List of bridges of the Merritt Parkway

This is a list of bridges of the Meritt Parkway, located in Fairfield County, Connecticut. The 69 original bridges were designed by George L. Dunkelberger; each bridge had a unique design that represented various 1930s architectural styles, such as Art Deco, Art Moderne, French Renaissance, Gothic and Rustic. Some of the bridges have been reconstructed in recent years, three of the original bridges have been torn down and replaced; the presence of these artistic bridges is one of the reasons that the Merritt Parkway has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places and documented by the Historic American Engineering Record. Below is a list of the 42 bridges that cross over the Merritt Parkway and another list of the 39 bridges that the Merritt Parkway uses to cross over another road or major waterway; the lists are arranged from south to north. List of bridges documented by the Historic American Engineering Record in Connecticut National Register of Historic Places, Merritt Parkway nomination form, 1991 Connecticut Historic Bridge Inventory, 1991 Connecticut State Highway Log, 2007 National Bridge Inventory, 2008 Images of America - Traveling The Merritt Parkway, Larry Larned, 1998

Two Sisters (1929 film)

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