Iggy Pop

James Newell Osterberg Jr. better known as Iggy Pop, is an American singer, musician, record producer, actor. Designated the "Godfather of Punk", he was the vocalist of influential proto-punk band the Stooges, who were formed in 1967 and have disbanded and reunited multiple times since. Playing a raw, primitive style of rock and roll, the band sold few records in their original incarnation and gained a reputation for their confrontational performances, which involved acts of self-mutilation by Pop, he had a long collaborative and personal friendship with David Bowie over the course of his career, beginning with the Stooges' album Raw Power in 1973. With both musicians having relocated to West Berlin to wean themselves off their respective drug addictions, Pop began his solo career by collaborating with Bowie on the 1977 albums The Idiot and Lust for Life. Throughout his career, Pop is well known for his outrageous and unpredictable stage antics and distinctive voice, he popularized the activity.

Pop, who traditionally performs bare-chested performed such stage theatrics as rolling around in broken glass and exposing himself to the crowd. Pop's music has encompassed a number of styles over the course of his career, including garage rock, punk rock, hard rock, heavy metal, art rock, new wave, jazz and electronic. Though his popularity has fluctuated through the years, many of Pop's songs have become well known, including "Search and Destroy" and "I Wanna Be Your Dog" by the Stooges, his solo hits "Lust for Life", "The Passenger" and "Real Wild Child". In 1990, he recorded his first and only Top 40 U. S. hit, "Candy", a duet with B-52's singer Kate Pierson. Pop's song China Girl became more known when it was re-recorded by co-writer Bowie, who released it as the second single from his most commercially successful album, Let's Dance; the UK single release of Bowie's version reached No. 2 for one week on 14 June 1983, while the US release reached No. 10. Bowie has re performed many of Iggy's songs throughout his career.

Although Pop has had limited commercial success, he has remained both a culture icon and a significant influence on a wide range of musicians in numerous genres. The Stooges' album Raw Power has proved an influence on artists such as Sex Pistols, the Smiths, the Sisters of Mercy, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, his solo album The Idiot has been cited as a major influence on a number of post-punk and industrial artists including Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails and Joy Division, was described by Siouxsie Sioux as a "re-affirmation that our suspicions were true: the man is a genius." He was inducted as part of the Stooges into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2010. Pop was born James Newell Osterberg Jr. in Muskegon, Michigan, on April 21, 1947, the son of Louella and James Newell Osterberg Sr. a former high school English teacher and baseball coach at Fordson High School in Dearborn, Michigan. He is of English and Irish descent on his father's side, Danish and Norwegian ancestry on his mother's side.

His father was adopted by a Swedish-American nurse surnamed Osterberg. Pop was raised in a trailer park in Michigan. In a 2007 Rolling Stone interview, Pop explained his relationship with his parents and their contribution to his music: Osterberg began his music career as a drummer in various high school bands in Ann Arbor, including the Iguanas, who cut several records such as Bo Diddley's "Mona" in 1965, his stage name, Iggy, is derived from the Iguanas. After exploring local blues-style bands such as the Prime Movers, he dropped out of the University of Michigan and moved to Chicago to learn more about blues. While in Chicago, he played drums in blues clubs, helped by Sam Lay who shared his connections with Pop. Inspired by Chicago blues as well as bands like The Sonics, MC5 and The Doors, he formed the Psychedelic Stooges and began calling himself Iggy; the band was composed of Pop on vocals, Ron Asheton on guitar, Asheton's brother Scott on drums, Dave Alexander on bass. Their first show was played at a Halloween party at a house in Michigan.

Members of the MC5 were in attendance. The seeds of Pop's stage persona were sown when he saw The Doors perform in 1967 at the University of Michigan and was amazed by the stage antics and antagonism displayed by singer Jim Morrison. Morrison's extreme behavior, while performing in a popular band, inspired the young Pop to push the boundaries of stage performance. Other influences on Pop's vocals and persona were James Brown. Pop popularized the activity. Pop, who traditionally performs bare-chested performed such stage theatrics as rolling around in broken glass and exposing himself to the crowd. I attended two concerts by the Doors; the first one I attended was early on and they had not gotten their shit together yet. That show was a big, big influence on me, they had just had their big hit, "Light My Fire" and the album had taken off.... So, here's this guy, out of his head on acid, dressed in leather with his hair all oiled and curled; the stage was tiny and it was low. It got confrontational.

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