilcolor, on October 20, 2017, he released his commercial debut, Reaper, an album of guitar-based emo rap that the New York Times called "one of the most promising pop albums of the year."

He produced the album with Jay Vee. The track "Hopes Up" features vocals from Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional, the track "REM" features Delaware rapper Lil West. New York Times music critic Jon Caramanica listed Reaper as his #1 album of 2017. On February 16, 2018, it was confirmed that Mulherin had signed to Fueled By Ramen as he released a new music video for his song "Ruiner", the title track for his upcoming album of the same name, released on April 13, 2018. In March 2018, Mulherin cancelled his tour due to chronic laryngitis and a hemorrhaged vocal fold, this included his first European show in London. From October 19 to November 9, 2018, Mulherin was on tour in Europe. Mulherin has had several different aliases outside of "nothing,nowhere.", notably: never,forever, TRAU CHOI, & Lil Tofu. never,forever was a little side project Mulherin released on SoundCloud. TRAU CHOI was a band between nothing,nowhere. and other associated artists, only releasing a demo song in 2014 and a self-titled ep of 5 tracks on Bandcamp in 2016.

Lil Tofu was a parody of stereotypical Soundcloud emo culture. Joe was inspired in his early days by school professor Mike Hunt, before he got his first instrument he used to borrow a bass off his friend Mark Mcguire, one of the first people to introduce him into the music industry Mulherin has never used alcohol, cigarettes or other recreational drugs, in his freshman year of high school, he became vegan straight edge. In August 2018, Mulherin cancelled a string of shows, including an appearance at Reading & Leeds Festival due to severe anxiety, he had canceled shows due to depression and anxiety in July 2018, further admitting he was pursuing treatment. In an interview with The Fader in November 2018, Mulherin disclosed that he had felt anxiety and panic attacks as a child and the effects it had on his life led to depression. Before creating music, Mulherin had an interest in filmmaking, he attended film school at Burlington College in Vermont and while in college, Mulherin co-created the short film Watcher which won a prize at the Vermont International Film Festival.

In 2013, he participated in a contest by the organization Creative Mind Group at the 66th Cannes Film Festival in France, directing and co-editing the film One Day which received three awards. "don't mind me" "poor posture" "i've been doing well" "i'm sorry, i'm trying" "deadbeat valentine" "letdown" "clarity in kerosene" "hopes up" "skully" "REM" "waster" "ruiner" "hammer" "rejecter" "dread" "destruction" "nightmare" nothing,nowhere. On SoundCloud

Swat River

The Swat River is a perennial river in the northern region of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan. The river commences in the Kalam Valley of Swat Kohistan with the confluence of two main tributaries Ushu and Utrar and runs downstream in a narrow gorge up to Baghdheri; the name Swat is derived from Suvāstu. This name of the river is attested in the Rigveda, its source lies in the Hindukush Mountains, from where it is fed by the glacial waters throughout the year and flows through the Kalam Valley in a narrow gorge with a rushing speed up to Madyan and lower plain areas of Swat Valley up to Chakdara for 160 km. In the extreme south of the valley, the river enters to a narrow gorge and joins the Panjkora River, at Qalangi, empties into Kabul River, near Charsadda, it is diverted near Batkhela for power generation purposes. The Upper Swat Canal flows under Malakand through Benton Tunnel. Below Dargai, the upper canal is divided into supplying Charsadda and Swabi & Mardan; the water used for hydropower generation at Jabban and Dargai Power Stations.

Swat River plays an important role in the economy of the valley. It irrigates large areas of Swat District, Malakand District and lower Peshawar Valley and recharge water wells & springs through seepage; the river serves as a habitat for diverse species of birds & contributes to the fishing industry of the region. The aesthetic scenery of river attracts thousands of tourists from all over Pakistan during the summer season. River Swat has a great untapped hydropower potential which could be harnessed for green power generation. Among them, the feasible site near Munda Headworks has an installed generation capacity of 740 MW. while others are Asrit Kedam HPP, Gabral HPP and Matiltan HPP. There are several micro hydro-electric power projects on canals from the Swat River which generate electricity for local usage. Rigvedic rivers Swat, Pakistan Book: Hidden Treasures of Swat, ISBN 978-969-23042-0-7 Swat Valley website