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Horasis Logo RGB.jpg
Formation 2005
Type think tank
Frank-Jürgen Richter
Website http://www.horasis.org/

Horasis is an independent think tank based in Zurich, Switzerland, which was established in 2005 by Frank-Jürgen Richter, its chairman.[1]

Horasis holds invitation-only meetings of global business leaders with a regional focus in China, India, Russia and the Middle East. Horasis has been dubbed "a kind of junior league World Economic Forum for the emerging market set" by The New York Times;[2] in addition to the regional-focused meetings, Horasis holds the Horasis Global Meeting, and hosts private events for the Horasis Visionary Circle, a peer-to-peer group of entrepreneurs.

Role and Mission[edit]

Frank-Jürgen Richter, Chairman, Horasis

Horasis' stated mission is to "enact visions for a sustainable future" through new platforms for cooperation and knowledge-sharing, particularly between developed countries and emerging markets,[3] the community works principally through partnerships with corporations, governments and international organizations, often serving as an incubator for new initiatives. These meetings rotate amongst host countries stage the events; [4] selected corporations supplement speeches and presentations about actual topics.[5][6]

Horasis meetings are usually held outside the respective geographic location of the 'in-focus' nation - in a host country, the events are a means for the countries 'in focus' as guests (China, India, Russia and the Arab world) to promote benign relations with the world and to display soft power through co-option and cooperation. The meetings are also a platform for the respective host country to engage in a policy dialogue with the guest countries.[7][8]

Boris F.J. Collardi, CEO, Julius Baer Group; Li Dongrong, Assistant Governor, People's Bank of China at the Horasis China Meeting


Horasis also serves as a think tank and publishes a wide range of reports which distil the outcomes and observations that emerged from the meetings. Furthermore, Horasis contributes op-eds to the international press.[9]

Business Leaders of the Year[edit]

Horasis awards 'Business Leaders of the Year' - outstanding entrepreneurs who have been building and leading successful global firms of Chinese, Indian, Russian or Arab origin, the award was first given in 2006.[10] Notable recipients include: M. A. Yousuf Ali, Managing Director, Emke Group; Natalya Kaspersky, co-founder, Kaspersky Lab; Rahul Bajaj, Chairman, Bajaj Auto; Vladimir Yevtushenkov, Chairman, Sistema; Fu Chengyu, Chairman, Sinopec; Sanjiv Goenka, Chairman, RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group,;Guo Guangchang, Chairman, Fosun; Li Ruogu, Chairman, China Eximbank; H.E. Mohammad Omran Alshamsi, Chairman, Etisalat; Rajan Mittal, Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Bharti Enterprises; and Malvinder Mohan Singh, Chairman, Fortis Healthcare.

The award ceremonies take place at the respective regional meetings.[11][12]

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