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Honoratus of Amiens

Saint Honoratus of Amiens was the seventh bishop of Amiens. His feast day is May 16, he was born in Port-le-Grand near Amiens to a noble family. He was said to be virtuous from birth, he was taught by his predecessor in the bishopric of Amiens, Saint Beatus. He resisted being elected bishop of Amiens. According to hagiographic tradition, a ray of light of divine origin descended upon his head upon his election as bishop. There appeared holy oil of unknown origin on his forehead. According to a legend, when it was known in his hometown that he had been proclaimed bishop, his nursemaid, baking bread for the family, refused to believe that Honoratus had been elevated to such a position, she remarked that she would believe the news only if the peel she had been using to bake bread put down roots and turned itself into a tree. When the peel was placed into the ground, it was transformed into a mulberry tree that gave flowers and fruit; this miraculous tree was still being shown in the sixteenth century.

During his bishopric, he discovered the relics of Victoricus and Gentian, which had remained hidden for 300 years. His devotion was widespread in France following reports of numerous miracles when his body was exhumed in 1060. After his death, his relics were invoked against drought. Bishop Guy, son of the Count of Amiens, ordered that a procession be held, in which an urn holding Honoratus' relics were carried around the walls of the city. Rain is said to have fallen soon after. In 1240, during construction of the cathedral of Amiens, the relics of Honoratus were carried through the surrounding countryside in a quest for funds. In 1202, a baker named Renold Theriens donated to the city of Paris some land to build a chapel in honor of the saint; the chapel became one of the richest in Paris, gave its name to Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. In 1400, the bakers of Paris established their guild in the church of Saint Honoratus, celebrating his feast on 16 May and spreading his cult, he is the patron of a Carthusian establishment at Abbeville, founded in 1306.

In 1659, Louis XIV ordered that every baker observe the feast of Saint Honoratus, give donations in honor of the saint and for the benefit of the community. He is the namesake of the St. Honoré Cake. A statue of Honoratus stands in the portal of Amiens Cathedral. ^ Sometimes 653 is given as his date of death due to confusion with Saint Honorius, Archbishop of Canterbury. Orthodox England Saint of the Day, May 16: Honoratus of Amiens Patron Saints: Honorius of Amiens San Honorato Saint Honore, patron des boulangers Ὁ Ἅγιος Ὀνωράτος Ἐπίσκοπος Ἀμιένης. ΜΕΓΑΣ ΣΥΝΑΞΑΡΙΣΤΗΣ

Subroto Cup

Subroto Cup Football Tournament is a prestigious international inter-school football tournament, held annually in New Delhi, India. Named after the Indian Air Force Air Marshal Subroto Mukerjee, it is an annual event that began in 1960. Students from many countries across Asia participate in this tournament, making it one of the more noteworthy school-level football competitions. Subroto Mukerjee conceived the idea in 1958. Subroto Mukerjee Sports Education Society was formed in 1960 after his untimely death in Tokyo; the first tournament was held with participation of about 50 school teams. The number of schools participating increased over the years. Since 1998, the tournament is played in sub-Junior and Junior. Madhyamgram High School, WEST BENGAL is famous for winning this tournament for 7 times in total which include a hat trick Subroto Cup is conducted by the I A F, with the help of Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports. For years, it was organized by the Durand football tournament committee.

In 1994, the Air Force Sports Control took over the Subroto Cup tournament and has been conducting it since then. Preliminary inter-school tournaments are held in every state of India starting from Sub-division and division level culminating in the inter-school finals at the national level; the school teams, winning the state inter-school championships are invited to participate in the main Subroto Mukerjee Cup Tournament at Delhi. The tournament is on "Knock-out/League" system and is played in accordance with laws and rules relating to Football Association and as accepted and interpreted by the All India Football Federation; the duration of the game has been reduced to 30 minutes each half with an interval of 5 minutes. In the event of a draw, extra time of 7 minutes each half with one minute's interval is allowed. If a match ends in a draw after extra time the Tournament Committee may direct that the game be decided by enforcing the Tie Breaker Rule. In 2015 Championship, For the first time Teams of Boys and Girls are coming from Afghanistan for Subroto Cup.

Brazilian legend and football's elder statesman Pele will come to India after a gap of 38 years after accepting an invitation to attend the final of the 56th edition of the Subroto Cup as its chief guest. At the request of the School Games Federation of India, the Subroto Cup organisers started a sub-junior football tournament from 1998. Sixteens teams participated in the inaugural tournament, while more schools took part in the following years. Since 2000, the fairplay trophy for the sub-junior group has been named in the memory of late Lieutenant Sandeep Loomba, who died in a mountaineering expedition at Abi Gamin peak. Fairplay trophy for the junior group and certificates for both the age groups, are provided by the Subroto Society "Hutchings crowned Subroto Cup champs"; the Indian Express. 13 August 2013. Retrieved 18 August 2013. "Subroto Cup from Oct 7". The Indian Express. 5 October 1992. Retrieved 18 August 2013. "Subroto Cup to kick off from Sept 2 with new format". The Hindu. 29 August 2008.

Retrieved 18 August 2013. "Subroto Cup from September 1". The Times of India. 21 August 2004. Retrieved 18 August 2013. "Subroto Cup: Tamil Nadu boys to take on Ukraine in semis". The Times of India. 28 September 2012. Retrieved 19 August 2013. Official website Subroto Cup on Facebook

Recognition of same-sex unions in Albania

Same-sex unions are not recognized in Albania, whether in the form of marriage or civil unions. Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha announced in a cabinet meeting on 29 July 2009 that the Council of Ministers would push for a bill to recognise marriages between partners of the same sex, he said that the bill had been introduced to the Parliament of Albania. On 5 February 2010, the Albanian Parliament passed an anti-discrimination law which bans discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation. Gay rights groups praised the new law but said they hoped that Berisha would keep his promise on legalising same-sex marriage. Igli Totozani, the People's Advocate, announced in October 2013 that he would be drafting a bill on changes to the Family Code to legalise same-sex marriage. In April 2018, Erinda Balanca, the news People's Advocate, came out in support of same-sex marriage and pledged to support LGBT rights, but as of 2019, no change has happened, with LGBT activists criticising the legislative inaction.

The Constitution of Albania does not explicitly forbid the recognition of same-sex marriages. Article 53 states that "Everyone has the right to have a family. Marriage and family enjoy special protection of the state". In 2017, Kristi Pinderi, executive director of the Albanian group "PRO LGBT", announced his organisation would file a lawsuit requesting the recognition of same-sex unions. LGBT rights in Albania Recognition of same-sex unions in Europe

William Hathorne

William Hathorne was a influential man in early New England. Hathorne is the first American ancestor of the distinguished author Nathaniel Hawthorne. Hathorne was the son of a plain English yeoman, came to America in 1630, rose to prominence through his own talent and efforts, he was a prosperous merchant in Salem, MA, was admitted as a freeman in 1634, served as a deputy representing Salem for many terms, when the House of Deputies elected a speaker for the first time, he was the one chosen. He served in that capacity for several years thereafter, was Salem's commanding character of the time period. Hathorne was a zealous advocate of the personal rights of freemen against royal emissaries and agents. Hathorne served as a magistrate on the highest court, received a grant of 640 acres for service to the state, he was elected assistant to the governor in 1662 and served until 1679. He was appointed as captain of the Salem military company on May 1, 1646, led troops to victory in King Philip's War.

He was commissioned as a major in 1656. Hathorne married a certain Anne Smith and had at least two children, one of which, married Israel Porter and was the grandmother of Israel Putnam. William Hathorne was a reflection of the Puritan society. Puritans came to Massachusetts to obtain religious freedom for themselves, but had no particular interest in becoming a haven for other faiths; the laws were harsh, with punishments that included fines, deprivation of property, banishment or imprisonment. For example, Hathorne had Quakers whipped in the streets of Salem. Hathorne's son, Judge John Hathorne, is a symbol of this period. People believed. There was no scientific explanation for individuals' bizarre behavior, so witchcraft appeared to be the logical explanation for people's fits. Nothing caused more fear in the Puritan community than people who appeared to be possessed by the devil. Witchcraft was a major felony. Judge Hathorne is the best known of the witch trial judges, he became known as the "Hanging Judge" for sentencing witches to death.

Author Nathaniel Hawthorne, who descended from these men, used his ancestors as inspiration for some of his most famous works. He was much interested in colonial history, good vs. evil, the psychology of Puritan society. His classic novels The Scarlet Letter and The House of the Seven Gables, the short story "Young Goodman Brown" reflect his studies. Salem, MA Web site

Bad date list

A bad date list circulates details of persons that may pose a threat to sex workers. Bad date lists can serve as a warning system, so that sex workers can avoid persons who fit descriptions on the list. Bad date lists contain reports of'bad dates' or incidents of violent or dangerous clients or other persons, which describe the incident, provide a description of the person, their vehicle and their phone number. Bad date lists can be handed out to outdoor sex workers. Reports can be collected by outreach workers. Bad date list websites are frequently used by indoor sex workers. Sometimes information comes from the media; the first Canadian bad date book was published in Vancouver, Canada by the "Alliance for Safety of Prostitutes" in 1983. The Prostitution Collective in Victoria, Australia developed the first Ugly Mugs Scheme in May 1986, using the term'ugly mugs' to describe punters who become unreasonable and violent. Many organizations produce a "bad date list" including: Sex Professionals of Canada COYOTE WISH Crossroads Downtown Eastside Youth Activities Centre The Bad Date Coalition of Toronto Project SAFE Street Workers' Advocacy Project Bad Date Sheet Intervention Project National Ugly Mugs run by UK Network of Sex Work Projects Sorfleet, A..

Starting a Bad Trick Sheet. Coalition Advocating Safer Hustling Vol. 2 No. 3 Gregoire, L.. AVENGE THE DEAD, BUT REMEMBER THE LIVING. Vue Weekly. Viral..8929480751. Straight Talk. Black, D.. Prostitutes Identify `Bad Dates' on Website. Toronto Star

2013 New Mexico Bowl

The 2013 New Mexico Bowl was an American college football bowl game, played on Saturday, December 21, 2013 at University Stadium on the campus of the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The eighth annual New Mexico Bowl, it featured the Colorado State Rams, representing the Mountain West Conference, against the Washington State Cougars, representing the Pac-12 Conference; the game began at 12:00 noon MST and was televised on ESPN. It was the first of the 35 2013–14 NCAA football bowl games that concluded the 2013 NCAA Division I FBS football season. Sponsored by Gildan Activewear, the game was known as the Gildan New Mexico Bowl; the Rams won 48 -- 45. The game has conference tie-in agreements with the Mountain West Conference, which sent Colorado State, a team that finished 7–6 during the season and had not appeared in a bowl since 2008, the fourth selection from the conference, the Pac-12 Conference, which sent Washington State, making their first bowl appearance since 2003, was the seventh selection from the conference.

The bowl was the first meeting between the teams. Few media outlets thought this would be a good game to watch, as it featured two mediocre teams, however since it was the first bowl game of the year, it received a decent amount of hype beforehand. One preview noted. Both teams featured strong offenses, however they juxtaposed one another in that Washington State, as typical of Mike Leach-coached football teams relied on the passing game, whereas Colorado State relied upon the running game. Though Washington State was only a 3.5 point favorite, college football analysts were nearly unanimous in predicting a Washington State victory by an larger margin. Led by Mike Leach, in his second-year at Washington State, the Cougars opened the season with a loss to Auburn, an eventual top finisher on the final BCS Standings, a win over No. 24 ranked USC that sprung a three-game winning streak, prior to a loss vs. No.5 ranked Stanford. They lost three of their next four games, but won two more, prior to closing their season with a loss to Washington in the Apple Cup.

They played the most difficult schedule in the country, according to statistician Jeff Sagarin of USA Today. An air raid offense coordinated by Leach, Washington State was projected to have one of its biggest advantages in the passing game, where junior quarterback Connor Halliday recorded 4187 passing yards, fourth in the country, on 656 passing attempts, which led the country by more than 50, for 28 touchdowns and 21 interceptions, the latter of, most in the country, he spread the ball around to many different receivers. The Cougars' leading receiver was sophomore Gabe Marks, who caught 69 passes for 770 yards and 6 touchdowns. Fellow sophomore Dom Williams caught 39 passes for 644 yards and a team-leading 7 touchdowns, 6 feet 3 inches 240 pounds senior Vince Mayle caught 40 passes for 501 yards and 6 touchdowns, freshman River Cracaft, an honorable mention all-conference honoree, caught 37 passes for 489 yards and 2 touchdowns. There were no tight ends on the roster. Washington State's offensive line was expected to be able to protect Halliday easily, as Colorado State would have to drop a significant portion of its defense in to coverage, thus limiting its ability to blitz.

Senior center Elliot Bosch, an honorable mention all-conference performer, anchored the offensive line, was supported by fellow former walk-ons Gunnar Eklund, a sophomore left tackle, Joe Dahl, a sophomore left guard. Leach commented on the group of walk-ons Bosch, noting, "He’s developed his skills, worked hard in the weight room and has been a big cornerstone for us. We wouldn’t be in a bowl game without him." The Cougars' measly rushing attack, which averaged only 58.7 yards per game, included junior Marcus Mason and sophomore Teondray Caldwell. Senior Andrew Furney, an honorable mention all-conference performer, handled the kicking duties, made 15 of his 19 field goal tries with a long of 52 yards and 43 of his 44 extra point tries. Coordinated by Mike Breske, the Cougars' 3-4 defense surrendered an average of 31.3 points per game, 92nd in the country. The defense was led by first team All-American safety Deone Bucannon, a prospect for the 2014 NFL Draft who recorded a team-leading 109 tackles, tied for the team-lead with five interceptions.

He was joined at safety by Hawaiian sophomore Taylor Taliulu. Fifth-year senior Casey Locker contributed. At cornerback, senior Damante Horton recorded 5 interceptions, added 43 tackles and 3.5 tackles for loss, fifth-year senior Nolan Washington, who recorded 35 tackles, freshman Daquawn Brown, who recorded 2 interceptions. The Cougars' linebackers were led by outside linebacker senior Justin Sagote, who finished second on the defense with 91 tackles, added 2.5 TFL. Inside linebacker Darryl Monroe finished third on the defense with 81 tackles, adding 6.5 TFL, 2 sacks. Other contributors at linebacker included junior Cyrus Coen, who totaled 53 tackles, 6.5 TFL, 3 sacks (third on the de