Hyvinkää railway station

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VR station
Hyvinkään rautatieasema2.JPG
Location Rautatienkatu 9, 05800 Hyvinkää
Coordinates 60°37′53″N 024°51′28″E / 60.63139°N 24.85778°E / 60.63139; 24.85778Coordinates: 60°37′53″N 024°51′28″E / 60.63139°N 24.85778°E / 60.63139; 24.85778
Owned by Finnish Transport Agency
Line(s) R, D, T
Platforms 3
Structure type ground station
Disabled access 2
Opened 1862

Hyvinkää railway station (Finnish: Hyvinkään rautatieasema, Swedish: Hyvinge järnvägsstation) is located in Hyvinkää, Finland, approximately 40 kilometres (25 mi) north of Helsinki Central railway station. It is situated between the stations of Jokela and Riihimäki. It is one of the original stations of Helsinki-Hämeenlinna railway, which was completed in 1862. With Järvenpää railway station, it is one of two still operational stations of original main track.

The station serves the R, D and T commuter rail lines between Helsinki and the Riihimäki terminus to the north.

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