Humor Risk

Humor Risk known as Humorisk, is a 1921 comedy short film, the first film to star the Marx Brothers. It is now considered a lost film; the print may have been accidentally thrown. Another version of the story says that Groucho Marx, unhappy with the film's quality, intentionally burned the negative after a bad premiere screening. Humor Risk was directed by comedy film director Dick Smith, was the first film written by Jo Swerling, who co-wrote It's a Wonderful Life, Gone with the Wind and many other films, it was filmed in New Jersey. The film's title was a spoof of the Fannie Hurst drama Humoresque, one of the biggest film hits of 1920; the Marx Brothers would find success in motion pictures with The Cocoanuts. Four of the five Marx Brothers are known to have been in this short film. Jobyna Ralston is most mentioned as the female lead. However, some sources say that Mildred Davis—star and wife of Harold Lloyd—was in the film; the websites Marxology and SilentEra both state that the leading lady could have been one of two other actresses, Esther Ralston or Helen Kane.

Information about the plot of the film is sparse. It is known that the brothers were working separately, rather than as a team, did not incorporate their trademark comic personalities for which they became known. Harpo played the hero, a detective named Watson who "made his entrance in a high hat, sliding down a coal chute into the basement". Groucho played an "old movie" villain, who "sported a long moustache and was clad in black", while Chico was his "chuckling henchman". Zeppo portrayed a playboy, the owner of a nightclub in which most of the action took place, including "a cabaret, the inclusion of a dance number"; the final shot showed Groucho "in ball and chain, trudging off into the gloaming". Harpo, in a rare moment of romantic glory, gets the girl in the end. List of United States comedy films List of lost films The Marx Brothers’ Lost Film, Humor Risk: Getting to the Bottom of a Mystery in-depth Brenton Film article on the background and whereabouts of the film Marxology entry for Humor Risk Humor Risk on IMDb Humor Risk at SilentEra

Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy Inspiration: Aman Ki Aasha tour

Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy Inspiration: Aman Ki Aasha tour is the first world tour by Indian musical trio Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. The tour started off at the Izod Center in New Jersey. Gunjan lamba is the choreographer of the tour; the tour features major singers from India and Pakistan, like Mahalaxmi Iyer, Shafqat Amanat Ali Richa Sharma, Raman Mahadevan and Anusha Mani. The tour was a huge success and garnered positive reviews from the blogosphere. Kishore Vikaas of MTV Iggy in his review, said that hundreds from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and beyond were lining up for the show and summed up, "Wear comfortable shoes because it’s inevitable that you’ll end up dancing in the aisles at some point". Another blogger, called it an amazing experience to remember while Preeti of Rants & Revelations described it as A wonderful evening and remarked that Shankar Mahadevan stole the show. List of Venues and Dates Event posters, info and dates

2019 Island Games

The XVIII Island Games was held in the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar between 6 and 12 July 2019. This was the second time that the territory has hosted the games, the first being in 1995. Controversially, the games did not include archery, football, or volleyball, which have been in all previous games since 1985, due to the lack of venues, instead they were replaced by tenpin bowling and squash. Gibraltar's sports facilities were redeveloped throughout 2018. Cycling was subsequently included on the list of events on the Games official website, while the 2019 Inter Games Football Tournament was announced as a substitute for the lack of football; the Faroe Islands were scheduled to stage the 2019 games, with the 2021 games taking place in Menorca, but in 2014 the hosts were swapped following issues with the Faroese facilities being ready in time. Menorca withdrew from hosting the 2019 games in July 2015 following a change in government. After the Isle of Man and 2015 hosts Jersey confirmed that they would not apply as replacements, Gibraltar announced in August their intention to host the games, were announced as hosts in April 2016.

Gibraltar has appointed an executive committee to manage the event. On 2 May 2018 it was announced that Ynys Môn would hold an unofficial football tournament to replace the absence of the sport in the actual Games. Islands that are regulars to the Games were expected to attend. 22 island entities of the IIGA, from Europe, South Atlantic and the Caribbean area, competed in these Games. Both Rhodes and Froya did not compete in the games. Numbers in parentheses indicate the number of medal events contested in each sport. * Host nation Island Games 2019