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Into the Woods

Into the Woods is a musical with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and book by James Lapine. The musical intertwines the plots of several Brothers Grimm and Charles Perrault fairy tales, exploring the consequences of the characters' wishes and quests; the main characters are taken from "Little Red Riding Hood", "Jack and the Beanstalk", "Rapunzel", "Cinderella", as well as several others. The musical is tied together by a story involving a childless baker and his wife and their quest to begin a family, their interaction with a witch who has placed a curse on them, their interaction with other storybook characters during their journey; the musical debuted in San Diego at the Old Globe Theatre in 1986 and premiered on Broadway on November 5, 1987, where it won several Tony Awards, including Best Score, Best Book, Best Actress in a Musical, in a year dominated by The Phantom of the Opera. The musical has since been produced many times, with a 1988 US national tour, a 1990 West End production, a 1997 tenth anniversary concert, a 2002 Broadway revival, a 2010 London revival, in 2012 as part of New York City's outdoor Shakespeare in the Park series.

A Disney film adaptation directed by Rob Marshall and starring Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, James Corden, Anna Kendrick, Chris Pine, Tracey Ullman, Christine Baranski and Johnny Depp was released in 2014. The film grossed over $213 million worldwide, received three Academy Award nominations and three Golden Globe Award nominations; the Narrator introduces four characters: Cinderella. The Witch took Rapunzel, she explains the curse will be lifted if she is brought four ingredients – "the cow as white as milk, the cape as red as blood, the hair as yellow as corn, the slipper as pure as gold" – in three days' time. All begin the journey into the woods: Jack to sell his beloved cow. Cinderella receives golden slippers from her mother's spirit. A Mysterious Man mocks Jack for valuing his cow more than a "sack of beans". Little Red meets a hungry Wolf, who persuades her to take a longer path and admire the beauty, with his own ulterior motives in mind; the Baker, followed by his Wife, meets Jack. They convince Jack that the beans found in the Baker's father's jacket are magic and trade them for the cow.

The Baker has qualms about their deceit. The Witch has raised Rapunzel in a tall tower accessible only by climbing Rapunzel's long, golden hair; the Baker, in pursuit of the red cape, rescues Little Red and her grandmother. Little Red rewards him with her cape, reflects on her experiences. Jack's Mother tosses his beans aside. Cinderella flees the Festival, pursued by another Prince, the Baker's Wife hides her. Spotting Cinderella's gold slippers, the Baker's Wife loses Milky White; the characters recite morals. Jack describes his adventure climbing the beanstalk, he gives the Baker gold stolen from the giants to buy back his cow, returns up the beanstalk to find more. Cinderella's Prince and Rapunzel's Prince, who are brothers, compare their unobtainable amours; the Baker's Wife overhears their talk of a girl with golden hair. She takes a piece of her hair; the Mysterious Man returns Milky White to the Baker. The Baker's Wife again fails to seize Cinderella's slippers; the Baker admits. Jack arrives with a hen that lays golden eggs.

The Witch discovers the Prince's demands Rapunzel stay sheltered from the world. She refuses, the Witch cuts off Rapunzel's hair and banishes her; the Mysterious Man gives the Baker money for another cow. Jack meets Little Red, now sporting knife, she goads him into returning to the Giant's home to retrieve the Giant's harp. Cinderella, torn between staying with her Prince or escaping, leaves him a slipper as a clue, trades shoes with the Baker's Wife; the Baker arrives with another cow. A great crash is heard, Jack's mother reports a dead Giant in her backyard, which no one seems to care about. Jack returns with a magic harp; the Witch discovers the new cow is useless, resurrects Milky White, fed the ingredients but fails to give milk. The Witch explains Rapunzel's hair will not work, the Mysterious Man offers corn silk instead; the Witch reveals the Mysterious Man is the Baker's father, she drinks – he falls dead, the curse is broken, the Witch regains her youth and beauty. Cinderella's Prince seeks the girl.

Cinderella becomes his bride. Rapunzel bears twins and is found by her Prince

The Tracey Fragments (film)

The Tracey Fragments is a 2007 drama film directed by Canadian Bruce McDonald and written by Maureen Medved, based on her novel of the same name. It stars Ellen Page in the title role, who tries to find her little brother, is produced by Sarah Timmins and executive produced by Paul Barkin. 15-year-old Tracey Berkowitz is in her underwear under a tattered shower curtain at the back of a bus, looking for her little brother Sonny, who thinks he's a dog. Tracey's journey leads into the dark underbelly of the city, into the emotional cesspool of her home, through the brutality of her high school, the clinical cat-and-mouse games with her shrink and her soaring fantasies of Billy Zero - her rock and roll saviour, her travels put her in contact with the seedier inhabitants of the city, like Lance, her would-be saviour who puts her life in jeopardy. Tracey's stories begin to intertwine truth with lies, hope with despair, as she moves closer to the truth of Sonny's disappearance. Ellen Page as Tracey Berkowitz Ari Cohen as Mr. Berkowitz Maxwell McCabe-Lokos as Lance Erin McMurtry as Mrs. Berkowitz Slim Twig as Billy Zero Julian Richings as Dr. Heker Kate Todd as Debbie Dodge Ryan Cooley as David Goldberg Libby Adams as Young Tracey Berkowitz Zie Souwand as Sonny Berkowitz Derek Scott as Headstand Johnny Sydney Rodgers as Tracey Berkowitz Imagination Stephen Amell as Detective George Stroumboulopoulos as himself The film was selected to open the Panorama section of the 57th Berlin International Film Festival and had its world premiere February 8, 2007.

It was distributed in Canada by Odeon Films, with world sales were handled by Bavaria Films International. The film had its North American premiere at the 2007 Toronto International Film Festival on September 12. Canadian theatrical release followed in October 2007; the film was acquired for the United States by THINKFilm, was released May 9, 2008. After a screening at the Possible Worlds 2007 Canadian Film Festival, the film was acquired for DVD release in Australia and New Zealand by Siren Visual; the film was a low budget production, being made on only CAD$750,000. The score features music from Canadian indie rock group Broken Social Scene; the soundtrack features Peaches, The FemBots, Slim Twig, Duchess Says, Rose Melberg and "Land Horses", a cover version of Patti Smith's "Horses" by Land of Talk's Elizabeth Powell. Tracey Re:fragmented is a project by the director and producers that made available all footage from the film shoot to download and remix into "their own related projects, including music videos, new trailers or to re-edit the entire movie themselves".

The footage was released under a Creative Commons licence as four torrents, each four gigabytes in size. A contest was held for the best use of the footage from August 2007 until January 2008, with the winning material being included on the DVD release, including a video by Ottawa-based punk band Sedatives; the film was adapted into a comic book called The Tracey Fragments. The comic was available for free during some early screenings of the film. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a rating of 36%, based on 33 reviews, with an average rating of 4.9/10. The site's critical consensus reads, "Splitscreen intensive and at times ambiguous, this Ellen Page vehicle cum psychodrama takes audacious risks that may confuse." On Metacritic, the film holds a score of 54 out of 100, based on 10 reviews, indicating "mixed or average reviews". 2007: won the Manfred Salzgeber Award, chosen as the opening film for the Berlin International Film Festival, Berlin Panorama section September 2007: Atlantic Film Festival: Best Canadian Feature, Ellen Page, Best Actress January 28, 2008: 28th Annual Genie Awards by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television.

6 nominations including: Achievement in Direction - Bruce McDonald Achievement in Editing - Jeremiah Munce, Gareth C. Scales Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role - Ellen Page Achievement in Overall Sound - John Hazen, Matt Chan, Brad Dawe Achievement in Sound Editing - Steven Munro, John Sievert, David Drainie Taylor Adapted Screenplay - Maureen Medved Official site at the Wayback Machine Official blog Mirror of the Tracey: Re-Fragmented files Apple Final Cut Studio 2 on The Tracey Fragments The Tracey Fragments on IMDb The Tracey Fragments at AllMovie The Tracey Fragments at Box Office Mojo The Tracey Fragments at Rotten Tomatoes The Tracey Fragments at Metacritic

Lady Garden Campaign

The Lady Garden Campaign is the social media movement set up by the Lady Garden Foundation. The Lady Garden Foundation was formed in 2014 in the United Kingdom, it is a national women's health charity which aims to raise awareness and funds for research into, treatment of, gynaecological cancers. The foundation was started by a group of high-profile women, all of whom had been affected by gynaecological cancer in some capacity. Among these women are Jenny Halpern Prince, Tamara Beckwith Veroni, Chloe Delevingne, Astrid Harbord, Kate Percival, Josephine Daniel, Mika Simmons and Bridget Barker, it notably launched the Lady Garden Campaign on social media during Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month in September 2015. Amber Le Bon, Jazzy De Lisser and Anais Gallagher were the faces of the campaign, with many other celebrities endorsing the charity and its Lady Garden Campaign. In 2016, Topshop partnered with the Lady Garden Foundation to sell merchandise to promote the charity and its campaigns.

Most notably Cara Delevingne was the face of this campaign. In 2017, the Lady Garden Foundation partnered with Selfridge's to sell t-shirts designed by Simeon Farrar in collaboration with Naomi Campbell, the Delevingne sisters, Suki Waterhouse and Charlotte Tilbury; the Lady Garden Foundation was launched in 2014 in order to raise funds and awareness of a number of gynaecological cancers. Many of the cancers, such as cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, womb cancer, vaginal cancer and vulval cancer, have high death rates in developed countries, due to a lack of understanding and treatments; the charity has created a number of fashionable items, such as hoodies, which have appeared in Hello! and Vanity Fair. Dr. Susana Banerjee at The Royal Marsden Hospital is one of the main beneficiaries of the funds raised by the charity, her treatment is aimed at targeted treatment for women with gynaecological cancers. The original mission of the charity was to raise £750,000 for Dr Banerjee over three years; this was achieved in early 2018 and the foundation now funds various research projects at The Royal Marsden.

Shortly after its establishment, the Lady Garden Foundation held a number of notable fundraising events to raise money for the cause. The events began in 2015, when they hosted a lunch for gynaecological cancer charities at Fortnum & Mason in London. In April 2016, the campaign held its first Lady Garden 5k, which took place in Battersea Park, London. Since 2015 onwards, various fashion icons and companies have designed accessories and clothing to promote the Fund and its campaigns, it notably signed an agreement with the retailer Topshop to sell Lady Garden hoodies during Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month. In early 2017, Marloe London designed a scarf for the Gynaecological Cancer Fund; the charity partnered with Selfridge's in 2017, more Stripe & Stare in November 2018. The Lady Garden Campaign was started by the charity as a social media campaign to raise awareness for numerous cancers, it wanted to promote screening and funding for the treatment of gynaecological cancers. Since 2015, the campaign has coordinated its promotional efforts around Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month, which takes place in Britain every September.

The social media campaign was started after research suggested that over a third of women were too embarrassed to go to the doctor with gynaecological concerns in the United Kingdom. The campaign was launched in 2015, to raise awareness and funds for the treatment of gynaecological cancer, it was launched in conjunction with Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month in September. As soon as the social media campaign was launched, it saw huge celebrity endorsements online, from the likes of Ellie Goulding, Margot Robbie, Alexa Chung and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley on social media; the media suggested that the campaign went viral in the summer of 2015, reaching more than 40 million people on social media within 24 hours. After the campaign's launch in 2015, the Lady Garden Foundation carried out research to measure the impact of the cancer awareness campaign, they discovered that 81 percent of women exposed to the campaign were more aware of gynaecological health, while 59 percent were more aware of the symptoms of gynaecological cancers.

Jenny Halpern Prince Tamara Beckwith Veroni Mika Simmons Chloe Delevingne Astrid Harbord Bridget Barker Josephine Daniel Kate Percival Cancer in the United Kingdom

Canal Nou Internacional

Canal Nou Internacional was a Spanish television channel from the Valencian Community operated by Ràdio Televisió Valenciana. It was created with the intention of approaching Valencia to the valencian community around the world, as well as promoting it to the rest of citizens of those areas, thus its area of distribution was bigger than those of the three autonomous terrestrial broadcast channels and that its programming was a mix of content from the three regional channels, but with greater presence Canal Nou Dos content, as they are self-produced programs. These were joined by the reports, which are broadcast on Canal Nou and Canal Nou 24 as well as some sports; the channel was known as Canal Comunitat Valenciana until 5 May 2005, changing its name on that day to Televisió Valenciana Internacional. On 6 September 2010 the channel changed its name again, this time to Canal Nou International, its contents were exclusively in Valencian language. The reception of the channel could be made through the Hispasat satellite and the various cable TV operators, but by 16 July 2010 the channel broadcast through the Internet, ceasing its broadcasts by other platforms without notice due to accumulated debts with Telefónica de Sistemas.

On 1 March 2011 all references and links to the channel were removed from Radiotelevisió Valenciana's site, but the page where the broadcast could be followed is still active, broadcasting their original Canal Nou and Canal Nou Dos content and a test card broadcasting Ràdio Nou, when the contents broadcast by those channels cannot be streamed by Internet. Official Website Watch live

Lionard Pajoy

Lionard Fernando Pajoy Ortiz is a Colombian striker who plays for Alianza Universidad. Pajoy began his career with Cortulua debuting with the first team during the 2004 season. In 2005, he remained at the club for one year; the following season, he joined Boyacá Chicó and had his finest season scoring 12 goals in 35 matches. As a result of his play with Boyacá Chicó, Pajoy was signed by the 2006 Colombian 1st division Champion Cúcuta Deportivo and helped Cúcuta to the semi finals of the Copa Libertadores 2007, he scored his club's 2nd goal in the away match against Nacional de Montevideo which ended in a 2–2 draw and sealed Cúcuta's semifinal spot. After three years with Cúcuta he joined Deportivo Cali during January 2010. However, he was released from the club at the end of, he joined Millonarios for the remainder of the 2010 season but only scored. In early 2011 he was sent on loan to newly promoted Itagüí Ditaires. While with Itagüí he recovered the form that made him a respected scorer in Colombia.

On October 1, 2011, Pajoy scored Itagüí's three goals in a 3–1 victory over Real Cartagena. In his one year at the club Pajoy helped lead the club to a 9th place overall finish and a second-place finish in Torneo Finalización, in which he was one of the top scorers with 10 goals in 17 matches. Pajoy signed with Philadelphia Union of Major League Soccer on February 8, 2012. On August 16, 2012, Pajoy was traded with an international roster spot to D. C. United in exchange for Danny Cruz, he scored his first goal for United in a 4–2 win against Chicago one week later. On September 20, Pajoy's half-volley proved the difference in a 1–0 win at his old club. At the end of the 2013 season, Pajoy left DC, he would return to Colombian football for the 2014 season, signing with top flight side La Equidad on a one-year contract. Unable to find consistent playing time with the Bogotá-based club, he finished the season with just one goal from 20 league appearances. Following the expiry of his contract with La Equidad, Pajoy moved to Peru to sign for Unión Comercio.

Rediscovering his goalscoring form, Pajoy would finish the first phase of the 2015 season – the Torneo del Inca – with 7 goals from just 8 games, including 4 on his debut in a 4–2 win over Sport Loreto. However, he was unable to prevent the Nueva Cajamarca club from getting knocked out at the group stage. Continuing this form into the 2015 Apertura campaign, the Colombian scored another 8 goals to propel him to the top of the league goalscoring charts. Pajoy would remain among the league's top goalscorers for the rest of the 2015 Torneo Descentralizado, with 10 goals in 15 Clausura appearances. A hat-trick against bottom club Sport Loreto in the final round of fixtures would confirm his position as the league's top goalscorer with 25 goals in 39 games, though his team would fail to qualify for the Playoff Phase. Following his form in the 2015 season, Pajoy opted not to re-sign with Unión Comercio and instead signed a one-year deal with Alianza Lima one of the most successful and popular clubs in Peru, with the ambition of helping them secure their first Peruvian championship since 2006.

Just as he had with his previous club, Pajoy scored on his Alianza debut, netting a 21st-minute winner in a 2–1 win over Alianza Atlético. He remained in the headlines in the next round, being sent off in the club's 2–1 win over Deportivo Municipal. Having been suspended for round 3, he returned to action the next week against Sporting Cristal where he scored both his side's goals in a 4–2 loss. Updated December 31, 2017 Alianza LimaPeruvian Primera División: 2017D. C. UnitedLamar Hunt U. S. Open Cup: 2013CúcutaCopa Libertadores: 2007 Semi-Finalist Lionard Pajoy at Major League Soccer Lionard Pajoy at Lionard Fernando Pajoy at BDFA Lionard Pajoy at ESPN FC

Far West Football League

The Far West Football League is an Australian rules football competition based in the Ceduna area of the Eyre Peninsula region of South Australia, Australia. It includes clubs in Ceduna, Koonibba Aboriginal community and Penong, it is an affiliated member of the South Australian National Football League. The Far West Football Association was formed in 1909, with founding clubs including Charra, Denial Bay, Koonibba and Penong. Prior to World War I in 1914, the League changed its name firstly to County Of Way Football Association and to Murat Bay Football League. In 1962 The Murat Bay Football League changed name to the Far West Football League; the Koonibba Roosters are the oldest continuing Aboriginal football club in Australia, having named their Team of the Century in 2009. List of Premiership teams of the Far West Football League. Country Footy Encyclopedia of South Australian country football clubs, compiled by Peter Lines. ISBN 9780980447293 South Australian country football digest, by Peter Lines ISBN 9780987159199