Hermes Lima

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Hermes Lima
Hermes Lima.tif
Prime Minister of Brazil
In office
September 18, 1962 – January 23, 1963
President João Goulart
Preceded by Brochado da Rocha
Succeeded by Position abolished
Personal details
Born 22 December 1902
Livramento de Nossa Senhora, Brazil
Died 10 October 1978 (1978-10-11) (aged 75)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Hermes Lima (born Livramento de Nossa Senhora, 22 December 1902;[1] died Rio de Janeiro, 10 October 1978) was Brazilian politician who was the Prime Minister of Brazil, jurist, and winner of the 1975 Prêmio Machado de Assis.

Political career[edit]

He originally became an elected federal deputy of the National Democratic Union in 1945, but two years later co-founded and joined the Brazilian Socialist Party.[2] Under João Goulart he served as Labor Minister[3] and later as Prime Minister (from September 18, 1962 until January 23, 1963).[4] He would go on to serve in the Brazilian Supreme Court before being forced into retirement by the military dictatorship in 1969.[5]