Hillfield Strathallan College

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Hillfield Strathallan College
Hillfield Strathallan College
299 Fennell Ave W, Hamilton

Coordinates43°14′24″N 79°53′43″W / 43.24010°N 79.89519°W / 43.24010; -79.89519
TypeIndependent School
MottoVelle est Posse and Excelsior[2] and Learn with Joy. Live with Purpose.
FounderJohn H. Collinson
HeadmasterMarc Ayotte
GradesMontessori Toddler and Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12
Colour(s)Purple,Green and White
AthleticsHSC Trojans
MascotThe Trojan
YearbookBoar Pibroch
Tuition$7,935 - $27,802 [1]

Hillfield Strathallan College is a private, co-educational day school in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The academic program runs from Montessori Toddler and Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12; the current Head of College is Marc Ayotte.

Hillfield Strathallan College is divided into four schools: Montessori, Junior, Middle, and Senior School.


Postcard of Highfield School, circa 1910

Founded in 1901 as Highfield School for Boys, this school was the first private residential and day school for boys in the city of Hamilton. It was a prep school for boys planning to enter the Royal Military College of Canada. Many graduates played key roles in the Canadian military. A series of name changes, reconstructions, new construction, and amalgamations with other institutions have since occurred, resulting in a single modern co-educational facility. Strathallan College was a school for girls nearby. Eventually, the two schools merged and began a co-education program. Alumni from all founding organizations attended the centennial celebration in 2001.


  • 1901 – Highfield School for Boys founded with premises on Aberdeen Avenue between Bay Street South and Ravenscliffe Avenue
  • 1920 – Hillcrest School was founded on the northwest corner of Main and Queen Streets, as a replacement for the previous school that burned down two years prior.
  • 1923 – Strathallan School founded with premises on 15 Robinson Street in Hamilton.
  • 1929 – Hillcrest School and Highfield School were merged into Hillfield School, with new premises on Main Street West in Hamilton.
  • A memorial plaque was unveiled as a list of honour In proud memory of Boys of Highfield School who gave their lives in the Great War [3]
  • mid-50s – 25 Robinson Street was purchased to augment the facilities.
  • 1959 – The Hillfield School program was extended through Grade 13 and the school was renamed Hillfield College.
  • 1961 – Strathallan School was renamed Strathallan College.
  • 1962 – The two colleges, now named Hillfield-Strathallan Colleges, were put under a single Board of Governors, which ran the colleges in co-ordinated but separate manner during a transition period. The current site of the college was acquired, a 50-acre (200,000 m2) campus on 299 Fennell Avenue West on the Hamilton Mountain.
  • 1963 – The schools operated as co-ordinate schools with a headmaster and headmistress.
  • 1970s – The administrations consolidated and first the Primary, then the Senior and finally the Junior schools came together and co-educated. The 'New' Gym, now the Michael G. DeGroote Gym, was built and the Junior School extended.
  • 1980s/1990s – Major additions to the campus, included the Library, new science labs, the Early Education Gym, the ARC, a new Montessori school (early education), state of the art music and art facilities and a brand new auditorium, the "Artsplex". The academic program was redesigned to reflect modern practice.
  • 2005 – Hillfield Strathallan College acquires its own official coat of arms and a new HSC crest and flag, all unveiled for the first time by the Honourable Lincoln M. Alexander, former Lieutenant Governor of Ontario
  • 2012 – The new Michael G. DeGroote Senior School opened its doors for the first time.

The College's buildings[edit]

The buildings have all been named after staff or benefactors who contributed to the development of the College.

Building names[edit]

  • Page Building – Contains the page gym, along with all the locker rooms, and on the top floor is Lawson Hall, where the students eat lunch, and some formal functions take place.
  • Holton Building – The school's administration building, home to the main office, the admissions office and the office of the Head of College.
  • Wansbrough Building – Montessori Piazza
  • Kemper Lounge - Located outside of the VFC it most often hosts open houses and receptions.
  • The Virtue-Fiztgerald Centre for the Arts – A new building that houses the 450-seat, state-of-the-art theatre and the music facilities, including many practice studios (built in the 1980s and upgraded in 1999). Formerly referred to as the "Artsplex" Theatre
  • DeGroote Triple Gymnasium – The newest school gymnasium, built by the generosity of Michael G. DeGroote, a very significant benefactor of the College. Contains 3 Courts "Spallaci, Siggy and King"
  • Strathallan Building – Colloquially known as "Strath". Home to Director of Operations, Business Office, HR, Advancement Office, IT and Campus Store.
  • Young Building – Houses the Middle School Science Laboratories, History Classroom and the Language Wing.
  • Heaven Building – Houses the Middle School Math and English Classrooms.
  • Collinson Building – Houses the Middle School Launch Pad, Geography Room and 2 Art Rooms.
  • Parent's Guild - 3rd floor of Strathallan Building
  • Board Room - Michael G. DeGroote Senior School.
  • Montessori Building – It is the home to students in early education. Students ages 18 months–10 either attend the Montessori or Junior school.
  • Killip Building – Junior school
  • Killip Extension Building- Hold 2 Junior School classrooms, the Early-Ed Gym.
  • Transportation Building – A new building that opened in September 2006 to house transportation staff offices, with solar panels installed later on.
  • Michael G. DeGroote Senior School- State of the art building that was opened in September 2012, it houses the entirety of the Senior School

House system[edit]

Houses are familial tradition, so if the child of an Old Boy or Old Girl attends Hillfield Strathallan College, that child will be placed in the same house as their parent. However, if both parents attended the College, children will be placed in the house of their father.[4] House loyalty is very strong, and lives on through competitions for Old Boys and Old Girls at annual Homecoming celebrations.

The brother/sister houses and the corresponding house colours are:

  • Pine/Yre – Yellow
  • Maple/Tay – Orange
  • Birch/Earn – Red
  • Cedar/More – Blue

The Brother Houses are named after trees and their Sister Houses take their names from lakes in Scotland.


Hillfield Strathallan College has been known for its dramatic productions and musicals. Plays are performed in the fall term, and musicals take place in the spring. All theatrical performances take place in the College's auditorium, "The Virtue-Fitzgerald Centre for the Arts."

The Virtue-Fitzgerald Centre for the Arts is also the venue for the Concert Series, which promotes Canadian talent through the presentation of outstanding vocal and instrumental performances to audiences in the Hamilton area.

Crescendo Concert Series[edit]

The Crescendo Concert Series, currently comprising three concerts per academic year, supports the College’s arts scholarship program. Scholarship recipients have included Gema Zamprogna (1995-1997) and Lisa Jakub (1997-1998).

Notable alumni[edit]


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