House of Windsor

The House of Windsor is the reigning royal house of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms. The dynasty is of German paternal descent and was a branch of the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, itself derived from the House of Wettin, which succeeded the House of Hanover to the British monarchy following the accession of King Edward VII, son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha; the name was changed from Saxe-Coburg and Gotha to the English Windsor in 1917 because of anti-German sentiment in the United Kingdom during World War I. There have been four British monarchs of the house of Windsor to date: George V, Edward VIII, George VI, Elizabeth II; the current head of the house is monarch of sixteen sovereign states. These are the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Barbados, the Bahamas, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Belize and Barbuda, Saint Kitts and Nevis; as well as these separate monarchies, there are three Crown dependencies, fourteen British Overseas Territories and two associated states of New Zealand.

Edward VII and, in turn, his son, George V, were members of the German ducal House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha by virtue of their descent from Albert, Prince Consort, husband of Queen Victoria, the last British monarch from the House of Hanover. High anti-German sentiment amongst the people of the British Empire during World War I reached a peak in March 1917, when the Gotha G. IV, a heavy aircraft capable of crossing the English Channel, began bombing London directly and became a household name. In the same year, on 15 March, King George's first cousin, Nicholas II, the Emperor of Russia, was forced to abdicate, which raised the spectre of the eventual abolition of all the monarchies in Europe; the King and his family were convinced to abandon all titles held under the German Crown and to change German titles and house names to anglicised versions. Hence, on 17 July 1917, a royal proclamation issued by George V declared: Now, therefore, We, out of Our Royal Will and Authority, do hereby declare and announce that as from the date of this Our Royal Proclamation Our House and Family shall be styled and known as the House and Family of Windsor, that all the descendants in the male line of Our said Grandmother Queen Victoria who are subjects of these Realms, other than female descendants who may marry or may have married, shall bear the said Name of Windsor....

The name had a long association with monarchy in Britain, through the town of Windsor and Windsor Castle. Upon hearing that his cousin had changed the name of the British royal house to Windsor and in reference to Shakespeare's The Merry Wives of Windsor, German Emperor Wilhelm II remarked jokingly that he planned to see "The Merry Wives of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha". George V restricted the use of British princely titles to his nearest relations, in 1919, he stripped three of his German relations of their British titles and styles

Gladys Olebile Masire

Gladys Molefi Olebile Masire, Lady Masire was a Botswana teacher and political figure who served as the longest ruling First Lady of Botswana from 1980 until 1998. Gladys Molefi Olebile was born in 1931 in the village of Mafikeng, she was the daughter of Mabu Mogwera. From her maternal side, she belonged to the Tawana-a-Tshidi Mina Tholo royal family. After graduating from Tigerkloof, she followed in her mother footsteps becoming a teacher for many years at Mafikeng and at Kanye. In the 1980s, Lula Horace, the wife of U. S. Ambassador Horace Dawson, helped Olebile Masire establish Botswana's first charity; this charity was called the Child-to-Child Foundation of Botswana, she was an honorary president of the foundation in 1996. In 1990, Olebile Masire was a member of the Mandela National Reception Committee that helped prepare for Nelson Mandela's June 1990 visit to Gaborone after his release from Robben Island, she was married to the late former President of Botswana Sir Quett Ketumile Masire in 1958 and had six children.

Olebile Masire was the Patron of the Special Olympics Botswana from 1989 until 2013. In the 1996/97 school year, the University of Botswana established the Lady Olebile Masire Prize in her name; this award is given to a student with the highest grades in the Faculty of Engineering. Olebile Masire was posthumously given the Presidential Order of Honour Award in 2016 by President Ian Khama. On 17 May 2014, Lady Olebile Masire died at Milpark Hospital in South Africa, she was buried in Kanye, Botswana, on 25 May 2014, a week later

Tsuruoka National College of Technology

Tsuruoka National College of Technology is a Japanese National College of Technology, located in Tsuruoka, Yamagata. The abbreviated name is TNCT 。 1963 Tsuruoka National College of Technology was founded on April 1, 1963. 1967 Department of Industrial Chemistry established. 1990 Department of Control and Information Systems Engineering came into being by reorganizing the two-class Department of Mechanical Engineering. 1993 Department of Industrial Chemistry was reorganized into Department of Material Engineering. 2003 Advanced Engineering Course was established. 2004 After the "Institution of National Colleges of Technology Japan" Act was enacted, this college has become the Tsuruoka College of Technology of the Institute of National Colleges of Technology Japan. 2005 Department of Electrical Engineering was renamed Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Five years' course. Department of Mechanical Engineering Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department of Control and Information Systems Engineering Department of Material Engineering Two years' course.

Graduated regular course student can enter this course after entrance examination acceptance. Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering Colleges of technology in Japan Mosuke Hayashi Shingi Saito Shozo Watarai Mayumi Someno Jiro Shimizu Mitsuo Abe Tsutomu Nonaka Masaaki Yokoyama Yasushi Kato Koji Takahashi Tsuruoka National College of Technology