Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music

The Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music is a non-profit academic service provider. It is the only complete listing of all medieval and early modern manuscripts of European polyphonic music, it is founded on a digital archive of images of European medieval and early modern polyphonic music ranging from complete manuscripts to fragments. The collection, created by the University of Oxford and Royal Holloway University of London, includes metadata for all manuscripts from 800 to 1650 A. D. with images for about 20% of the sources. The image collection is added to on a regular basis thanks to donations from libraries and collaborations with projects who acquire images and are able to donate them to DIAMM for display; the project has benefited from collaborations with two AHRC-funded projects: Sources of British Song and Tudor Partbooks. DIAMM relies on grant funding and donations from users for its maintenance; the project is not funded, is maintained on a voluntary basis. It has founded DIAMM Publications, which produces high-quality colour facsimiles of manuscripts in the image collection accompanied by academic introductory studies by leaders in their fields, without the considerable markup of conventional publishers.

The income from publications is put back into other publications, but is available to support the online resource when funds are urgently required. Magnus Williamson; the Eton Choirbook. Full colour facsimile with introductory study. ISBN 978-1-907647-00-0 John Milsom; the Dow Partbooks. Full colour facsimile with introductory study 6 vols. ISBN 978-1-907647-02-4 Kerry McCarthy. William Byrd, Masses for 3, 4 and 5 voices. Full colour facsimile with introductory study 5 vols paperback. ISBN 978-1-907647-05-5 David Fallows; the Henry Book. Full colour facsimile with introductory study. ISBN 978-1-907647-04-8 Earp, Leo, Shapreau, Carla; the Ferrell-Vogüé Machaut Manuscript. Full colour facsimile with introductory study 2 vols. ISBN 978-1-907647-05-5 Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music DIAMM Publications

Darnall (ward)

Darnall ward—which includes the districts of Attercliffe, Darnall and parts of Handsworth—is one of the 28 electoral wards in City of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. It is located in the eastern part of the city and covers an area of 17.4 km2. The population of this ward in 2011 was 23,489 people in 8,809 households, it is one of the wards that made up the Sheffield Attercliffe constituency, now the Sheffield South East constituency. Attercliffe is an industrial suburb of northeast Sheffield. Attercliffe stretches from the edge of the city centre of Sheffield to Carbrook. Back in the 1880s, the district was populated by small terraced houses and a shopping area which stretched for over 3 miles along Attercliffe Road, Attercliffe Common and Sheffield Road towards Tinsley. Remnants of this era still stand with the John Banner building, an early multi floor department store located on Attercliffe Road. Other buildings include the Adelphi cinema, Attercliffe Baths, Burton Building, Carbrook Hall and Attercliffe Church - a small building easy to miss tucked back from the main road into the city centre.

As for industry, Tinsley Wire and many other steelworks and light industrial companies survived alongside residential and small retail. During the December 1940 a German bombing campaign devastated the city centre of Sheffield. Attercliffe was badly destroyed with destruction from the city centre across to Tinsley canal locks, it took until the 1990s rebuilding of the old residential area to re-use the former area of the district affected by this historic incident. Traditional areas of Attercliffe now house an interesting mix of old established industry, Adult stores, carpet warehouses and discount stores - including the old John Banner building. Towards the east end of Attercliffe, the area has been regenerated with medium-sized business and a few remaining large steelworks. Carbrook is an industrial area of Sheffield, to the north-east of Brightside. Darnall is a suburb of eastern Sheffield. Tinsley is a district in the northeastern part of Sheffield.'Meadowhall' is the name of a large shopping centre in the Darnall ward.

High Hazels Park