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Henry Percy (Hotspur)

Sir Henry Percy KG known as Sir Harry Hotspur, or Hotspur, was a late-medieval English nobleman. He was a significant captain during the Anglo-Scottish wars, he led successive rebellions against Henry IV of England and was slain at the Battle of Shrewsbury in 1403 at the height of his career. Henry Percy was born 20 May 1364 at either Alnwick Castle or Warkworth Castle in Northumberland, the eldest son of Henry Percy, 1st Earl of Northumberland, Margaret Neville, daughter of Ralph de Neville, 2nd Lord Neville of Raby, Alice de Audley, he was knighted by King Edward III in April 1377, together with the future Kings Richard II and Henry IV. In 1380, he was in Ireland with the Earl of March, in 1383, he travelled in Prussia, he was appointed warden of the east march either on 30 July 1384 or in May 1385, in 1385 accompanied Richard II on an expedition into Scotland. "As a tribute to his speed in advance and readiness to attack" on the Scottish borders, the Scots bestowed on him the name'Haatspore'.

In April 1386, he was led raids into Picardy. Between August and October 1387, he was in command of a naval force in an attempt to relieve the siege of Brest. In appreciation of these military endeavours he was made a Knight of the Garter in 1388. Reappointed as warden of the east march, he commanded the English forces against James Douglas, 2nd Earl of Douglas, at the Battle of Otterburn on 10 August 1388, where he was captured, but soon ransomed for a fee of 7000 marks. During the next few years Percy's reputation continued to grow, he was sent on a diplomatic mission to Cyprus in June 1393 and appointed Lieutenant of the Duchy of Aquitaine on behalf of John of Gaunt, Duke of Aquitaine. He returned to England in January 1395, taking part in Richard II's expedition to Ireland, was back in Aquitaine the following autumn. In the summer of 1396, he was again in Calais. Percy's military and diplomatic service brought him substantial marks of royal favour in the form of grants and appointments, but despite this, the Percy family decided to support Henry Bolingbroke, the future Henry IV, in his rebellion against Richard II.

On Henry's return from exile in June 1399, Percy and his father joined his forces at Doncaster and marched south with them. After King Richard's deposition and his father were'lavishly rewarded' with lands and offices. Under the new king, Percy had extensive civil and military responsibility in both the east march towards Scotland and in north Wales, where he was appointed High Sheriff of Flintshire in 1399. In north Wales, he was under increasing pressure as a result of the rebellion of Owain Glyndŵr. In March 1402, Henry IV appointed Percy royal lieutenant in north Wales, on 14 September 1402, his father, the Earl of Dunbar and March were victorious against a Scottish force at the Battle of Homildon Hill. Among others, they made a prisoner of 4th Earl of Douglas. In spite of the favour that Henry IV showed the Percys in many respects, they became discontented with him. Among their grievances were: The king's failure to pay the wages due to them for defending the Scottish border The king's favour towards Dunbar The king's demand that the Percys hand over their Scottish prisoners The king's failure to put an end to Owain Glyndŵr's rebellion through a negotiated settlement The king's increasing promotion of his son's military authority in Wales The king's failure to ransom Henry Percy's brother-in-law, Sir Edmund Mortimer, whom the Welsh had captured in June 1402Spurred on by these grievances, the Percys rebelled in the summer of 1403 and took up arms against the king.

According to J. M. W. Bean, it is clear. On his return to England shortly after the victory at Homildon Hill, Henry Percy issued proclamations in Cheshire accusing the king of'tyrannical government'. Joined by his uncle, Thomas Percy, Earl of Worcester, Percy marched to Shrewsbury, where he intended to do battle against a force there under the command of the Prince of Wales; the army of his father, was slow to move south and it was without the assistance of his father that Henry Percy and Worcester arrived at Shrewsbury on 21 July 1403, where they encountered the king with a large army. The ensuing Battle of Shrewsbury was fierce, with heavy casualties on both sides but, when Henry Percy himself was struck down and killed, his own forces fled; the circumstances of Percy's death differ in accounts. The chronicler Thomas Walsingham stated, in his Historia Anglicana that "while he led his men in the fight rashly penetrating the enemy host, was unexpectedly cut down, by whose hand is not known".

Another account states that Percy was struck in the face by an arrow when he opened his vizor for a better view. The legend that he was killed by the Prince of Wales seems to have been given currency by William Shakespeare, writing at the end of the following century; the Earl of Worcester was executed two days later. King Henry, upon being brought Percy's body after the battle, is said to have wept; the body was taken by Thomas Neville, 5th Baron Furnivall to Shropshire for burial. However, when rumours circulated that Percy was still alive, the king "had the corpse exhumed and displayed it, propped upright between two millstones, in the market place at Shrewsbury"; that done, the king dispatched Percy's head to York. His four-quarters were sent to London, Newcastle upon Tyne and Chester before they were delivered to his widow, she had the body buried in York Minster in November of that year. In January 1404, Percy was posthumously declared a traitor, his lands we

Windham Bay

Windham Bay is located 45 miles southeast of Juneau, in the U. S. state of Alaska. Windham Bay is listed as site 6 within Southeast Alaska's Zone 3 of the Alaska Dept. of Environmental Conservation's Geographic Response Strategy oil spill response plan. Part of the bay is a protected wilderness area; the Chuck River flows into Windham Bay, which has a protected anchorage north of Port Houghton, where the historic Chuck Mining Camp once operated. The earliest gold production in Alaska occurred in Windham Bay and Sumdum Bay in 1870-71 subsequent to an 1869 gold placer deposit discovery at the two locations; the Windham Bay Gold Mining Company was located.75 miles from the bay, on the south slopes of Spruce Creek. It consisted of nine claims known as the "Red Wing" group; the bay is at the mouth of the Chuck River, a stream 7 miles in length, which flows into the Windham Bay north of Port Houghton at 57.584°N 133.357°W / 57.584. A sheltered tidal flat, the bay habitat consists of marshy land and estuaries.

While the bay is a protected anchorage for use by boaters from Stephens Passage, the valley formed upstream of the bay by Chuck River has elevations varying from sea level to about 5,000 feet on its eastern extremity. A narrow inlet, 8 miles in length, has an entrance 22 miles above Cape Fanshaw. From its entrance, 1.5 miles wide, the bay narrows to a neck.2 miles wide connecting with a deep inner basin nearly 4 miles in length and 0.5 miles wide. At the head of the bay is an extensive tide flat; the settlement known as Windham is situated on the northeast side of the bay. From the southeast side of this inner bay, a broad flat extends southward for 2 miles, its inland continuation lying within the valley of Chuck River; the surrounding mountains are the same that border the south side of Endicott Arm, the peaks ranging from 3,000–5,000 feet in altitude. Geologically, Windham Bay is located 7 miles southwest of the Coast Range diorite, its headwaters enter the schist band, the rocks of which are exposed along the south shore of Endicott Arm.

At the head of the bay is a band of slate which appears to continue over the divide to Sanford Cove and southward up the valley of Chuck River. West of the slate beds is a slate-greenstone belt composing the shore bluffs at the entrance of Windham Bay. Several outlying masses of diorite intrude into the inlet; the river stretch from its headwaters down to the bay is thickly forested riparian forest vegetation. The Chuck River Wilderness, located at the head of the Bay, was established in 1990 under a directive of the United States Congress, it is located 70 miles southeast of Juneau. It encompasses an area of 74,506 acres within Alaska and is managed by the Forest Service. Marine mammals found here and which are protected include harbor seals and trout concentrations; the salmon species reported are sockeye, coho and chinook salmon and Dolly Varden trout. Water fowl concentrations are reported during winter months. Black bears and mountain goats are reported in the mountainous regions of the valley.

This article contains public domain text from A. C. Spencer's "The Juneau gold belt, Alaska: A reconnaissance of Admiralty Island, Alaska"

Eleni Rantou

Eleni Rantou is a Greek actress. She was born in 1965 in Egaleo, an Athens suburb, is a graduate of the National Theater of Greece, she participated in TV shows of the Greek national television in the'80s, rose to stardom through TV series in which she co-starred and in many cases co-edited the script. She is married to Greek rock star Vasilis Papakonstantinou, their daughter Nikoleta was born in 1995. She is head of the "Diana" theater. In 2009 she prepared a new comedy show in "Diana" theater that continued as a TV comedy series Ergazomeni Gynaika, her TV debut was in 1983, when she was 18 years old, through the TV show "Ouranio Toxo" in which she had a starring role. In the same year she appeared in the TV show "I Kiria Ntoremi" with the role of "Eleftheria". In 1984 she participated in the TV show "Paramithia piso apo ta kagkela" and in 1985 in the tV show "Xaire Taso Karataso". In 1987 she appeared in "Apodrasi" and the next year in the TV show "Stavrosi horis anastasi". TV series: 1983: Ouranio toxo, ERT 1988-1989: Odos antheon, ET1 1988: Stavrosi xoris anastasi, ET1 1990-1992: Ohi ta nea tou ANT1, ANT1 1992-1993: Ah Eleni, MEGA 1995-1996: Sambouan, ANT1 1998-2000: Konstantinou kai Elenis, ANT1 2000: Ti Psyhi Tha Paradoseis Mori?, MEGA 2003-2004: Savatogennimenes, MEGA 2009–2010: Ergazomeni Gynaika, ANT1Theatre: 2000-2002: Mageirevontas me ton Elvis 2002-2005: Mama min treheis 2005: Eklissiazouses 2005-2006: Alli mia votka molotof 2006-2008: Nyhta radio...fonon 2009-2010: 33 Fores na figeis 2011-2014: Katadikos mouCinema: 2009:Pethainw gia sena Official Fan Club

2019 in badminton

May 19 – 26: 2019 Sudirman Cup in Nanning China defeated Japan, 3–0 in matches played, to win their 11th Sudirman Cup title. August 4 – 11: 2019 BWF Seniors World Championships in KatowiceFor results, click here. August 19 – 25: 2019 BWF World Championships in BaselSingles: Kento Momota / P. V. Sindhu Doubles: Indonesia / Japan Mixed: China December 11 – 15: 2019 BWF World Tour Finals in Guangzhou February 11 – 17: 2019 Oceania Badminton Championships in MelbourneSenior: Singles: Oscar Guo / Chen Hsuan-yu Doubles: Australia / Australia Mixed: Australia Junior Singles: Edward Lau / Shaunna Li Doubles: New Zealand / Australia Mixed: Australia Senior Mixed Team: 1. Australia. New Zealand, 3. New Caledonia, 4. French Polynesia Junior Mixed Team: 1. Australia. New Zealand, 3. Tahiti, 4. New Caledonia February 13 – 17: 2019 European Mixed Team Badminton Championships in CopenhagenChampions: Denmark, 2. Germany, Semi-final losers: Netherlands and Russia February 14 – 17: 2019 Pan Am Mixed Team Badminton Championships in LimaChampions: Canada, 2.

United States, 3. Brazil, 4. Cuba March 19 – 24: Badminton Asia Mixed Team Championships 2019 in Hong KongChampions: China, 2. Japan, 3/4. Hong Kong & Indonesia April 22 – 28: 2019 African Badminton Championships in Port HarcourtSingles: Anuoluwapo Juwon Opeyor / Dorcas Ajoke Adesokan Doubles: Algeria / Nigeria Mixed: Algeria Team Champions: Nigeria April 23 – 28: 2019 Badminton Asia Championships in Hannan District Singles: Kento Momota / Akane Yamaguchi Doubles: Japan / China Mixed: China April 25 – 28: 2019 Pan Am Badminton Championships in Aguascalientes CitySingles: Osleni Guerrero / Michelle Li Doubles: Canada / Canada Mixed: Canada July 16 – 20: 2019 Pan Am Junior Badminton Championships in MonctonSingles: Brian Yang / Natalie Chi Doubles: Canada / Canada Mixed: Canada July 20 – 28: Badminton Asia Junior Championships 2019 in SuzhouSingles: Kunlavut Vitidsarn / ZHOU Meng Doubles: Indonesia / China Mixed: Indonesia Mixed Team: Thailand January 8 – December 15: 2019 BWF SeasonLevel Two March 5 – 10: 2019 All England Open in BirminghamSingles: Kento Momota / Chen Yufei Doubles: Indonesia / China Mixed: China July 16 – 21: 2019 Indonesia Open in JakartaSingles: Chou Tien-chen / Akane Yamaguchi Doubles: Indonesia / Japan Mixed: China September 17 – 22: China Open 2019 in ChangzhouSingles: Kento Momota / Carolina Marín Doubles: Indonesia / China Mixed: China Level Three April 2 – 7: 2019 Malaysia Open in Kuala LumpurSingles: Lin Dan / Tai Tzu-ying Doubles: China / China Mixed: China July 23 – 28: Japan Open 2019 in TokyoSingles: Kento Momota / Akane Yamaguchi Doubles: Indonesia / South Korea Mixed: China October 15 – 20: 2019 Denmark Open in OdenseSingles: Kento Momota / Tai Tzu-ying Doubles: Indonesia / South Korea Mixed: Indonesia October 22 – 27: 2019 French Open in ParisSingles: Chen Long / An Se-young Doubles: Indonesia / South Korea Mixed: Indonesia November 5 – 10: Fuzhou China Open 2019 in FuzhouSingles: Kento Momota / Chen Yufei Doubles: Indonesia / Japan Mixed: China Level Four January 15 – 20: 2019 Malaysia Masters in Kuala LumpurSingles: Son Wan-ho / Ratchanok Intanon Doubles: Indonesia / Japan Mixed: Japan January 22 – 27: 2019 Indonesia Masters in JakartaSingles: Anders Antonsen / Saina Nehwal Doubles: Indonesia / Japan Mixed: China March 26 – 31: 2019 India Open in New DelhiSingles: Viktor Axelsen / Ratchanok Intanon Doubles: Chinese Taipei / Indonesia Mixed: China (Wang Yi

Kenny Saief

Kenneth "Kenny" Hasan Saief is an Israeli-American soccer player of Druze descent who plays for Polish club Lechia Gdańsk on loan from Anderlecht, the United States national team. Saief was born in Panama City, Florida, U. S. to Druze-Israeli parents and moved to Israel at the age of three. Saief began his professional career with Bnei Sakhnin in 2011, before he was transferred to Hapoel Haifa one season later; the next year, he reached the final of the Israel State Cup. Saief made only two appearances however. There he gained more playing opportunities. Saief attracted the attention of Belgian Pro League team K. A. A. Gent, who signed him for a three-year deal on August 8, 2014. On May 22, 2018, Saief signed to Anderlecht. On March 6, 2019, Saief was loaned to FC Cincinnati of Major League Soccer. On March 24, 2019, Saief scored his first MLS goal against the New England Revolution. On June 11, 2019, Saief's loan was terminated due to injury complications. On February 12, 2020 he was loaned to Polish Ekstraklasa's Lechia Gdańsk until the end of 2019/2020 season.

Saief has represented the Israel national team at various youth levels. He stated that he expected to play for the United States men's national soccer team, although he was called up to the Israel national football team and made his debut in a friendly 2–1 loss to Croatia. On June 3, 2017 Saief was called up by the United States men's national soccer team as part of their 40-man preliminary roster for the 2017 CONCACAF Gold Cup; as part of his callup, Saief filed a one-time switch with FIFA, tying him permanently to the US program. On June 22, 2017 U. S. Soccer confirmed, he was chosen to make his first start for the USMNT against Paraguay on March 27, 2018. As of match played December 19, 2018 GentBelgian Pro League: 2014–15 Belgian Super Cup: 2015 Kenny SaiefIsrael Football Association league player details Kenny Saief at Soccerway

American Film Program

The American Film Program is a Cultural Exchange Program provided by the U. S. Department of State's Bureau of Cultural Affairs; the American Film Program singles out those videos that it views reflect core American principles, such as "individualism, ethnic diversity, social responsibility, trust in the law, the importance of faith and family." One of its core functions is to promote intellectual property rights by helping Americans combat piracy and helping the spread of American film in other markets. Another chief function of the American Film Program is to provide films for the programming of United States Embassies abroad. In addition to providing films for embassy programming, the American Film Program recruits directors, distributors, anti-piracy experts and other film specialists to share American expertise in the business and creative aspects of filmmaking, such as marketing and distribution, special effects and computer animation; the American Documentary Showcase aspect of the American Film Program exhibits independent American films depicting American society culture in foreign countries.

It is administered by the University Video Association. American Film Program Site American Documentary Showcase Site Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs University Film and Video Association Main Site