Syagrus pseudococos

Syagrus pseudococos is a species of flowering plant in the family Arecaceae. It is found in tropical rainforest and on rocky outcrops in eastern Brazil along a coastal strip from extreme south of state of Bahia south through Espírito Santo, Rio de Janeiro to São Paulo. Syagrus pseudococos has a single, greenish trunk which grows over 50 feet high, it has a full crown. It grows best in rich, well drained soil, it can be distinguished from other species of Syagrus by the pear-shaped form of the fruit. The seeds are unique among Syagrus in having a hollow interior to the endosperm, just like a coconut, it is known as coco verde in California, whereas in Brazil it is known as coco-amargoso or peririma

Atsushi Mio

Atsushi Mio is a former Japanese football player. Mio was born in Yokohama on January 26, 1983, he joined J2 League club Ventforet Kofu from Shonan Bellmare youth team in 2001. He played. In 2002, he moved to J1 League club Kyoto Purple Sanga; however he could hardly play in the match until 2003 and Sanga was relegated to J2 end of 2003 season. He played many matches under new manager Koichi Hashiratani from 2004. Sanga won the champions in 2005 season and was promoted to J1. Although he played many matches, Sanga finished at the bottom place in 2006 season. Manager Hashiratani resigned end of 2006 season and Mio could hardly play in the match in 2007 season. In 2008, he moved to J2 club Ventforet Kofu for the first time in 7 years. Although he played many matches in 2008 season, his opportunity to play decreased in 2009 season. In 2010, he moved to Japan Football League club Gainare Tottori, he played all 34 matches and Gainare won the champions in 2010 season. Gainare played in J2 from 2011 and he played many matches until 2012.

In 2013, he moved to J2 club FC Gifu. Although he played as regular player in 2013, he could not play many matches in 2014 and retired end of 2014 season. Atsushi Mio at J. League