International P.E.A.C.E. Benefit Compilation

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Peace war.jpg
Compilation album by various artists
Released 1984
Recorded 1982–1984
Length 1:50:07 (original LP),
2:03:25 (CD reissue)
Label R Radical Records (original LP),
New Red Archives (CD reissue)
Back cover
Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic (1984 release)4/5 stars[1]
AllMusic (1997 release)3/5 stars[2]

The International P.E.A.C.E. Benefit Compilation,[nb 1] commonly referred to as the P.E.A.C.E. compilation,[4] retitled in 1997 as P.E.A.C.E./War, by combining the legends on its front and back cover, for its reissue on CD,[nb 2] is a compilation double album first released in 1984 by R Radical Records,[nb 3][5][6] the label run by MDC frontman Dave Dictor,[1][2] in association with San Francisco Bay Area punk fanzine Maximumrocknroll. The "P.E.A.C.E." in the album title is a backronym for "Peace, Energy, Action, Cooperation, Evolution".[4]


P.E.A.C.E. features 55 hardcore punk acts from around the world, including such stalwarts as Dead Kennedys, Crass, Subhumans, Butthole Surfers, and MDC themselves.[2][7] 30 of the acts were from outside the United States, and all of the acts featured frequently wrote and recorded left-leaning topical music (with the lone exception of the Butthole Surfers, who came from a similar political position but did not normally deal with political issues in their music). Eight of the acts originated from Italy, which had been sprouting anarchist punk bands such as Cheetah Chrome and the Motherfuckers, Contrazione and RAF Punk (all represented on the album) for quite some time. The cover art was created by San Francisco artist Dana F. Smith.

Maximumrocknroll's main contribution to the project, other than assisting in recruiting acts to participate on the double album, was in the assemblage of a 72-page magazine-sized insert featuring several pages on the topics of nuclear disarmament, imperialism, radiation, pollution, and political demonstrations.[2]

All of the profits from the album, according to a primitive obi strip-style insert shrunkwrapped to the original double vinyl release, were slated for various anti-nuclear groups and activities worldwide.[4]

The CD reissue[edit]

In 1997, the indie label New Red Archives re-released the album as a double CD set under the title P.E.A.C.E./War,[nb 2][2][8] adding five tracks from artists on their roster to the end of disc two.[2] The reissue does not include a reproduction of the first release's booklet, and, since its early name was changed, it is not known if the benefit aspect of the original album still holds.

Track listings[edit]

In keeping with the original album's insert, the band's country of origin is given in parentheses.

1984 2-LP release[edit]

Side A
1."Up Against a Wall"Articles of Faith (USA)2:07
2."Endless Blockads for the Pussyfooter"G.I.S.M. (Japan)3:44
3."Ashes to Ashes"Neon Christ (USA)1:41
4."Schluter's Kabinet"Kalashnikov (Denmark)[nb 4]1:46
5."Time Will Tell"Cause for Alarm (USA)2:08
6."No U.S.A."Local Disturbance (Netherlands)2:42
7."Honour's Calling"Unwarranted Trust (Canada)3:11
8."Finirà mai?" (It Will Never End?)Wretched (Italy)[nb 5]1:10
9."Drop the A-Bomb on Me"0DFx (USA)0:21
10."Here Come the Cops"The Afflicted (USA)2:15
11."Inutile trionfo" (Useless Triumph)Declino (Italy)1:31
12."I Hope You Get Drafted"Dicks (USA)1:27
13."Arms Race"BGK (Netherlands)1:11
14."It's You"Crass (UK)2:03
Side B
1."Swastika Ratss"Upright Citizens (West Germany)1:36
2."Banana Split Republic"False Prophets (USA)4:04
3."Kärnvapen Attack" (Nuclear Attack)Mob 47 (Sweden)1:20
4."Face Down in the Dirt"Offenders (USA)1:27
5."Sbarre" (Bars)Contrazione (Italy)1:32
6."So Much Hate"S.C.U.M. (Canada)1:40
7."Viejos patéticos" (Pathetic Old Men)Los Violadores (Argentina)1:37
8."Sometimes"Deadlock (Netherlands)1:34
9."Will It Ever End?"P.P.G. (USA)0:57
10."Peace of What?"Trash (USA)1:22
11."Police Brutality"Vicious Circle (Australia)2:12
12."Gartlands Pit"Condemned to Death (USA)1:09
13."Non mi dire" (Don't Tell Me)Negazione (Italy)1:27
14."America the Beautiful"D.O.A. (Canada)2:21
Side C
1."Snap"D.R.I. (USA)1:12
2."Jump Back"Porno Patrol (West Germany)2:05
3."Drop Out"Treason (USA)2:20
4."Abortos" (Abortions)Shit S.A. (Spain)2:04
5."Silence"Septic Death (USA)1:33
6."Life of Punishment"Cheetah Chrome and the Motherfuckers (Italy)2:40
7."No mai" (Never)Peggio Punx (Italy)1:20
8."An Uneasy Peace" (early version)The Proletariat (USA)3:14
9."From Protest to Resistance"Conflict (UK)[nb 6]2:37
10."Battlefield (Nightmare)"The Iconoclast (USA)1:54
11."Pay for Shit"Pandemonium (Netherlands)1:03
12."Kinky Sex Makes the World Go 'Round"Dead Kennedys (USA)4:18
13."Skorbut" (Scurvy)Boskops (West Germany)2:11
Side D
1."Rats"Subhumans (UK)[nb 7]3:19
2."Peace Officer"White Lie (USA)1:17
3."R.A.T./Pentagone"Wargasm (Netherlands)1:58
4."Four More Hours"Slaughterhouse 4 (USA)1:09
5."Finale"Execute (Japan)1:36
6."Reagan Youth"Reagan Youth (USA)1:18
7."The Man Goes On"Impact (Italy)1:33
8."100 Million People Dead"Butthole Surfers (USA)2:41
9."Ataque" (Attack)Kangrena (Spain)1:09
10."Will Amerika"Porcelain Forehead (Canada)2:26
11."No Mercy, No War"Barely Human (USA)2:48
12."Contro la pace, contro la guerra" (Against the Peace, Against the War)RAF Punk (Italy)4:02
13."Moment by Moment/Exiled Shadows"Zenzile (South Africa)[nb 8]2:11
14."Missile Destroyed Civilization"MDC (USA)2:30

1997 2-CD edition[edit]


Incomplete list.


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  7. ^ Written about the Stop the City demonstrations being held around the world at the time.
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