Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

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Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada
Industrie Canada.svg
Department overview
Formed 1993 (as Industry Canada)

Department responsible for

  • CRTC
  • Copyright Board of Canada
  • Canadian Intellectual Property Office
  • Regional Economic Development Agencies
Jurisdiction Canada
Employees 6,104 (2006)
Annual budget CAD$ 4.9 billion (2015)[1]
Ministers responsible
Deputy Minister responsible
  • John Knubley

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (French: Innovation, Sciences et Développement économique Canada), or ISED, formerly Industry Canada, is the department of the Government of Canada with a mandate of fostering a growing, competitive, and knowledge-based Canadian economy.[2] The Department headquarters are located at the C.D. Howe Building at 235 Queen Street in Ottawa, Ontario.

Upon the November 2015 installation of the 29th Canadian Ministry, led by newly-elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the position of Minister of Industry was re-named Minister of Innovation, Science, and Economic Development, and Industry Canada was subsequently re-named Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada.[3][4]

The C.D. Howe Building, home to many Industry Canada offices

Officials and structure[edit]

Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development
Minister of Science
Minister of Small Business and Tourism

Agencies, boards and offices[edit]

The Department oversees several agencies and boards including:

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Certifications and approvals[edit]

  • Technical Acceptance Certificate (TAC) for Category I radio and broadcasting equipment [5]


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