Honduran lempira

The lempira is the currency of Honduras. It is subdivided into 100 centavos; the lempira was named after the 16th-century cacique Lempira, a ruler of the indigenous Lenca people, renowned in Honduran folklore for leading the local native resistance against the Spanish conquistador forces. He is a national hero, is honoured on both the 1 lempira note and the 20 and 50 centavos coins; the lempira was introduced in 1931. In the late 1980s, the exchange rate was two lempiras to the United States dollar; as of March 1, 2019, the lempira was quoted at 24.35 HNL to 1 USD. In 1931, coins were introduced in denominations of 5, 20 & 50 centavos, 1 lempira. One -, 2 - and 10-centavos coins were added in 1939 and 1932, respectively; the silver 1-lempira coins ceased production in 1937, with the other silver coins replaced by cupro-nickel in 1967. The 1 - and 2-centavos coins were discontinued in 1998, respectively. Coins in circulation are 5 centavos 10 centavos 20 centavos 50 centavos The Bank of Honduras and the Banco Atlantida issued the first lempira banknotes in 1932.

They were in denominations of 2, 5, 10 and 20 lempiras. The Central Bank of Honduras took over production of paper money in 1950, introducing 50 and 100 lempiras notes in 1950, followed by the 500-lempiras note in 1995. In January, 2010, a new 20-lempira note was introduced to market made by a polymer base, 60 million notes were issued. Banknotes in circulation are Economy of Honduras The banknotes of Honduras

Epsilon no Fune

Epsilon no Fune is the 4th album of J-pop singer Kotoko under Geneon Entertainment. It was released on October 14, 2009; this album debuted in the sixth place of the Oricon daily charts, making this album one of the most successful in KOTOKO's musical career. This album covers her "Hayate no Gotoku!", "Shichiten Hakki Shijou Shugi!", "Real Onigokko", "Blaze" singles. There are 9 new songs including a cover song performed with I've Kazuya Takase; the album comes in a regular CD-only edition. The DVD will contain the making for ε: Epsilon, and the album contained a special CD which contains a 2009 remix and the original version of her song Hitorigoto. All lyrics are written by Kotoko, except "Little Baby Nothing" by James Dean Bradfield, Richard Edwards, Nicholas Allen Jones and Sean Moore

Medina, Isle of Wight

Medina was a non-metropolitan district with the status of a borough on the Isle of Wight in England from 1974 to 1995. The district was formed by the Local Government Act 1972, was a merger of the municipal boroughs of Newport and Ryde along with the urban district of Cowes, it was one of two districts on the Island formed in 1974 - the other was South Wight. "Medina" was an older name for Newport, preserved in the River Medina. Following a review by the Local Government Commission for England, the borough was abolished on 1 April 1995, when a single Isle of Wight Council replaced the Island's county council and two district councils