International Business Times

The International Business Times is an American online news publication that publishes seven national editions in four languages. The publication, sometimes called IBTimes or IBT, offers news and editorial commentary on business and commerce. IBT is one of the world's largest online news sources, receiving forty million unique visitors each month, its 2013 revenues were around $21 million. IBTimes was launched in 2005, its headquarters are in the Financial District of New York City. Founder Etienne Uzac, a native of France, came up with the idea for the global business news site while a student at the London School of Economics, he found that the strongest business newspapers had a focus on the United States and Europe and planned to provide broader geographic coverage. Uzac recruited Johnathan Davis to join him in the enterprise. In late 2005, Uzac and Davis moved to New York City to launch the site, with Uzac focused on business strategy, while Davis coded the site and wrote the first articles.

In May 2012, the company announced the appointment of Jeffery Rothfeder as editor-in-chief and the promotion of Davis from executive editor to chief content officer. On August 4, 2013, IBT Media announced its purchase of Newsweek and the domain from IAC/InterActiveCorp. The purchase did not include The Daily Beast. Peter S. Goodman executive business editor and global news editor of The Huffington Post, became editor in 2014. IBT Media rebranded as Newsweek Media Group. From March to July 2016, IBT laid off an estimated thirty percent of its editorial staff; this period marked a new era for the company as it expanded into branded content and events with its sister publication Newsweek. At the same time, Dev Pragad, who had started the Europe, the Middle East and Africa business in 2009, was promoted from managing director of Europe to global CEO of Newsweek and IBT; this was followed in January 2017 by the appointment of Alan Press in the "newly-created, strategic role of President".

In September 2018, Newsweek Media Group once again became IBT Media with Newsweek spun off as an independent company. In late 2011, Google moved the outlet's articles down in search results in response to excessive search engine optimization activity. An internal IBT memo advised IBT journalists on how to "re-work a story you've done and re-post it in the hopes that it will chart better via Google... Some people have been just re-posting the exact same story, with a new headline. We're not doing that anymore."Reporting in 2014, Mother Jones claimed that IBT journalists are subject to constant demand to produce clickbait. Of 432 articles published by IBT Japan in a certain time interval, 302 were created by copying sentences from Japanese media and combining them, "collage-style", to create stories that seemed new. Employees told The Guardian in 2014 that at times they seemed to operate more as "content farms" demanding high-volume output than a source of quality journalism. At least two journalists were threatened with firing unless traffic to their articles increased sharply.

In 2016, IBT hired John Crowley, the Wall Street Journal's EMEA digital editor, as its UK editor-in-chief. According to The Guardian, "Crowley said his focus would be on helping the site break exclusives, in-depth storytelling and new forms of digital journalism, he said IBT was putting together a UK business desk and hiring an audience team." Crowley stated, "We are not a wire service or so-called paper of record... but I have a vision of where I want to take a site... we've got to have a USP... make ourselves distinctive in journalistic terms."In early 2017, International Business Times UK joined a partnership along with the likes of Bloomberg, Channel 4 and the BBC to work together to combat the spread of fake news. has been quoted by other British media. In June 2017, Jason Murdock — who covers cybersecurity for the International Business Times UK — won Digital Writer of the year at the Drum Online Media Awards, which according to InPublishing magazine “identify the cleverest and most original purveyors of news and views from around the world.”Media Matters for America, a politically progressive journalism watchdog, labeled an IBT article linking Hillary Clinton's policies to the gun used in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting a "false and sloppy smear", based on a misreading of government documents.

In the Columbia Journalism Review, contributing editor Trudy Lieberman credited IBT's David Sirota's investigative reporting for helping to drive a call for reform in Connecticut health insurance regulation. Early in its history, IBT Media employed immigrant students of Olivet University who were not authorized to work in the United States to translate English content into Chinese and other languages, paying them less than minimum wage to do so. In 2016, employees complained publicly about missed payroll, meager or nonexistent severance packages, one-sided nondisclosure agreements; the nature of the connection between IBT and The Community, a Christian sect led by David Jang, is disputed. Davis and Uzac both have ties to an evangelical institution founded by Jang. Graduates of Olivet are known to work at Newsweek Media Group, which has donate

Carry On Breathing

Carry On Breathing is an album from UK group Cassetteboy. This is Cassetteboy's latest album, released on Barry's Bootlegs in 2008, it follows the life of a person, from birth to death. It contains the usual mix of samples from a variety of sources, including EastEnders, Doctor Who, American Dad!, The Simpsons, many other samples taken from British Television and radio broadcasts. Cassetteboy disclosed the names of the band members shortly before the release of this album. Three of the track titles refer to the book Earth Inc. written by Michael Bollen. Brokeback Building Site 1:08 The Skilling Bike 1:00 Reading Pain in the Face of a Duck 0:38 All The Forks, Forky Fork 1:23 Standupsitdowngetupfaffaround 0:27 The Lead Thief 2:09 Fancy a Game of Fuck You Palin? 0:17 Dangerous Megathumbs 0:16 Flapjack Your Body 0:43 Chris's Printer 0:42 Brackish Water 2:36 Revenge of the Pencock 0:22 Next Level 1:02 You Know When You've Been Winked at By Euback's Winking Winky 0:19 I Love Cat 0:28 Porkpienapple 0:25 Salvador Dahlin Wahlin 0:06 Bullhang in the Bristol Channel 0:12 Dingy Veils, Rumpled Gown 0:48 Old People's Bums Are Very Flat 1:26 Sidney Darken 0:55 Full Plastic Helmet Full Mental Jacket 1:10 Ever Punishing Krow 0:52 I Love Dog 1:47 Crapboasts 2:19 Dude Where's My Car 1:11 My Bum & The Bi-Mums 0:36 Dwhoooo!

0:59 Kajsa 1:44 I Know Michael Jackson 0:11 Furtive Movements of the Skulking Muslim 0:51 The Pitiful Door 0:26 Can I Have The Data? 0:47 Andy Townsend's Crappy Computer 0:11 I Like Things 0:40 Do You Remember That Film With Sigourney Weaver? 0:51 Grunder II 0:14 Yeah, Snake Oil 2:17 The Boss's Beef Melon 0:11 I Am The Guv'nor, You Deal With Me 0:38 One of Us Has Written A Novel 1:24 It's Called'Earth Inc' 0:19 ISBN# 978 0556105 30 0:43 Have You Ever Seen Fish And Chips Like These? 1:56 A Snake Is Not An Animal 0:17 Chelmsfail 0:19 You're Pickin The Bones Out 0:46 Cockalainie 1:07 Sugary Shearer 0:46 They'll Never Succeed in Taking Over The Government of France 0:15 Mum & Dad 0:21 I'll Have A Thanks Very Much 0:38 Bleak Sieve 1:03 Threads 2:06 Nice Hair Sieve 0:32 Involuntary Dolphins 0:26 A Duck Is One Mean Machine 3:05 Blow A Dog's Hair Out 1:31 Gonashvili 1:32 The Hissing Butt 0:28 Mindprobe Sieve 0:56 Black Crunchy Nut Man 0:47 Kolme Kitaraa 0:14 My Wife Kracked A Little Gig Off in Kraków 0:29 Gluey Stepmum 0:56 Taking The Noro on the Chin 2:22 Acropolis Now 0:11 We Went To Chicago We Did 0:41 Wheelchair Sieve 0:20 Taking The Bedlington Terrier for a Walk 0:24 Duckdiamond 1:00 Knocked Up A Lil Grey Pigs Face Thing 0:22 Chris Moyles Is Not A Paedophile 0:36 The Salmon Meal 0:53 Down at the Quiz 0:23 Panickin Skywalker 0:09 Foameyes 735 0:55 Giving Up 1:49 He Had Money All Along 0:48 Hubcap Ernie 0:29 Snow Dalek 0:15 A Couple of Old School Mates 0:56 Anybody Wanna Do Our Next Album For Us?

0:52 The Boardgame That Crashed 1:01 I Couldn't Tell You That I Loved You Enough 0:41 What? You're Gonna Kill Me? Down The Phone? 1:21 This Track Has No Title 1:19

John B. Kelly Jr.

John Brendan "Jack" Kelly Jr. known as Kell Kelly, was an accomplished rower, a four-time Olympian, an Olympic medal winner. He was the son of triple Olympic gold medal winner John B. Kelly Sr. and the elder brother of the actress and Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly. In 1947, Kelly was awarded the James E. Sullivan Award as the top amateur athlete in the United States. Kelly was born in Pennsylvania, he was the second child and only son of John Kelly Sr. and his wife, the former Margaret Katherine Majer. His paternal grandparents were Irish immigrants, with his grandfather being from County Mayo, Ireland. John Sr. was the son of a farmer. Margaret's parents were Germans. Before her marriage, she was competitive swimmer, she converted from Protestantism to Roman Catholicism to marry Jack Kelly. Kelly's uncle George Kelly was a Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright. Kelly had an older sister Margaret and two younger sisters and Elizabeth Anne. Kelly's younger sister Grace would go on to become an Academy Award winning film actress who married Rainier III, Prince of Monaco in 1956.

Kelly's nephew is Monaco's current monarch Prince Albert II. The children were raised in a 17-room house on Henry Avenue in East Falls, Philadelphia Kelly served in the United States Navy during World War II, he was stationed in Maryland. Kelly rowed for the varsity team. Kelly represented the United States at the 1948 Summer Olympics at London, United Kingdom, the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki and the 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne, Australia in rowing in the single scull, he represented the United States in the double scull at the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome. Kelly won a bronze medal at the 1956 Games, he won gold medals at the 1955 and 1959 Pan American Games and 1949 European Championships. Kelly's father John B. Kelly Sr. won two gold medals at the 1920 Summer Olympics, capturing both the single scull and the double scull. The senior Kelly repeated his victory in the double scull at the 1924 Summer Olympics. In 1920, despite his accomplishments as an rower, the senior Kelly's entry was rejected at the most prestigious rowing event in the world, the Henley Royal Regatta.

According to the minutes of the regatta's Committee of Management, Kelly was excluded for two reasons: first, because having worked as a bricklayer he was not eligible under the regatta's rules on amateurism and second because he was a member of Vesper Boat Club, banned in 1906 after members of their 1905 crew raised money through a public subscription to pay for their travel expenses. Kelly's exclusion was reported in newspapers in both the UK and US, with many seeing it as an attempt to prevent an American from winning the prestigious Diamond Challenge Sculls event although an American, Edward Ten Eyck, had won the event in 1897. In 1947, Kelly Jr. won the Diamond Challenge Sculls at the Henley, the event from which his father had been excluded. In recognition of his accomplishment, Kelly was awarded the 1947 James E. Sullivan Award as the top amateur athlete in the United States. In 1949 Kelly again won the Diamond Challenge Sculls at Henley. In 1980, Kelly's sister Princess Grace of Monaco was invited to present the trophies at the Regatta.

In 2003, the Princess Grace Challenge Cup named in her honour was first presented. In 2004, Grace's son Prince Albert of Monaco presented the trophies at the Regatta. At the 1948 Summer Olympics in London, Kelly competed on the same Henley course where he had won the Diamond Challenge Sculls the year before. Kelly won his opening heat, but did not make the finals after finishing second to eventual Silver Medalist Eduardo Risso in the semi-finals.. At the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki, Kelly again won his opening heat. In the semi-final, one to qualify, Kelly finished second to eventual champion Yuriy Tyukalov, Kelly was relegated to the repechage, or second-chance race, one to qualify for the final. In the repechage, Kelly's main competitor was Teodor Kocerka of Poland, they fought all the way down the course with Kocerka, who would go on to win the Bronze medal, prevailing in a close finish. At the 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne, Kelly won a bronze, he was beaten by two teenage prodigies, Vyacheslav Ivanov of Russia and Stuart MacKenzie of Australia, but Kelly beat Teodor Kocerka, who had beaten Kelly four years earlier.

Kelly gave the medal to his sister Grace, who married Prince Rainier earlier that year, as a wedding present. He would quip that he had hoped it would have been a different color. In 1960, Kelly competed in the double scull at his final Olympics in Rome, his boat would be eliminated in the repechage. In 1964, following his retirement from rowing, Kelly acted as manager for the United States Olympic 8-man boat, it was composed of rowers from the Vesper Boat Club, to which Kelly belonged. That boat won a Gold Medal at the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. In 1968, Kelly served as a member of the national committee for the Modern pentathlon. Kelly became a passionate advocate for the athletes, he was elected president of the Amateur Athletic Union in 1970 and stirred controversy by arguing that the amat