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Map showing the location of the Irvington station.

Irvington is a proposed Bay Area Rapid Transit infill station in southern Fremont, California.[1] A city-sponsored report in 2016 pointed to completion in 2024 if funding could be secured.[2][3]


The Warm Springs extension began construction through the Irvington District in 2009,[4] to connect Fremont and Warm Springs. The proposed station at the center of Irvington was part of the extension, however funding for construction of the station fell through. The station had been envisioned for completion in 2015.[5]

The city of Fremont had planned to finance the $140 million station through redevelopment agency bonds in 2009, but the bonds were cancelled when the California State Legislature abolished the redevelopment agency;[6][7] in 2014, Measure BB and the Alameda County Transportation Expenditure Plan received voter approval with $120 million listed for the Irvington BART station that was contingent on full definition of the capital project and its inclusion in a future Capital Improvement Program.[8][9] A reevaluation of the environmental impact study was undertaken by the city in 2017.[10]


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