Indigenous peoples in Guyana

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Indigenous Guyanese
The Lokono Artists Group.jpg
George Simon (Lokono) with members of the Lokono Artists Group. Left to Right: "Puffy" Clenkien, Telford Taylor, Ossie Hussein (standing), Foster Simon, George Simon and Lynus Clenkien
Regions with significant populations
9.16% of Guyana's population[1]
English, Guyanese Creole, and Indigenous languages (including the nine recognized languages of Akawaio, Macushi, Waiwai, Arawak, Patamona, Warrau, Carib, Wapishana, and Arekuna)
Indigenous religion, Christianity, and others

Indigenous peoples in Guyana, or Native Guyanese, are Guyanese people who are of indigenous ancestry. They comprise approximately 9.16% of Guyana's population.[1]

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