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Henry Percival Dodge (January 18, 1870 – October 16, 1936) was a United States Ambassador.[1]


He was born in Boston, Massachusetts on January 18, 1870 to Henry Cleaves Dodge and Alice Almia Lamb, he graduated from Harvard University in 1892. He married Margaret Riché Adams (?-1920) and she died by falling down an elevator shaft.[2] After her death, he married Agnes Page-Brown in 1922.[1][3]

He was the United States Ambassador to Honduras from 1907 to 1908; United States Ambassador to El Salvador from 1907 to 1909; United States Ambassador to Morocco from 1909 to 1910; United States Ambassador to Panama from 1911 to 1913; United States Ambassador to Serbs, Croats and Slovenes from 1919 to 1926; and United States Ambassador to Denmark from 1926 to 1930.[1]

He died in Zurich, Switzerland on October 16, 1936,[1] his widow died in 1952.[3]


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