Bizen Province

Bizen Province was a province of Japan on the Inland Sea side of Honshū, in what is today the southeastern part of Okayama Prefecture. It was sometimes called Bishū, with Bingo Provinces. Bizen borders Mimasaka and Bitchū Provinces. Bizen's original center was in the modern city of Okayama. From an early time Bizen was one of Japan's main centers for sword smithing. In the 3rd month of the 6th year of the Wadō era, the land of Bizen-no kuni was administratively separated from Mimasaka Province. In that same year, Empress Genmei's Daijō-kan continued to organize other cadastral changes in the provincial map of the Nara period. In Wadō 6, Tanba Province was sundered from Tango Province. In Wadō 5, Mutsu Province had been severed from Dewa Province. In the Muromachi period, Bizen was ruled by the Akamatsu clan from Mimasaka, but by the Sengoku period the Urakami clan had become dominant and settled in Okayama city, they were supplanted by the Ukita clan, Ukita Hideie was one of the regents Toyotomi Hideyoshi appointed for his son.

After Kobayakawa Hideaki helped Tokugawa Ieyasu to win the Battle of Sekigahara over Ukita and others, he was granted Ukita's domains in Bizen and Mimasaka. Bizen passed through a variety of hands during the Edo period before being incorporated into the modern prefecture system. Kibitsuhiko jinja was the chief Shinto shrine of Bizen. Okayama Prefecture Akasaka District - merged with Iwanashi District to become Akaiwa District on April 1, 1900 Iwanashi District - merged with Akasaka District to become Akaiwa District on April 1, 1900 Jōdō District - dissolved Kojima District - dissolved Mino District - merged with Tsudaka District to become Mitsu District on April 1, 1900 Oku District Tsudaka District - merged with Mino District to become Mitsu District on April 1, 1900 Wake District Okayama Domain Nussbaum, Louis-Frédéric and Käthe Roth.. Japan encyclopedia. Cambridge: Harvard University Press ISBN 978-0-674-01753-5. Annales des empereurs du Japon. Paris: Royal Asiatic Society, Oriental Translation Fund of Great Britain and Ireland.

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St Andrew's and St Bride's High School

St Andrew's and St Bride's High School is a Roman Catholic school in East Kilbride, Scotland. The current head teacher is Fiona Mullen; the school opened in 2007, as of September 2013, had a roll of 1,448 pupils. The new buildings are adjacent to St Bride's Roman Catholic church, built in 1964 by Gillespie, Kidd & Coia; the school was formed by the merger of two earlier schools, St Brides RC High School located at the Platthorn Drive site, St Andrews RC High School located at Scholar's Gate in the Greenhills area of East Kilbride. Opened in 1956 as a junior secondary and primary school, St Bride's was located close to the town centre consisting of one main building, with a separate Art block and three technical blocks; the advent of Comprehensive Education in 1967, meant that Catholic pupils would attend the school, as there would be no qualifying examination for senior secondary schools and so a further Science block and a Technical Block were built in 1970 and a large "New Block" with a Business studies block were opened in 1971.

In 1975/6 a large P. E. Block was built to complete the campus. At its largest, around 1977, the school was second largest in Scotland, with 2,220 pupils, but the opening of St. Andrew's High in 1978 reduced this, it was a state comprehensive mixed gender school with 893 pupils aged 12–18 years. In 1975 St Brides RC High School exceeded the capacity of its Platthorn Drive campus and as an interim measure took over the buildings of the closed Old High School located at Old Mill Road in the East Mains area one mile from the Platthorn Drive campus; this annex site was used to house the first-year intake for 1975, 1976 & 1977. The Old Mill Road site is now part of the South Lanarkshire College. South Lanarkshire Council were accused of threatening academic standards by choosing to merge two academically different schools. In 2002 St Bride's came 24th for Higher results in the national league table of 350 schools, while St Andrew's came in 227th place. There are 6 primary schools who are associated with St Andrew's and St Bride's: St Hilary's Primary School in St Leonards, East Kilbride St Leonard's Primary School in St Leonard's St Kenneth's Primary School in West Mains Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School in Westwood St Louise's Primary School in The Murray St Vincent's Primary School In Greenhills St Andrew's And St Bride's High School's page on Scottish Schools Online