1987 Central Michigan Chippewas football team

The 1987 Central Michigan Chippewas football team represented Central Michigan University in the Mid-American Conference during the 1987 NCAA Division I-A football season. In their 10th season under head coach Herb Deromedi, the Chippewas compiled a 5–5–1 record, finished in sixth place in the MAC standings, outscored their opponents, 222 to 203; the team played its home games in Kelly/Shorts Stadium in Mount Pleasant, with attendance of 101,481 in five home games. The team's statistical leaders included quarterback Marcelle Carruthers with 1,323 passing yards, tailback John Hood with 1,121 rushing yards, wide receiver Eric Reed with 652 receiving yards. Reed received the team's most valuable player award. Five Central Michigan players received first-team All-MAC honors

Yunnan sudden death syndrome

Yunnan sudden death syndrome is a label used to define unexplained cases of cardiac arrest, which afflicted significant numbers of rural villagers in Yunnan province, in southwest China. Cases occurred always during the midsummer rainy season, at an altitude of 1,800–2,400 m; the cause turned out to be a mushroom now blamed for an estimated 400 deaths in the past three decades. The mysterious fatalities were recorded for decades before researchers from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention isolated a significant factor common in every case: a tiny unknown mushroom, unintentionally gathered and consumed during wild mushroom harvests in the region; the syndrome was thought to be caused by Keshan disease, caused by the Coxsackie virus. The mushroom, Trogia venenata, is known as'Little White', it has been determined that families collecting fungi to sell have been eating these Little White mushrooms as they have no commercial value. Three amino acids present in the mushrooms have been shown to be toxic.

The mushrooms have been shown to contain high quantities of barium, it may be that some of the deaths are from barium poisoning. In the hours before death, about two-thirds of the victims had such symptoms as nausea, heart palpitations and fatigue. However, in December 2012 it was announced that Dr Xu Jianping has been collecting samples of Trogia venenata in Yunnan for the past three years, his research now shows that barium levels in the wild mushroom are no higher than those of common foods such as poultry and fish. Nonetheless, it appears the mushroom will still play a role. Since publication of the circulated 2010 Science article, no instances of Yunnan sudden death syndrome have been reported. List of deadly fungi Mushroom poisoning Images of the mushroom