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Ipswich Town Hall as seen from Tavern Street

Ipswich Town Hall is a town hall in Ipswich, in the county of Suffolk, England. It was constructed in 1878 at a cost of £16,000 and opened by Mr John Patterson Cobbold, the mayor of Ipswich at the time. The Town Hall and the adjoining Corn Exchange was created in a typical, grand Victorian architecture style. It was designed by the Lincoln firm of architects Bellamy and Hardy. The Town Hall and Corn Exchange now consist of 2 art galleries as well as a theatre.[1] The venue has also hosted the political debate program Question Time.[2]


Built in 1878, the building is built in a grand Victorian style with 3 figure heads of King Richard I, Cardinal Wolsey and King John decorates the front wall. King Richard I promised the town its first charter but died before it was granted, King John granted the town's charter and Cardinal Wolsey was the most famous person in Ipswich. Sitting above the figure heads are 4 statues representing Commerce, Agriculture, Law and Order and Justice. Placed on the smaller tower sits an open stone work lantern. The tower originally housed an illuminated four-dial turret striking clock designed by the makers of the Big Ben, Dent, 61 Strand. John Warner & Sons of the Crescent Foundry London, cast the bell that sits in the tower that was made in 1867. Recently the Victorian Society gave the Town Hall and Corn Exchange a Grade 2 listing.[3]


Functions of the Town Hall upon opening:

  • Council Chamber
  • Quarter Sessions Court
  • Library
  • Committee and retiring rooms
  • Grand and Petty Juries Rooms
  • A room for the Magistrates' business

The Basement includes:

  • Police Station with seven cells and a parade area
  • Kitchen to service the function rooms above
  • Offices for Council servants
  • Space for the Corporation fire engine and hose to be kept

Now the building consists of:

  • 1 Theater
  • Licensed bar
  • 2 art galleries
  • Coffee shop



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