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  • עִלּוּט, עילוט
  • عيلوط
Ilut is located in Jezreel Valley region of Israel
Coordinates: 32°43′00″N 35°15′45″E / 32.71667°N 35.26250°E / 32.71667; 35.26250Coordinates: 32°43′00″N 35°15′45″E / 32.71667°N 35.26250°E / 32.71667; 35.26250
Grid position 174/235 PAL
District Northern
 • Type Local council (from 1991)
 • Head of Municipality Hassan Ali
 • Total 3,051 dunams (3.051 km2 or 1.178 sq mi)
Population (2016)[1]
 • Total 7,727

Ilut, also spelt ʿAilut (Arabic: عيلوط‎; Hebrew: עִלּוּט‬), is an Arab local council in the Northern District of Israel. It was declared a local council in 1991; in 2016 its population was 7,727.[1]

Ilut is located to the northwest of Nazareth.The town is home to the Ilut Stadium, the home ground of Maccabi Ahi Nazareth.


In 1859, the village had a population of 180 souls.[2] Historical geographer, Samuel Klein (1886–1940), suggested identifying the village with the 2nd century town known as ‘Ayṯoh-lo, mentioned in rabbinical sources and home to one of the 24 priestly families that settled in the Galilee after the Bar Kokhba revolt.[3]

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